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How to Find a Suitable White-Label SEO Agency?

Search engine optimization is all in the rage in today’s highly competitive online markets. SEO gives businesses opportunities to increase their visibility online, thereby enhancing their chances of getting leads and conversions.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is essential for every online business. Google owns 92% of the search engine market. The algorithms they use to rank websites are based on what works best for Google. This means that your website must be optimized to deliver the most relevant results to the user as quickly as possible. Without SEO, your website will be invisible to a large percentage of the online community. To get a better ranking in Google, you must follow the steps below.

Its popularity as a digital marketing strategy is primarily rooted in its effectiveness. About 80-90% check online before making a final decision about the product or service they are planning to acquire. Businesses want their target market to find them; increasing their online visibility through organic marketing techniques is an ideal solution.

With more businesses and organizations needing SEO, digital marketing companies face the challenge of keeping up with the onslaught of activities. Keeping in-house teams might be ideal as it gives the company owner full control over everything. However, this might be very costly, especially when planning to grow a digital marketing company. SEO white-label agencies offer to solve this problem for marketing companies. 

What is White-Label SEO

SEO whitelabeling is the delivery of search engine optimization services to clients under the company’s brand, but another company completes the work. What happens is that you, as an SEO consultant or marketing company resell the SEO services of another company. 

White-label SEO agencies have the capacity, tools, and resources to handle simple to complex SEO tasks. They also provide a wide range of pre-made service packages that companies can choose from. 

The advantage of partnering with white-label SEO firms has another company that understands the demands and dynamics of SEO services. You get the expertise and experience of professionals in online marketing. These would be especially favorable for the company when it comes to helping clients with analysis, content creation, and strategy adjustment.

Additionally, selling white-label agencies saves the company costs in acquiring the necessary tools to deliver SEO services. For example, digital marketing firms have to invest in technology and talents to provide high-quality service. In hiring an agency, the company no longer has to bear these costs. Other expenses the company no longer has to worry about are the office space rent, equipment, and employee salaries.

Lastly, it gives the company higher opportunities to build its reputation. Having specialist teams with access to the latest SEO software and developments keeps the consistency of the delivery of high-quality outputs. And since these works are marketed under your company name, you get the credit for providing excellent service. It gives the company better potential to scale the industry and attract more clients.

Guide to Choosing an Ideal SEO Agency 

When contracting a white-label agency, it is also important to choose one that suits your company expectations and has the right capabilities to help you achieve your goals. Unfortunately, some companies spend money hiring SEO agencies without a clear plan. This often leads to less client satisfaction and ROI.

Digital marketing companies should already know what they want from their white label SEO provider. Here are some of the things that companies can look for in a white-label firm.

  • Competence

Clients are paying for quality SEO service, and at the same time, you are paying the white label agency to deliver this customer expectation. Therefore, the agency must have a track record that shows its competency in executing well-planned strategies and excellent content. 

Their experience should also be a consideration to give high assurance of possessing technical know-how, skills, and decision-making abilities. Companies can directly inquire about these aspects to the agency or look up their previous clients.

  • Timeliness & Consistency

As with any client project, promptness and consistency in the quality of outputs are essential. This will show clients that the company is serious with its business and cares for its customer goals. Additionally, delivering timely and consistent deliverables helps the company in retaining its clients. The firm can learn about this by reaching out to the white label agency’s existing or former clients. 

  • Process and Deliverables System

Having an efficient deliverables system is also critical when hiring a white-label SEO agency. A good workflow speeds up the tasks and clears out confusion about who reports to whom and who should be contacted for customer queries. When meeting with the agency under consideration, be sure to inquire about their process of executing campaigns. 

  • Quality Reporting & Transparency

Reporting is important to help the SEO team and the client in gauging its performance and progress. The white label SEO agency must have a definite set of performance indicators that matches the goals of the project. These should be presented at most monthly through timely and systematic reports.

The agency must also be transparent, not just with the clients but also with the hiring company. The terms and conditions of their service must be clear, especially with the policies, pricing, reporting, and campaigns. The SEO provider must also communicate any material matters to the company to avoid misunderstandings and disputes.

  • Reviews

Online reviews are useful in assessing the suitability of white-label SEO agencies. Through reviews, you can effortlessly verify whether the agency really delivers what they claim to provide. By going over what the SEO provider’s previous clients have to say, you can get a basis on whether they can give your company the SEO services it needs. 

  • Client Support

Clients typically would have questions and concerns regarding the details and performance of their campaign. Choosing a white label SEO provider with responsive or 24/7 support would be advantageous to give clients an open line of communication to raise their queries. It also makes the SEO company more attractive if they can offer their clients the capability to reach out or clear out their concerns as soon as possible.

Getting the Most Out of White-label SEO Services

Having a list of the most valuable SEO service aspects can help make sure that you are only choosing the suitable white label SEO agency for your business. With this guide and your personal preferences, you should be able to find it harder to choose one.

Learn more about how to find a suitable white-label SEO agency in an infographic by Digital Marketing Philippines (DMP).

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