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How do mobile apps help you grow your Grocery Store?

In recent years, our smartphone usage has increased dramatically. We spend most of our time on various mobile apps ranging from social media apps to games, shopping, lifestyle, and more. 

 After Covid-19, the usage of ordering apps like food, and groceries through mobile apps has increased just like online shopping. With just a few clicks, customers like to get their favorite food or groceries delivered to their doorstep without spending hours standing in a queue in the supermarket and in traffic.

 Let us quickly understand how a mobile app can help the grocery store establish its brand, grow sales and retain customers. Here are some of the features grocery delivery apps should have thus helping the store to grow bigger with increased revenue.

 What is a Grocery Delivery App?

Grocery Delivery App is a mobile app that allows users to order groceries and similar items from Grocery shops and have them delivered to their customer doorstep.

 Why do Grocery Shops / Supermarket chains which sell groceries need a Grocery Delivery App? 

Imagine a scenario where you have a grocery shop that sells groceries from A to Z. Customers are queuing for checkout during peak hours. This wait time ruins the customer experience. And some impatient customers see the crowd and leave without buying anything. Also during festive/holiday seasons, you may see an increase in the crowd and you need to increase counters to handle this. And as a business owner, you may want to give offers/discounts on particular products, give some cash back, etc. So all these features can be built into a mobile app thus allowing costumes to buy products easily from their home anytime and you deliver them to their doorstep. 

 Having a mobile app for your grocery stores helps reduce the number of shoppers in your store and increases your online customer base. It also leads to increased sales and new customers. Mobile apps for grocery delivery are what customers are leaning towards and hence your shop may need a full-functioning mobile app to serve their needs.

 How mobile apps help to grow the grocery business

1.Easy Product Management

If you forget to restock your products, customers don’t get their searched product in your store, so they don’t prefer to buy again. To make things work automatically, you need mobile commerce that supports product management and a smooth shopping experience for your customers. For flexible and automated product classification, simply develop a mobile app for your grocery store and classify your products and inventory with just a few clicks from your dashboard. When your apps are well organized and categorized, customers can easily add them into cart and purchase them from your store. Moreover, the app can notify you the out of stock products and you can refill them quickly even before your customers notice it.

2. Order and Delivery Convenient

Categorising the products manually is more difficult. On-demand apps have an admin panel and the store owner can manage the app. From the admin panel, managers can manage the entire inventory. Set up low inventory alerts to quickly stock inventory in your warehouse. You can easily manage all your past, present, and future orders and also easily search them.Also, get real-time updates on orders and deliveries and notify your customers every time they visit your app.

3. Track Customer Behaviour

Mobile Apps help to collect data from users and are used to learn about changes in customer requirements and behaviour. It helps businesses to improve online grocery delivery services and make them easier to manage. Also increasing sales translates into better business growth. Using data, you will know what your customers like, what they always buy, how much time they spend, how they pay their orders, and more. Analyse customer’s ratings and reviews which helps to grow your business. This gives you an idea of ​​user choices and expectations. This data helps for marketing and advertising as they make sure the target audience is correct.

4. Allow to Purchase any Time

Earlier days people shopped, searched for each product, picked it up to search prices, look for discounts and offers, and finally when they were done. After shopping, they waited in line to pay but with the mobile apps, allow customers to shop for groceries anytime, anywhere. They simply search for products and add them to carts. No more standing over with heavy shopping carts and waiting in long lines for the checkout process. All the tasks are easy to do with just a few clicks in the grocery shopping app and your customers will love it.

5. Social Media Network

Promote your business and attract customers around you and nearby places using social media. Create a marketing strategy so your customers see your brand and items when chatting with friends or browsing feeds on social media. This allows you to engage users who want to log into your app and learn more about the services and products you offer. You can also create social media pages and profiles with your brand or app name and features such as Comments, messages, and sharing and encouraging customers.

6. Customer Loyalty Program

Customer loyalty is very important for businesses that hold customers for a long time and buy products. People are always interested in a new product with special offers. Customer retention happens only when your business sends special offers, and discounts with new products and services that the business offers. When you send Push notifications to customers when products are back in stock, or send me some promo code during festive or on their birthdays. These options are not available in the offline store. Customers will find the items using the mobiles that they need. When an online store offers this convenience, people usually use it as a first place to buy groceries. So the business can engage customers with grocery delivery apps.

7. Building an Audience

With the increasing use of mobile apps, industries are utilising mobile app development to expand their customer base. Mobile apps help to interact with users easily. Audience building is one of the biggest mobile app perks for small businesses. Since they are just starting out, attracting customers through mobile apps is a great strategy for business growth.

 8. Make Revenue

Mobile apps are easy to monetize and offer additional revenue opportunities for your business. In-app ads, monthly recurring membership on groceries, cut vegetables etc are the common way of monetization strategies. You can even cross-promote other sector products or services in your app and charge the service provided. As a result, you can add new revenue streams to your business strategy by offering products and services or promoting them in your app.

 9.Payment Options

One of the most important features to include in your mobile app is the availability of multiple payment options. Give your customers much-needed convenience with easy access to the most popular payment options. By integrating multiple payment gateways you provide secure payment options to your customers. The mobile apps allow payment options like online payment(Credit card/Debit card/Net banking), UPI, and cash on delivery.

10. 24/7 Availability

A well-designed mobile app increases the brand value of your business.With effective text, app icons, images, & short videos, businesses can grab users’ attention. Apps help build brand awareness, grow and promote your business and attract more customers.

Most Popular Grocery Delivery App

  • Walmart
  • Kroger
  • Bigbasket
  • Instacart
  • Amazon Fresh
  • Grofers

 Select A Proficient Mobile App Development Company

The Grocery store owners have recognized the value of the Mobile app development services for Grocery stores. But for a Startup or Entrepreneur, developing a new app like Walmart and Amazon Fresh is going to be very expensive and time-consuming. Today’s technology has made everything easily available. The best solution for you is to find agencies that already have a Grocery app or who built a grocery app. A cloning app helps businesses with less investment and with more benefits. To get an effective online presence, apps should be designed by mobile app experts with the technical skills and aesthetics to get the most out of this app.

With Authorselvi, you get all the above-listed benefits of a pre-built grocery delivery app. And, if you still don’t know how to do it, just reach out to our experts and they can help you launch an online grocery app to improve your business and sales in less than 4 weeks. We have built and launched over 7 grocery apps. Reach out at info@authorselvi.com and launch your Grocery delivery online solution at affordable price.



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