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How to Create an App from Scratch in 9 Easy Steps

Have you ever had an idea in your head that you thought would be awesome if it existed in the real world? Maybe it’s an app that lets you find new restaurants or maybe it’s something even more advanced, like a virtual assistant that can text you reminders to do certain things throughout the day. Whatever your idea may be, now you can learn how to create an app from scratch thanks to this step-by-step guide. You’ll learn how to get started, where to find help and everything else you need to know!

The first step

Knowing your audience. To create a successful app, you need to know who your potential users are. For example, if you want to create a game for kids between ages 6 and 10, you’ll need to think about what those kids want, what games they play on their devices now, and how much time they spend playing those games. That way, you can build something that really resonates with them—and gets them to use your app over and over again. What’s more?

The second step

Designing your app . Now that you’ve nailed down what your application is, think about how it looks. How does it work? Consider building a prototype or wireframe—even if you aren’t technical, there are plenty of tools out there that make designing apps simple. Just be sure to take into account customer feedback as you go!

The third step

Get organized. Take stock of what you have and what you need. If you’re creating an app, decide on a name, think about how it will look and where it will be used.

The fourth step

Define what you want your app to do. Of course, if you’re copying someone else’s app, then obviously you want it to function just like that one does. But if you’re creating a brand new concept (like Tinder was), then now is your chance to get specific about what functions and features are most important for your audience (or future customers). Make a list of all these, and as we move through our nine steps, we will be revisiting them constantly.

The fifth step

plan how users will interact with your app: It’s a good idea to sketch out how users will interact with your app, and what they’ll see when they open it. For example, if you have a dating app, you might come up with something like User enters their profile information and takes a picture for their profile. The user is then shown potential matches within close proximity based on shared interests.

The sixth step

publish on your website. When you’re ready, use these tips to launch your app. First, make sure that it’s optimized for mobile devices and tablets; second, create a custom icon for it (and save it as a .png file) and finally, publish it on your website. Remember that if people love your app, they will probably share it with their friends or give you five-star reviews—and you’ll soon see a lot of new traffic hitting your site!

The seventh step

Test, test, test: Launching your app is one thing, but ensuring its success is another. While you might be satisfied with your end product now, that doesn’t mean it will do well once released into a marketplace with hundreds of thousands of competitors. Only after testing your app with real users can you determine whether or not it’s truly ready for launch.

The eighth step

Marketing. This is step one where most startups fail because they can’t figure out how to promote their app. Don’t make that mistake: pay attention to marketing early on and spend time finding a good strategy.

The ninth and final step

How do I monetize my app? If you want your app to be a commercial success and not just a fun side project, then you’ll need to create a plan for monetization. This can include free apps with ads, paid apps with added features (and maybe no ads), or even subscription-based services where users pay monthly fees. No matter which model you decide on, having a business plan will help you bring your app idea into reality.

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