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How to Design The Best Custom Soccer Jersey

When it comes to designing a custom soccer jersey, the sky is the limit! With this type of custom apparel, there are no limits to what can be incorporated, from unique team members to sponsors. You can even choose to have your jerseys personalized with the team’s logo and sponsor logo, which can be placed on the front, often opposite the team’s name. Some Custom Soccer Jersey even have sponsor logos on the sleeve.


The team logo on a custom soccer jersey is often the most noticeable feature of a customized uniform. Typically located on the left chest, above the heart, the logo can be printed or embroidered. Common logos include soccer balls, shields, or the team name. These are available in many colors, depending on the team. In addition to the team name, other team members can be included on a custom jersey. For more information about logo placement on a custom jersey, contact your local soccer team.

Logos on custom soccer jerseys must be legible. A team’s name and number should be centered on the jersey. The numbers on a jersey should be at least eight inches in height, and the jersey should be of neutral color. The jersey must display distinguishable numerals on a patch of neutral color. Ideally, the jersey should have a size that fits the player’s torso and leg.

Custom Soccer Jersey

The logo may be printed in any color, depending on the player’s preference. If you prefer a specific color for the lettering, you can use block lettering or white block numbers. If your logo is not stuck, you can repeat the process and make a new transfer. Once it’s cooled, you can remove it from the jersey. A video demonstrating how to iron on a logo to a custom soccer jersey can be found on the DHgate website.

Another great option for team uniforms is customization. Personalized jerseys are more appealing than plain ones. You can choose a design that matches your team’s colors and mascot. Team Sportswear is a popular choice because it offers custom-create soccer jerseys with no setup fees. Most of their soccer uniforms can be ordered within ten business days. You can also choose a design that’s simple enough for you to do yourself, which is a very practical option if you want to have something custom-create .


You probably know that numbers on custom soccer jerseys play an important role in the game. For example, Messi, N’golo Kante, and other stars of the game wear the numbers 10, 11, and 9, respectively. While players are no longer required to wear these numbers, some fans still find them meaningful. Luckily, there are many ways to wear numbers that are appropriate for your own style and preferences. Keep reading to learn how to use these numbers on your custom jersey.


If you’ve been away from the sport for a while, you may be wondering how to select a Mascot for your custom soccer jersey. Fortunately, color psychology plays an important role in choosing the right design for your Mascot. Colors are psychologically important, and a custom jersey that features the mascot’s plumage could be the perfect addition. Moreover, a Mascot on a soccer jersey serves as a visual reminder to opponents and fans of the team.

Custom Soccer Jersey

Custom soccer jersey designs vary greatly, and can be very creative. Some teams choose to add their name and number, while others only use a single color or stripe. While Adidas designers pride themselves on creating unique and beautiful uniforms, there are countless other options available. By selecting the most appropriate Mascot, you can be sure to find a soccer jersey that matches your team’s mascot and the spirit of the team.


If you want to promote your company and brand in the soccer world, you can sponsor soccer teams. These teams have a large following worldwide and sponsors can draw attention to your business. Not only does a sponsorship of a soccer team provide you with good will, but it can also help you gain customers. Below are some benefits of sponsoring a soccer team. Let us get started. Sponsorship of custom soccer jerseys can help your business succeed.

Custom Soccer Jersey

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, but many companies haven’t yet taken advantage of this opportunity. Companies have to be willing to adopt new trends to stay competitive. Being the first to implement a new idea will give you a distinct advantage over your competitors. Soccer teams around the world are tapping into this new trend by allowing sponsors to have their logo printed on their jerseys. And because these jerseys are create with the athlete’s size and style in mind, they are more comfortable for players than their traditional counterparts.

Depending on the league rules, sponsors can place their logo on the shirt. Sponsorship is permit, but it must be compatible with the shirt’s sponsor. Normally, soccer shorts match the shirt. Some soccer teams have neutral-colored shorts. If you’re choosing to put a sponsor’s logo on the shorts, they can also have their logo on the sleeve. And you can add a number to the shorts if you want.


One of the most important factors in choosing a soccer jersey is the fabric. It should be breathable and sweat-wicking. Unlike traditional cotton polos, jerseys create from polyester do not shrink and are resistant to stains and odors. They can be customize in a matter of a week. Despite their special nature, jerseys create from custom fabric cannot be return or exchange. You can, however, choose a custom jersey for your son or daughter, provide you know what you want.

If you want a more durable jersey, you can choose elastane. This material is less breathable than polyester, but it can stretch up to 600 percent without breaking. This material is also use in the arms and neck of the jersey, where it can be stretch. Unlike polyester, elastane can also be return to its original shape. It is also create from polyurethane, which is the same material use in soccer balls.

Custom Soccer Jersey

While most manufacturers have flexible minimum order quantities, you should ask about these requirements before making a final decision. If you already have a design in mind, you will be able to find a suitable software and start designing. You can start with a sketch of the design and use different software to create your custom soccer jersey. Some manufacturers even have a design platform that you can use. This makes the process easier. Regardless of the type of custom soccer jersey you are looking for, you can rest assure that the finish product will be of a high quality.

The fabric of a custom soccer jersey should be breathable. The fabric use for replica jerseys is design for normal wear and is create with a breathable fabric. It has a stretchy material and does not restrict movement, making it a better choice for people of all sizes. Authentic jerseys are also design to be light and comfortable for the player. The embroider logos and badges are very similar to those of the real thing.

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