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How Do You Know A Good NFT Marketplace?

How does one evaluate a blockchain network? contemplate these:

Adoption rate 


Scalability, and


For instance, building on a plane figure needs lower gas fees and is quicker. Similarly, changeless X could be a layer-2 answer on Ethereum that’s additional environmentally friendly and comparatively quicker. 

Apart from that, the NFT marketplace in question should conjointly support your most popular blockchain. Mintable, for example, is an associate degree NFT marketplace on each Ethereum blockchain and changeless X. Thus, it’s solely helpful for you if you furthermore may need to use these networks.

The Niche

The reason all NFT marketplaces, the maximum amount as they’re, have their various users is as a result of every one of them has what it’s in style for. this can be forever obvious thus you would not like the abundant analysis. 

Here are some NFT marketplaces and what they’re popularly acknowledged for:

NBA prime Shot could be a Flow-based platform that’s in style for basketball-related video clips as non-fungible tokens.

This is in contrast to SuperRare – an associate degree NFT platform that was designed for artists to line up their digital artworks. 

Axie time marketplace is for characters NFTs within the Axie game

Larva Labs is for Cryptopunk

Therefore, you ought to solely create your NFT on a platform that supports your niche.

client Support

Creating or mercantilism NFTs remains a comparatively new activity, and there may quite be questions about problems in each step. That proffers a necessity for a responsive client success team. 

The role of the client success team is to make sure that you just, because the creator on their platform, have the simplest user expertise. These are the 2 factors that will allow you to confirm if the client support is great:

The utility of their answers to your inquiries

How fast they’re in fixing the bugs you will encounter 

For a short time currently, there are several complaints concerning the unresponsive client support of Open sea.

NFT notecase Integration 

There are plenty of wallets as well as Metamask, Coinbase notecase, Algo notecase, and so on. every NFT marketplace has the number of wallets it supports, and this can be forever in line with the underlying blockchain it supports. 

For now, NFT notecase integration is very important for 2 reasons. First, it helps you to log in to your account, thereby enhancing security. It shows how blockchain-native the platform is. 

Secondly, the NFT notecase that the NFT marketplace permits conjointly determines however you’d get paid as an associate degree NFT creator. as an example, Enjin Marketplace solely permits you to sell and get NFTs in its native ENJ tokens.


Your shopfront could be a gallery wherever your NFT collections are going to be displayed for individuals to ascertain and ultimately purchase. These are the important factors you need to assess to grasp if the associate degree NFT marketplace encompasses a smart storefront:

First, the shopfront ought to be able to furnish the possible consumers with basic descriptions concerning the actual NFT – title, creator, worth, and also the various protocol. Additionally significantly, a perfect shopfront ought to have a payment methodology. 

At the backend, your shopfront ought to have a dashboard wherever you’ll be able to administer all of your NFTs, their performances, and also the sales you have created up to now.

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