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Is Pakistan Safe for Travel-Fatima Travels

With majestic mountainous valleys, spectacular landscapes, exotic beaches, vibrant cities, snaking rivers, delicious meals, and incredible people. Pakistan is the ultimate adventurer’s heaven. Glacier trekking, mountain hiking, surfing, kayaking, rafting, and whatnot; there are plenty of ways that can satiate your thirst for adventure. Fix your adrenaline rush by gathering the best tours that will appease the most adventurous of travelers.

Here are some of the adventurous trips that you can take while being in Pakistan.


For tourists who are planning to visit Pakistan during Spring to Winter months, the most spectacular adventure. You can experience while being in Pakistan is skiing. There are numerous fine spots for skiing available to the tourists including Naltar, Ratu, Astore, Brazil, and similar northern regions. Malam Jabba, which is situated in northwest of the country, is another great spot for skiing. Beautiful skiing resorts exist at these skiing spots that offer all the facilities you need. However, it is advised that you should book prior to your visit so that you can have fun without any hassle. And if you are a ski lover but don’t know skiing then ski lessons for beginners are also available. 

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Mountaineering or hiking or climbing is one of the most adventurous activities you can do whilst visiting a foreign country. There are numerous mountains that you can go to for hiking including the great K2 (world’s second-highest mountain), Nanga Parbat, Rakaposhi, Masherbrum, and more.

The K2


K2 is the second-highest mountain in the world after Mount Everest and it would be an injustice to talk about mountaineering without mentioning the deadliest and most impossible of all peaks to conquer. Hiking K2 is probably the most daring adventure an individual can do. However, for this adventure, professional background, adventurous hunger, and a highly challenging mind is required. Towering at 8611 meters is not a kids’ game but the trek to the K2’s base camp Concordia is a little less harsh on the climbers and is doable by most but still is not for the faint-hearted.

Others: for the climbers who want to tower a high peak but not as high as K2, there are several other options including Nanga Parbat, Broad Peak, Rakaposhi, Masherbrum, Batura I, Gasherbrum I, II, III, and IV, and Tirich Mir with peak heights in between 6000 meters to 8000 meters. 



Cycling is a childhood darling for every one of us but how about cycling from Karakoram Highway to China? Sounds fun right? Karakoram Highway, which is also known as the 8th wonder of the world, is an extension of the old Silk Road and is part of the great and beautiful Hunza. The road connects Hunza to China. Cycling on the world’s highest paved road is an adventure you want very unlikely to miss. The road is surrounded by mountains as high as 7000 meters, mesmerizing glaciers lining the road, lushest green hills, and valleys that are breathtaking. You can even take a glimpse of China if you have a visa on your cycle. Absolutely an amazing adventure!

Rafting and Kayaking 


Pakistan is blessed with splendid rivers that will leave you speechless and rafting or kayaking in these rivers is a thing that everyone of you surely wants. The rivers born in the arms of the world’s greatest mountains flow with an enormous speed, increasing the fun and thrill of rafting and kayaking to a thousand fold. Some of these amazing rivers proffering extraordinary kayaking experiences in Pakistan include Chitral, Hunza, Swat, Neelam, Indus, and Gilgit. Rafting is also one of the greatest adventures in Pakistan and offers levels ranging from amateur to professional. Short training courses for beginners make it fun for even those who don’t know how to raft.  

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Rock Climbing


Rock climbing is like mountaineering in which adventurers climb a rock or mountain. In Pakistan, one of the hottest spots for rock climbing is the Lady Finger Peak with a height of 6000 meters which is the maximum in rock climbing. Lady Finger Peak is famous for rock climbing because of its sharp height and short duration. Other major rock-climbing spots include Trango Tower, Shipton Spire with heights 6251 meters and 5852 meters respectively. Rock climbing like mountaineering required great stamina, sound knowledge about climbing, strength, and professional training. 


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