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How to prepare for 11 Plus Maths & Numerical Reasoning?

Numerical Reasoning refers to analysing information in charts, tables, and graphs. The majority of the skills needed will be covered in KS2 Maths. Therefore, 11 Plus Maths and Numerical Reasoning tests cover the same subjects within the national standards curriculum in Key Stage 2.

11 Plus maths tuition in Slough, London, Bradford or top companies across the UK provide various sources for students to work on their Maths and Numerical Reasoning subjects. So the only other resources needed for preparation for 11 Plus for these subjects are practice papers of the suitable grade and structure. So in this blog, we will discuss how to prepare your child for 11 Plus Maths & Numerical Reasoning?

Important preparation tips for 11 Plus Maths and the Numerical Reasoning Test

Many recommended online Assessment Tools make the entire Premium tests available and affordable for everyone. Numerous free Maths materials cover core arithmetic abilities and every aspect of KS2 Key Objectives. Therefore, they are an excellent resource when studying for the 11 Plus Maths exams. It is easy to jump right to the 11 Plus recommended resources for Maths and Numerical Reasoning. Also, continue to read for more in-depth instructions on using these tools. Thus, the outlined study plan has assisted hundreds of students in passing their 11 Plus tests.

Assess Current Ability

The first assessment of your child before beginning any training is crucial. Even if to keep a record of your child’s abilities to help you evaluate their progress as they progress. Thus, many factors to consider when assessing a child’s abilities.

Mastering the Subject

Contrary to Verbal Reasoning and Non-verbal Reasoning, the abilities required for Maths and Numerical Reasoning are an important part of the school curriculum. So your child will be familiar with the vast majority of subjects in the 11+ Maths exams. However, some kids require more help than others studying for the 11+ Maths and Numerical Reasoning. If your child has good Maths capabilities or you’re not able to prepare for the test. You could consider jumping to older 11 Plus practice tests and then re-working with the basics. Thus if you do have some time on hand, it’s recommended to make sure you are confident about every subject.

Use Multiple Resources

View the 11 Plus Maths tutorial videos one subject at a time. Practice questions for every topic after watching the relevant video. Check out the Key KS2 Maths Goals list, and print the worksheets for free for each subject. Remember that time is not as crucial as understanding at this point. 

If you need a little more help understanding the subjects, you may be interested in these helpful guides. Therefore they contain exercises on the various topics: ‘How To Learn 11 Plus Maths written by Bond and the 11 Plus Maths Workbooks from AE Publishing. Once your child has mastered the essential topics, they can move on to mixed-practice documents.

-Although the 11 Plus Maths exams will keep you entertained for quite a while. It’s important to get familiar with various publishers to ensure your child is comfortable taking tests both on paper and online. Some of the bundles contain physical test papers that will be sent to you.

Improve the Core Skills

Include various exercises and games to help you build your fundamental skills throughout preparation to keep your interest and enthusiasm high.

A few of the Brain Games on My 11 Plus are perfect for practising the fundamental maths skills, including:

  • Missing operator
  • Missing Number
  • Rearrange It

Improve Test Performance

One of the most important aspects of a successful entrance exam is being calm and focused while working efficiently. It would be best if you learned tricks for boosting Exam Performance and details about Mock Exam Days.

Recommendations 11 Plus sources to help students master Maths & Numerical Reasoning

CEM (Durham University) and GL Assessment (formerly nferNelson) are the most popular publishers for 11 Plus exams across the UK currently. On the other hand, numerous exam publishing companies (e.g., Moray House, CSSE – Consortium for Selective Schools in Essex) offer the same subjects. So, we suggest mastering the basic KS2 subjects. Afterwards, expand to some of the areas of fundamental algebra to ensure that you are preparing for the best in the future.

Intensify each maths topic before making mixed practice paper:

  •  Maths tutorial videos for 11 Plus to watch online (free)
  •  Key Objectives for 11 Plus Maths word problem Worksheets printable (free)

Practise mixed-topic maths or numerical reasoning papers:

  • Maths Practice Exam Papers in My 11PLUS, either online or in print (free Initial assessment)

When online tests are conducted within “My 11Plus”, you can review an analysis breakdown of your child’s score. It can be divided by Maths subject to help you identify weaker areas that need more attention.

  • SATS past papers – printable (free)

Closing Words

Hopefully, the above-mentioned is an effective 11 Plus preparation guide. In essence, there is no distinction between Numerical Reasoning and Maths in the 11 Plus exam. Students with excellent core skills will be able to pass. The exams will naturally require students to possess solid core skills. Also, youngsters who don’t have these skills are more likely to make mistakes under the stress of exam day and pressure to finish.

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