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How to Start a Salon in Dubai?

Dubai is the ideal location to start a salon business as millions of stylish and self-conscious people live in the emirate. In fact, Dubai leads the region’s cosmetics sector in the UAE, which is one of the biggest in the world. By 2025, it is expected that the industry, which includes haircare, skincare, and other products, would be worth an astounding USD 3 billion. And there are excellent reasons to believe that this trajectory will continue for a very long time given the burgeoning and wealthy Millennial and Gen Z populations. Here is all the information you require to begin.

Advantage of Setting Up a Salon in Dubai

There are many solid reasons to open a salon business in Dubai, aside from the big and expanding consumer base. 

  • You can take advantage of a climate with exceptionally low taxes as a business owner here, for starters. 
  • The VAT rate is still low and steady at 5%, while the business and personal tax rates remain at 0%. 
  • Dubai is renowned for being a city where conducting business is simple. 
  • You can obtain a salon operating licence in a matter of weeks by working with a UAE company setup agent.

Is a Salon Business Profitable in Dubai?

Yes, it is. The people of Dubai demand perfection and are willing to pay for it. If you are capable of offering those services, there is no reason why you shouldn’t make a profit right away.
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Naturally, a wide range of factors can affect profitability. Therefore, before committing to a salon site, be sure to investigate desirable areas, product suppliers, and local market demands. For instance, in one location it might be advantageous to open a ladies’ salon, whilst in another it might be better to open a men’s salon. But, the most important step in starting a salon is getting your trade licence. With the aid of experts, this is a simple task.

How to Register for a Salon in Dubai?

Investors who want to open a salon in the UAE must take the actions listed below to obtain a salon licence in Dubai and legalise all related business activities. The actions comprise:

1. Submit your visa and passport

To start the process of getting a salon licence in Dubai, you must hand over copies of your passport and visa to the relevant authorities. Additionally, you must present the authority with true copies of all of your company partners’ legal documents.

2. Finalise a trade name

Have you made a list of the names you intend to use as your official company name in the United Arab Emirates? If not, you must make one and submit it for approval to the governing body. When creating a list of legitimate trading names for your salon business in Dubai, make sure to adhere to all naming convention guidelines.

3. Obtain the initial approval

Once your trading name and the other filed documentation are approved, the jurisdiction will send you the initial approval paperwork. The next step is to work with an LSA (local service agent), who will assist you in obtaining the salon licence in Dubai for a small price. Keep in mind that this amount is separate from the price of the salon licence in Dubai.

4. Rent a shop space

Opening a salon in Dubai is less expensive if you rent a store because you won’t have to invest a sizable chunk of money to buy real estate. Make sure the rented area satisfies the government’s standards for office space and has a sophisticated infrastructure. You can ask the business gurus at Ontime business for assistance, and we can help you.

5. Apply for the salon license

In Dubai, the procedure to get a salon licence can be finished in under a day. However, if you forget to send in the necessary paperwork or pay the requisite fees, this deadline may be extended. Note that as this is a skill-based service, you must apply for a professional licence. Additionally, to keep your licence valid, keep renewing it periodically.

Licence Requirements for Beauty Salons in Dubai

To avoid future disputes, don’t forget or miss any papers or certification. Keep a list of your salon’s tools and other equipment on hand to ensure smooth operation.

Here is a list to help you with the task :

  • A signboard
  • Adequate lighting, a clean seating arrangement, and sturdy furniture
  • The width and length of customer chairs shouldn’t be less than 3.0 m and 3.5 m, respectively.
  • a multipurpose wash bowl for washing your face and your hair
  • The distance between the floor of your station and the vault must be 2.30 metres.
  • During cosmetic preparations, areas that are prone to catching fire should be fireproofed.
  • A geyser and storage space for electronics and other equipment
  • Approval of location

How Much Does it Cost to Open a Salon in Dubai?

Numerous variables will affect your business’s overall startup costs. The size and location of your business, the number of employees you have, and whether you choose a Freezone company set up or on the mainland can all have an impact.

The cost of the salon licence is another factor. In most circumstances, you can anticipate paying between AED 10,000 and AED 12,000 for this.

Bottom Line 

Are you still unsure about how to obtain a beauty salon licence in Dubai? Contact us right away to receive a free consultation on opening a salon business in Dubai and obtaining a business licence. We also offer cost-effective assistance with the setup of any type of business, including barbershops, men’s salons, and women’s beauty salons. So why are you still waiting? Get in touch with our corporate advisors right away to start your ideal business in the UAE!

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