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How to Extract Embedded Images from Outlook Email?

Have you ever seen an inline image in the body of an email message in Outlook? Do you want to know how to extract embedded images from Outlook emails? Read this blog reveals the perfect and reliable solution to extract images from Outlook email without any glitches.

“One of our customers shared a thumbnail photo embedded in the message body. It can’t be saved to a local folder because it needs to be extracted for reference. There are 3 or more images online. Can you tell me a solution?

Microsoft Outlook has the ability to attach files and folders as attachments, regardless of the file type. This includes inserting the image / photo as an attachment or in the body of the message. In one example, a user panicked while extracting an embedded image from an Outlook email. This is because most users are unaware of the process of doing the same. Now let’s start with the right solution for extracting photos from Outlook emails.

Automatic Software to Extract Embedded Images from Outlook Email?

SysTools Outlook Attachment Extractor Tool is a complete solution to extract images from Outlook emails on Windows operating systems. One of the distinctive features of this tool is the ability to download attachments of any type of file. It also allows users to extract images and other attachments from one or more PST files. It simply supports Outlook data files like Outlook PST, OST and BAK files latest versions 2019, 2016, 2013 and earlier. The Software also ensures that the integrity of separate files is maintained.

It also provides a size filter option where attachments will be extracted based on the specified file size. Also, it is capable of saving email attachments from one or more OLK, OLM, and OST files. All versions of Windows and Mac operating systems are supported. The software integrates several filter options. In addition, the ability to ensure that the file folder hierarchy is maintained

How Does this Tool Extract Images from Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010?

  • Download and Launch the software

Outlook Attachments Extractor

  • Load PST/OST/BAK file to extract all Outlook attachments via “Add File or Add Folder” option Extract images from Outlook email

Add Outlook Data files

  • Select the desired option to extract attachments, i.e. extract attachments from all folders or only desired folders

choose folder hierarchy

  • Take advantage of various advanced filter options, such as date filters to extract images from selected files for a specific date range, naming convention options, size filters, and more. remove pst attachment

select Filter Options

  • After selecting all the desired settings, clickExtract” to extract the image from the Outlook email

click on extract button

  • Finally, the embedded image extracted from the Outlook email will be saved in the specified folder location.

specified folder location

How to Extract Embedded Images from Outlook Email – Manually

Below is a manual procedure to extract inline images from MS Outlook as long as there is only one image embedded in the body of the email.

Let’s see the steps mentioned below:

  • First, select and double-click the email you need to download the image from
  • Now select the image >> right click >> save as image option
  • In the Save File Wizard, specify a file name and save it as a type
  • Once done, click the Save button where the image will be saved in the local folder

What if there are multiple Images Embedded in Outlook Email?

Step-by-step guide to extract Multiple images from MS Outlook emails

  • First you need to choose the source email
  • Then go to File >> Save As option to extract embedded image from Outlook email
  • In the “Save As” window, provide a folder path to save the image online and select “HTML” from the “Save as type” drop-down list.
    After completing the desired settings, click the Save button to download the embedded images to the folder
    Finally, you can see that the corresponding email image has been successfully saved in the specified destination

Limitations: In today’s world, many people have relied heavily on manual procedures. But using it manually may cause you to lose important data. Sometimes manual procedures require more technical knowledge to proceed. In the process, users lose their emails and more. That’s why I advise you to use a professional solution. Because automatic solution offers some advanced options which are not possible in manual process.

Why is the Automatic Method So Much better than the manual method?

We have to understand why the automatic method is better than all the manual methods we have. This can help us make the right decisions when choosing the right methods and tools. Below are the features of the mentioned automation solutions.

  • This modern method makes it easy to bulk remove embedded images in Outlook emails.
  • Users can save inline images as well as attached images from multiple emails at once.
  • It can also selectively extract images from a specific time period using date filters.
  • Category filters allow users to pull images from the selected category to save time and storage.
  • Extract images from PST, OST, BAK, OLM and OLK files with many customization options.


Here, we cover how to extract embedded images from Outlook email. We have explained your procedure in detail. By following the above steps, users can easily solve this situation without facing any issues. This application also offers many features to its users. If users still have questions, they can use the demo version of the tool. Through this, they will get to know the application very well. Once satisfied, the user can purchase a licensed version of the tool.

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