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How Much Time Invisalign Need to Perform

Invisalign is a common orthodontic device used by dentists to straighten or align the teeth of patients. However, often patients get confused about the functionality and ability of Invisalign. On average it takes 2 years to appropriately align teeth, however, for mild cases patients may get results in 6 months. This means you need to consider the Invisalign cost Australia when looking at teeth straightening and it’s time required.

As every patient possesses different smile time may need accordingly. Also it relies on how complex your issue is that requires fixation. Continue reading this blog to know which can lead to longer wait for Invisalign results along substituted methods of teeth straightening.

In what ways Invisalign works?

Invisalign is the aligner type using plastic trays for realigning the teeth slowly. You have to wear the tray for long 20-22 hours every day only removing it at the time of brushing and eating.

You can find the aligner at the clinic of specially trained dentist or orthodontist. 3D images will take by the doctor of your mouth along plaster moulds the mouth at the time of initial consultation. Using them Invisalign tray will be manufactured later for offering the treatment to the patients.

Which factors affect the time of treatment?

Patients undergoing Invisalign treatment can finish the treatment within 6-month. But for some it can consume up to several years too. Certain aspects increasing the treatment time comprise of:

Occlusion or spacing type you have

Invisalign is perfect for you in case of:

  • Gap- The spaces within the teeth
  • Crowding- If there is small jaw then teeth will become crooked or crowded
  • Underbite- If lower teeth cross over the upper teeth
  • Overbite- When upper jaw teeth overlap the lower teeth

This crowding and spacing issue will determine for how long you need to put on the Invisalign. In fact your desirable result also relies on the type of problem you are facing. The dentist or orthodontist will provide better time estimation as per the individual case.

Age of the patients

Realigning of teeth becomes easy when you are young! That’s why braces become ultimate option for high and middle school students to undergo teeth straightening treatment. It never indicates that adult teeth are impossible to straighten. It only takes more time on the basis of your age.

Your compliance with the treatment

It is the most important thing you should do to obtain the straight and beautiful smile. Your compliance with the treatment will impact directly to the results obtained. Invisalign is meant to shift the teeth one by one.

Therefore, it is clear that you have to put on new trays each time to assist the teeth obtains their original position. Dentist will set the time schedule for replacing the tray. However if you miss out to follow the treatment plan for Invisalign then it can cause adverse effect on the treatment.

Best practices with Invisalign

  • Undergo regular fixed orthodontist or dentist appointments
  • Put on the aligner for long 20-22 hours every day popping them out only at the time of drinking, eating and oral care routine
  • Switch to new trays as per schedule or dentist’s instructions
  • For unsure you need to ask the provider to clarify your concerns

Invisalign alternatives

In case switching and wearing the plastic tray is not effective for you or the treatment consumes excessive time then there are other options available for you!

Many times conventions braces and lingual braces consume less time. Although these are not aesthetic at all yet they work relatively faster.


Invisalign is the outstanding option for straightening the teeth without any sort of discomfort from traditional brace. As treatment time gets over within 6 months yet individual situation is important to consider.

Invisalign treatment time depends on a number of factors and some of them are

  • Age of the patients
  • Treatment plan compliance
  • Regular follow-up dental appointments
  • Kind of crowding or spacing issue you suffer from

In case this treatment is not appropriate for you, you can select any from lingual or traditional braces to achieve straight teeth. Make an appointment with an Invisalign dentist in London to check your eligibility to undergo the treatment.

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