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How To Choose A Car Alarm?

Factory keyless entry and alarm are good. But aftermarket car alarms are better. They are more sophisticated and can do more than just a basic factory installed car alarm. A good security system not only makes your car harder to steal, but also makes life easier.

A small remote control will usually replace your factory keys and allow you to arm and disarm the alarm, lock and unlock the doors, and perhaps turn on the trunk. Some systems allow you to use your smartphone to monitor and control your vehicle’s security. How’s that for convenience? We will discuss other available features below.

Remote Start Systems

Another way to take advantage of security measures in your car is to add a remote start system. Using the remote starter is fun and also a great convenience – heat the interior in winter, pre-cool in summer. Most remote start systems not only start and stop your car’s engine, but are also linked to your factory or aftermarket security system so you can remotely lock and unlock the doors and set off the car alarm.

How A Typical Security System Works?

When you leave the car, press the button that your system is equipped with. You hear your door lock and the sound of a siren tells you that your car is protected. If you accidentally opened the door, the system will inform you with a different voice.

You will surely feel confident while running. The first thing a thief will see when they approach your car is a flashing LED that tells them your system is armed. Usually this is enough to see him elsewhere. If a thief tries to tamper with your car, you will receive a warning beep or a full siren.

The “brain” of the security system decides what kind of warning to issue based on the severity of the tampering and the type of sensors the thief encounters. When you return to your car, use the remote control to turn off the system and open the doors or trunk.

Start the engine if you have a remote starter. You can even use the remote control to start the siren if you can’t find your car or someone is bothering you.

Features Of Car Alarms You Should Look For

Alarm systems offer a variety of options that go far beyond simple factory keyless entry. Please note that not all alarm systems offer all of these features. Write down what is most important to you when purchasing a security system. Two-way remotes give you feedback on your car’s status and respond to commands.

  • Killing the starter prevents your car from being hot-started. Motion sensors allow the top to be kept down when the windows are open. They are also great for protecting the cargo area of ​​vans and trucks. The sensors will trigger an alarm if someone invades your space.
  • Glass break sensors trigger an alarm when they “hear” a window break. This protects you from a burglar who thinks he can bypass your alarm by not opening the door. The tilt sensor monitors the tilt of your parked vehicle for attempts to lift or tow it.
  • Driver-side priority unlocking lets you unlock the doors without having to open the others. You can get into the car without letting your guard down.
  • Auxiliary outputs allow you to extend the capabilities of the alarm by adding functions such as a remote starter or window control.
  • Most alarms have at least one auxiliary output. When choosing an alarm, consider what you want the security system to do (now and in the future). The remote start is the epitome of convenience.
  • Remote start functionality can be built into the security system or added later using a remote start module.
  • Smartphone Compatibility – Some remote systems allow you to use your smartphone for control and give you unlimited range if you have phone service.
  • In order to access smartphone functions, it is usually necessary to add a separate smartphone interface module to the remote boot system.
  • Consider adding GPS tracking to your security system so you can find your car in a crowd or if you forget where you parked it in an unfamiliar area.
  • Want to keep an eye on your teenage driver? With a GPS tracker, you can track your vehicle’s location and receive alerts when it leaves or enters a programmed area or drives too fast.

Can I Install My Car Alarm?

Here at Carstom, we usually do it ourselves. But when it comes to car alarm and remote start systems, we recommend professional installation as connecting them to your car can be difficult. However, when it comes to installing remote start systems from iDatastart or Fortin, we offer T-harnesses and vehicle interfaces for your specific vehicle that simplify wiring by connecting directly to the data bus on your vehicle’s computer. You intrepid do-it-yourselfers will save a lot of time and money on installation.

We’ll help you get the right one

Not all safety systems are available on all vehicles, so we recommend contacting us before ordering. A Carstom consultant will confirm the correct equipment for your vehicle and ensure you get the features you want for your security system.

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