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How to learn calculus fast and easy in 2022?

Ever wondered How to learn calculus fast and easy?

We use calculus widely in engineering, science, and technology. Hence, mastering calculus is critical to your academic success.

However, Calculus is not easy, and it is challenging for a grade 11th student studying PreCalculus for the first time and even for a calculus 1 student already a master of PreCalculus. Students consider Calculus 2 as dreaded, whereas they feel calculus 3 is hard to comprehend. So you get no respite at all.

In this article, we have identified the 6 most common calculus concepts where students struggle, and we have also discussed how to overcome those 6 hurdles.

Step 1. Master graph plotting in PreCalculus

A strong building is built on a solid base. Similarly, you need to master the graph plotting techniques in the PreCalculus course to give you the best chance to learn calculus.

Step 2. Imbibe the graphical meaning of d/dx

Unless you understand the graphical interpretation of d/dx or the first derivate, there is no way you can learn how to use differential calculus in actual problems.

Step 3. Learn applications of integrals

Do you know how to find the volume of a sphere? You may say, Yes, it is V=4/3*pi*R³. But where from this formula came? If you want to know that, you will have to apply the integration techniques. You can use integration techniques to solve many similar problems.

Step 4. Master Infinite series, convergence and divergence

Infinite series, convergence, and divergence concepts are usually the most difficult concepts students encounter when studying calculus 2. The only way you can improve upon it is by practicing many problems. Also, you must learn how to correlate the numbers with their pictorial or graphical form, enhancing your understanding multiple times.

Step 5. Learn the graphical meaning of differential equations

Did you know Differential equations too have their graphical interpretation? Like previous suggestions, this one, too, is linked with a deeper understanding of the concept by graphs and pictures. So you must learn how to interpret basic differential equations problems graphically.

Step 6. Learn graph plotting for 3D functions

Multivariable calculus looks complex because students fail to draw 3D diagrams for multivariable functions. We know it is difficult to do it on a 2D paper, but unless you do it, you will not be able to master calculus 3. So put extra effort into that.

If you use a 3D graphing tool, you understand the 3D graphs better. You can use such a tool until you learn to draw 3D graphs on paper, improving your understanding. Practice will make you perfect, so do it more and more.

So how long does it take to learn calculus?

You need one year for precalculus and calculus 1 and

another year for calculus 2,3, and Differential equations. We suggest Stewart calculus, early transcendentals as your primary textbook.


Using these tips, you can learn calculus faster because if you understand these better, then the remaining portion is not as complicated as it looks, and you can master it quickly. We wish you all the best in your calculus learning.

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