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How to Get the Most Out of a Real Estate 360 Virtual Tour


A real estate 360 virtual tour can be a great way to show potential buyers the whole house. Unlike an ordinary real estate ad, a 360 degree tour can include photos of every room, floor plans, and directions to each room. Using multiple mediums can increase the amount of visitors to your real estate listing and increase the number of potential buyers. Here are some tips to get the most out of your virtual tour. Listed properties are more likely to attract buyers if they have a 360-degree virtual tour.

3D modeling

There are several advantages to using 3D modeling for real estate 360 virtual tours. These tours allow your prospective buyers to get an up-close and personal view of the property without spending time travelling. Additionally, they can help you separate ‘just looking’ buyers from the serious ones. The 360-degree virtual tour is a popular marketing tool for real estate agents and will help you save time and money while facilitating the viewing process.

Street view

If you want your prospective clients to get a true sense of your property, consider a Street view of real estate. This technology allows you to share a 360-degree virtual tour of your property with the world. Google Street View is a free feature found in Google Maps and Google Earth. If you have a business, you can upload the address and other details and embed them on your website. This is an effective way to market your property online and qualify buyers.

Simple staging

Using a 360 virtual tour is an effective way to showcase a property without being intrusive. All you need to do is point the camera in the right direction, and the 360 virtual tour provider will do the rest. However, some buyers feel that 360 virtual staging is misleading and are unlikely to be taken seriously if the photos are not of high quality. That’s why it is crucial to select a 360 virtual tour provider who clearly states that their 360 stagings are enhanced images or artistic impressions, and not merely photographs. Also, avoid those who provide tours that are low-quality and of low-resolution, as these will turn buyers off.


Using a 360deg virtual tour for real estate listings is a great way to attract buyers and sell a property. Using a virtual tour allows buyers to walk through the property without leaving the comfort of their own home. 360deg tours are easy to create with a 360deg camera placed in the center of each room. These tours can be used for marketing, leasing, resident engagement, and maintenance.


A real estate 360 virtual tour can save a real estate agent a great deal of time. Typically, an agent spends at least twenty minutes driving to open houses, and some of that time is spent with prospects who may not be interested in buying the property. This time could be spent educating potential buyers about the property or attending to other business matters. Another benefit is that a virtual tour lets potential clients zoom in on the desired areas without leaving their computer. The virtual tour also frees up the time of the realtor, allowing them to concentrate on the more important aspects of business.

Dos and Don’ts in taking a real estate 360 virtual tour

Whether you are a realtor or a novice at the art of 3D modeling, there are some Dos and Don’ts that you should know when taking a real estate 360 virtual tour. First of all, your virtual tour should be relevant to the property. This includes common areas, amenities, and the outside of the property. Be sure to capture the small details, including the furniture, fixtures, closets, and storage space. In addition to capturing the room’s interior design and the layout, make sure to include the entire view of the windows and doors from different angles.

Second, you should consider the niche market. While some people may not have the time or money to make in-person appointments, others may need to quarantine across country and will need to use virtual tours. If you have a niche market, make sure your virtual tour is relevant to that niche. If you are a professional photographer, you should follow these Dos and Don’ts to create the best virtual tours.

Adding a floor plan to a real estate 360 virtual tour

Adding a floor plan to a virtual tour can be an effective tool for increasing clicks and leads for your real estate business. A floor plan gives potential buyers a more accurate representation of the space, as the photos can’t accurately depict the room’s layout. Moreover, buyers will be able to visualize the furniture and other items in the home if they can see a floor plan.

In addition to showing a floor plan, some real estate 360 virtual tour software also allows you to insert “hot spots” in your floor plans. Hot spots connect to 360-degree panoramic images and display field of view radar. This helps the viewer know which part of the room they’re in. This software is compatible with most web-enabled devices, including tablets and mobile phones. A floor plan can be added to your real estate 360 virtual tour by simply following the instructions on your tour.

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