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How to obtain BEE certification for a Microwave

BEE certification is mandatory for manufacturers of high power consuming devices such as microwaves. This blog discusses the process of obtaining it.

Ever since buying power of India’s middle class consumer increased, so did India’s electric power consumption. Articles are microwaves are now within the grasp of the common consumer. While it’s good news for the people, it’s bad news for energy goals of the country. Afraid that at any moment, India can run out of power, the government of India established Bureau of Energy efficiency whose responsibility is to:

  1. Promote energy efficient products in the market
  2. Provide ratings to the electrical appliance based on their power consumption
  3. Maintaining a list of product for which BEE certification is necessary.

Microwave, a cooking electrical appliances that can now be found in most households, got added to this list early on. In this article, we are going to discuss the BEE certification process of a microwave.

BEE certification procedure for brand registration

The process to give star rating to any electrical appliance contains two stages. The first stage is to acquire brand registration. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Go the official BEE registration portal
  2. Register as a new user. Afterwards, go to your dashboard
  3. Fill the application for BEE certification.
  4. Pay the brand registration fees
  5. You’ll be issued a registration number. Save it for future usage.

 BEE certification process for star rating

Once the brand has received registration, it basically means it has been allowed entry to get the star rating. At this point, you must get your microwave tested for its energy efficiency. Read More: Insurance Web Aggregator License

Afterwards, follow the process below:

  1. Login and get to your dashboard at the BEE portal
  2. You’ll see a new option that reads “Model Registration”
  3. Select it and you’ll be directed to the Model Registration application form.
  4. Enter the details of the model.
  5. Press submit to forward the application to the BEE. Or you can click on the “Add more” button to enter information about more models for which you require star rating.
  6. Once the application is submitted, you will receive a notification directing you to submit the physical copies of the documents and the sample of the product to the Bureau.
  7. The BEE assesses your application, your documents and your model . Afterwards, it forwards the model to its lab for in-house testing.
  8. You will finally obtain the BEE certification that will contain the star rating according to your microwave’s efficiency.


The BEE registration procedure for a microwave is quite simple if you look at it. However, once you start the procedure, you’ll encounter several issues. Some of them you’ll able to tackle on your own, but for others you will need the aid of consultants. At Registrationwala, we understand the procedure and its minute details inside and out. We understand which issue can occur at what stage. We leverage this knowledge to streamline the process of BEE certification for you.

Is your Microwave marketable? Find out the solution in this blog about how to obtain BEE certificate for a microwave.

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