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How to Export Folders From Apple Mail to Outlook?

If you are inquiring about how to export folders from Apple Mail to Outlook? If yes then, this is the right platform for you to make your conversion process easy & simple. In the blog, we are going to discuss two methods that also help you to export Mac mail into Outlook. Manual methods & automated solutions for exporting folders from Apple Mail to Outlook easily?

There are several reasons to export Apple Mail to Outlook, and each explanation differs depending on the user’s situation. Rather than discussing whether you want to export emails from Mac Mail to Outlook, we will discuss. Let us begin at the beginning!

Apple Mail, also known as Mac mail, is an email client that comes standard with the Mac operating system. This is one of the most popular email clients among Mac users. Therefore, it is the default email program for Mac. It can store email data in MBOX file format. To access the data in this file, you must use a special category of the program.

Now, let us start the process to export multiple folders from Apple Mail to Outlook using the manual as well as automated methods.

Two Techniques to For Exporting Apple Mail to Outlook

There are two methods that provide an easy way to export folders from Apple Mail to Outlook. So, there are manual methods and automated solutions which help you to complete the task without any pain.

Let us start the process one by one for the same!

How to Export Folders From Apple Mail to Outlook Manually?

If you want to export multiple folders from Apple Mail to Outlook. Then, it is not possible through the manual method because the manual method is not capable of exporting folders from Apple Mail to Outlook PST.

If still, you want to perform the manual approaches for your issues. Then, in the section below we are going to discuss the same step by step. Let us start the process!

Step 1. Apple Mail Export Mailbox with Attachments

Users can generate MBOX files from Apple Mail folders using this methodology. Then, follow the below steps:-

  • Download Software on your Windows machine and select the mailbox folder that needs to be exported.
  • Now, go to the Mailbox menu and choose the Export Mailbox option
  • Provide a location to save the files in MBOX format by clicking the Choose button.’

As users will have the necessary mailbox files with emails and attachments at the chosen location. However, instead of generating files, users can also directly copy the MBOX files from the default location of the Apple Mail database.

Now, after looking at the manual method we understand how many issues we face to perform the task. But don’t need to worry. In the next section, we have suggested an automated solution that helps you to make your process easier than the others. Let us begin!

Export Multiple Folders From Apple Mail to Outlook – [Automated Solution]

Apple Mail exports the mailbox file in MBOX format, so in order to access them in Outlook, there is a requirement for the MBOX Converter Tool for Mac OS Software. Which allows users a quick and secure conversion to PST file format. And, since MS Outlook supports PST format, it can easily import the converted PST mailbox afterward.

This tool wizard provides a safe conversion by preventing the loss of attributes during the entire process. Therefore, it does not matter if you want to transfer emails from Windows and then perform the conversion. Moreover, it is simply to go for it on Mac platforms itself.

So, here we have a solution for everything. A free trial version is also available for users to export folders from Apple Mail to Outlook 2019, 2016, or any easier version.

Now, let us start its working process explained for the software:-

Working Process Explained For the Software

Follow the below steps to export folders from Mac Mail to Outlook PST easily without facing any errors. So, let us take a look at the same!

  1. Download and install the software on your Windows machine. And Load files.
  2. Now, Choose the conversion type.
  3. Set Advanced Settings and filters.
  4. Finally, Convert MBOX files into desired format.

Author Suggestion

In this article, we have discussed how to export folders from Apple Mail to Outlook? Here, you will get two methods to fulfill all your needs. Which are manual methods and automated solutions to make your task easy & quick. The manual method we explained in the above post is not so easy for non-technical users. Because to perform this method users necessarily have a piece of technical knowledge.

But you don’t need to worry, we suggest an expert-recommended automated software that provides an easy way to complete the task hassle-free. Also, technical and non-technical can easily do the process of exporting multiple folders from Mac Mail to Outlook PST. For more go with the above article.

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