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How to Extract Multiple Attachments From MBOX Files?

This article is useful for users who are looking for an easy and better way to extract multiple attachments from MBOX files. Users can extract the attached files into a separate folder. This will help organize and manage user mailbox information.

We all know that there are many email clients and services that export or save emails in MBOX file format. These files have been chosen as the preferred mailbox storage location due to their simplified mail structure.

MBOX files can contain thousands of emails separated by the from_ keyword. It is flexible and portable, namely; You can easily share and access them across multiple platforms and devices. As the emails are sent and received constantly, the MBOX file gets bigger. Attachments embedded in emails are a major factor in increasing size.

Additional files may contain information that will surely take up space. In the next section, we’ll look at the benefits of extracting all attachments from an MBOX file and downloading them to a separate folder. But first, there are a few reasons why some users are asking this question. Let’s take a look at the following user query to understand what it is about.

I need to extract the attachments from the mailbox because there are many attachments and the space fills up quickly. It is important to reduce the space in the inbox, otherwise they will start to cause problems when sending, receiving or saving emails. Does anyone know how to extract this attachment?

Expert Solution to Extract Multiple Attachments From MBOX files 

MBOX Attachment Extractor Tool is essential to extract MBOX attachment files. In this post, we will introduce a quick and easy solution that will surely help you extract attachments from MBOX with ease. It is a simple platform for Outlook email extraction solution that can be used easily without any technical skills. This application allows users to download Outlook emails from browser to protect data from loss or corruption. It is a reliable and convenient tool that is highly recommended by many experienced IT professionals around the world.

This software wizard is available for Windows and Mac operating systems. Both variants work and work about the same. You can download the tool below and try the free demo version for yourself. Once you are satisfied with the work, you can go ahead and activate the full version of this tool to unlock all the features.

Stepwise Guide to Extract Multiple Attachments from MBOX files Using Automated Tool

  • Launch the Software on the machine and click the Add File or Folder button on the main screen

Download software and add MBOX files

  • Select the file and click the Open button. After all the files in the software have been listed, click Next

Select the file and click the Open button

  • Apply the desired folder selection and click the Next button to continue

  • Click the Change button to select the path and hit Next to go forward

Select the destination

  • Apply date range filters, file type filters, file size filters, and set naming conventions as needed

Apply date range filters

  • Click the Extract button to extract all attachments from the MBOX file

extract all attachments from the MBOX file

  • Press the OK tab when the process is complete.
    complete the extraction process

Why Use This MBOX File Attachment Extractor?

  • Trusted Brand: This software delivers 100% authentic and malware-free applications. Experienced and technically inexperienced users can easily access utility to download attachments from MBOX.
  • Easiest GUI: This tool provides the easiest layout to extract attachments from MBOX files. Anyone with little technical knowledge can use this application. It allows users to extract attachments from multiple files or folders. It provides a filter to selectively remove attachments for a specific time period
  • Support for All Versions of Windows: It  supports all versions of Windows such as Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, etc. You can also use this tool on 32-bit and 64-bit computers.
  • Dedicated Customer Support: If you get stuck anywhere while using this tool, you can also contact our support team.
  • Save all Email Properties: This app saves all email properties in their original format during this process. It will save all email items such as email attachments, email address, email subject, images, fonts, etc.
  • Fully Automatic Solution: This software provides a completely separate user interface and never stores your account credentials within the interface. It has been tested by many professional users. So you can easily there are no problems extracting attachments from MBOX.
  • Free Demo Version : You can download this utility for free to check its efficiency. Click the download button and start extracting attachments from the MBOX file.


In this article, let us find out what is the easiest way to extract multiple attachments from MBOX files. Above is a detailed description of MBOX Attachment Extraction Process. If you are looking for a quick solution to easily download email attachments from MBOX, we recommend that you use automated tools. It is a complex tool that even non-technical users can use without any assistance.

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