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How do accent chairs complement your modern luxury furniture?

Since there are so many living room accent chairs with arms to choose from, it can be hard to find the right one and style it.

A good accent chair can stand out all by itself. So, it can bring the room’s different parts together. Or it can add something like texture or pattern that was missing.

So, putting accent chairs in living rooms makes them stand out. Here, we take a look at each type and give you ideas for how to decorate your living room with accent chairs.

Different kinds of chairs for the living room

Start by learning about the different kinds of accent chairs and where they are usually found.

  • Slipper chairs:

Slipper chairs are small chairs with low seats and no arms. Further, they are usually used in bedrooms or other small rooms or places where less visual weight is needed.

  • Chair with wings:

A chair with wings is usually big, but not always. This chair is an armchair with a high back and “wings” that cover the person sitting in it. So, these chairs’ wings kept out cold draughts by the fire in the past. Wing chairs have a unique shape and are great for reading or conversation next to an oversized couch.

  • Club chair:

A club chair has a deep seat and is fabric or leather. In general, this chair is an excellent place to take a nap. This living room accent chair has come a long way from the stuffy men’s clubs that gave it its name.

  • Barrel chair:

The classic barrel chair is shaped like a nail barrel. It has a fully curved back and a low profile, making it a stylish and comfortable piece of modern luxury furniture. Depending on the fabric or leather used for the upholstery and details like nail head trim, these chairs can go with any style, from mid-century modern to traditional. The luxury Chair is a good example.

  • Swivel chairs:

Swivel chairs are suitable for places where you need to move around, like an office, a nursery, or a home where you want to be able to talk to different people in different ways. There are many different styles of these comfortable chairs, like the barrel style of the luxury Chair.

Ideas for Chairs in the Living Room


When our stylists set up accent chairs for living rooms, they add some color and life with plants and flowers. Adding some plants rarely goes wrong. We also like throws and pillows, like accessories for an accent chair, because they add texture, comfort, and interest. As you can see from the luxury Chairs, adding the right texture or pattern or a fun tassel can make the chair stand out.

Whether you’re styling a luxury Chair or another accent chair, you can add these other things to the mix to finish off the look of the room:

  • An accent table
  • A floor lamp or table lamp
  • A large vase or carboy
  • An interesting rug
  • An ottoman
  • Books in a basket
  • Art or a reflection


One Chair, Six Ways: The Luxury Chair

AVRS luxury Chair is a classic barrel accent chair that can be used to show six different ways to use accent chairs in a living room.

Fabric Repeat

A whitewashed brick wall, an airy side table, and light-colored accents in the lamp and rug go well with a tribal pattern. The dark, neutral chair fabric gives this room more depth and helps it look very modern.

Easy and Cool

Excellent taupe velvet creates quiet modern luxury furniture elegance. The nail head trim makes it look more casual. The calm and stylish look is helped by the rug’s neutral color scheme and the accent table’s thin, curved legs.

A Casual Toss

A throw that is casually draped adds a luxury touch of style. The cozy feel of the throw goes well with the warm color of the chair.

Pillow Power

Bring a fun throw pillow with tassels to make your space more unique. This quick change makes the room feel warmer and more welcoming.

luxury home furniture is a process and once ordered it can take months to manufacture and ship. We want to avoid waiting in a partially furnished space and wasting money on temporary furniture and unnecessary moving costs. Ideally, your furniture should be at the receiver and ready for delivery the day construction is complete.  Then installation and styling can take place within a few days, and when you move in, this ambitious project you have undertaken will be ready for you to live in and enjoy.

Every furnishing project begins with a space plan. For our clients, we draft the floor plan and consider different arrangements to see which pieces best fit the room and accommodate all of the activities they want to take place there, from relaxing and watching their favorite show to entertaining a crowd. We determine what size and style of furniture works best and then proceed to source the perfect pieces.

The Crown

The fabric itself is sometimes enough. Rich teal velvet with nail head trim in jewel tones is just the right amount of unfussy elegance. The classic velvet is elegant and comfortable when paired with a modern luxury furniture sunburst mirror and a slim-legged accent table with a chic champagne metal finish.

In good condition

The chair is curved like the edge of a round coffee table. The soft look of the chair’s large weave fabric emphasizes a thick throw that adds texture and contrast.


Putting accent chairs with modern luxury furniture in living rooms makes them stand out. There are many different kinds of chairs for the living room. From slipper chairs to club chairs, we take a look at each type and give you ideas for how to decorate your living room with accent chairs. AVRS luxury chair is a classic barrel accent chair that can use to show six different ways of accent chairs in a living room. Add pillows, throws, and plants to complete the room’s look.

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