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How to Choose the Perfect Menu Boards for Your Business

How to Choose the Perfect Menu Board for Your Business


The effective menu boards doesn’t just look good, it also serves as an advertisement and as a way to inform your customers about your available products and services. Choosing the right one, however, can be confusing with all of the options that are available to you. This article provides some tips on how to choose the perfect menu board for your business so that you can serve both your customers and your bottom line better.


Types of Menu Boards

First, take into consideration what type of menu you have. If you have a full menu with an extensive food and drink selection, then you’ll want a menu board large enough to accommodate your entire menu. However, if your restaurant only sells a few items—you might be able to use one side of a store window or stand-alone sign. No matter what type of menu board you need, we can help! With over 20 years of experience helping hundreds of customers find just what they were looking for; we are sure we can get it done! Just give us a call at 1-800-236-4595!

What to Consider When Choosing A Menu Board

Menu boards are a must-have in any restaurant. They allow customers to easily view your available menu items and prices, place orders, and even refill drinks. But with so many options on today’s market, it can be overwhelming when trying to choose one that works best for your business. So how do you know which menu board is right for you? By carefully considering each feature! Here are four things you should keep in mind

Traditional Materials

When it comes to digital menus, business owners have three primary choices. The first is a sign that has both a screen and a printer on it; these generally start at around $2,000. Another option is an LCD screen with a built-in tablet running either Android or iOS. These run about $300-$400 depending on size and can even be found for under $200.

Simple menu boards

Finally, there are simple menu boards made of paper and plastic that are typically less than $100. While they may seem like a good idea due to their low cost, they’re not as effective as other options because they require manual updating—something you probably don’t want if you’re trying to get your customers in and out quickly. A signboard also won’t provide much of an aesthetic appeal for your restaurant if you care about design. Overall, paper signs are best left for places where people will be spending time (like waiting rooms) rather than quick service restaurants where speed is key.


Digital Menus

When your customers are browsing on a digital menu, they can easily take advantage of two-way interaction. Menus are easier to read and require less space than physical boards, but it’s more difficult to engage with those browsing on their phones. If you use one of these menus, you should consider including pictures, allowing customers to zoom in or out and giving them other tools that make viewing more pleasant. You could also offer videos of your food or equipment demonstrations. Don’t forget that people can be intimidated by large amounts of text as well as multiple lines. Make sure your menus work perfectly at all different sizes so you don’t lose any potential sales!


Etched Glass Menus

There’s a reason etched glass menus have stood the test of time. They are beautiful and elegant. Be careful, though: You can easily go overboard with these displays. Menus should not be cluttered with graphics, colors or words. They should also remain uncluttered and simple, making it easy for customers to quickly make their decisions without being distracted by unnecessary design elements. Make sure your menu board doesn’t become an eyesore that takes away from your other visual elements—it should be just as carefully considered as any other aspect of your restaurant. ( Source )


Acrylic Display Boards

When you want a menu board that is not just durable but also elegant, there’s no better option than an acrylic display board. Acrylic is shatter-resistant and can be custom-cut into any shape or size. Acrylic stands out from other display boards because it has a shiny, mirror-like finish that’s sure to catch your customers’ eyes. And if you want to add some pizzazz, we offer many fun colors of acrylic you can use on your menu boards. Because these are often use in high-traffic areas, durability is important; acrylic offers great toughness and weather resistance.

Backlit Signs

The backlit menu board is our most traditional style and it’s easy to see why. This type of menu board makes it easy for patrons to identify and locate menu items quickly, especially when visibility isn’t great. In situations where you are serving several types of dishes at once. A backlit menu board will allow your customers to browse without having to wait in a long line. Because of their visual appeal, they often come with a higher price tag than some other types of sign displays. However, if you want a sleek display that you can use over and over again, then a backlit menu board might be worth every penny.

Metal and Wood Displays

Metal menus can be an excellent way to display your menu items. They are versatile and durable, making them a great choice if you plan on moving or re-arranging your restaurant. Many restaurants opt for metal displays because they are professional and attract attention. Metal signs are a great way to grab customer’s attention with bold colors and text in contrast with a white background. You can choose from many different sizes of signage depending on your needs and budget.


Finding The Best Value For Your Budget

There are a wide variety of menu boards available at varying price points. One thing is for sure: A menu board won’t make or break your business, but it can certainly help increase sales if you invest in one that offers maximum value. This guide will teach you how to buy an affordable menu board and get more than what you pay for it. So don’t be afraid of taking that plunge into investing in your business. You’ll be glad you did!

The first step to finding a good value for your money is figuring out which features you need most. Depending on your needs, these features may include visibility from both up close and afar bright lights ,  etc. After identifying these requirements, find products with those characteristics . And see how they stack up against each other based on quality as well as price tag. You may be surprise by some results!

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