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Is PHP still good enough to build advanced websites in 2022?

When it comes to building a website, PHP is the first name in every developer’s mind. And why not? It is one of the oldest and widely used programming languages worldwide. But with the emerging technological advancements and arrival of new programming languages, the future of PHP is questioned. Many businesses wondered about the future of PHP, usually concerned about its functionalities. They will generally ask- is PHP still potential to match the current market standards or their business requirements? This post will help them understand the potential of PHP, what benefits this programming language offers to business, and how it will remain influential today.
PHP is the most preferred and widely used programming language upon which millions of websites are built and are still developing. This general-purpose server-side scripting language has always been an evergreen language that keeps updating with the emerging technological advancements. Usually, every tech stack, tool-set, and programming language has seen an end, but PHP is the one that never stopped working; this language has constantly witnessed upgrades as per the market standards.

Advanced Programming Languages:

Today, the market is packed with numerous advanced programming languages like Python, Javascript, C#, C++, Pascal, Perl, Cobol and more, yet, PHP gives them fierce competition. Facebook, Wikipedia, MailChimp, Etsy, WordPress are the leading market giants that have their websites on this cutting-edge programming language.
If we talk about its market size, on an average number, there are 5 million+ PHP developers worldwide. And around 3,271,871 companies use PHP.
Still, there are a few critical questions that are running around in the web development market, including-
  • What makes PHP so popular?
  • What benefits businesses will get after building websites on it?
  • Why choose PHP over other languages?
  • Does PHP have any future?
To help you understand why PHP is the best programming language even today, we have come up with this post. This post will guide you through the advantages of PHP, its importance and its future.
Also, you will come to learn about the top PHP development company in India so that you can easily hire a PHP developer India as per your business requirements.
So without any further ado, let’s get started with the benefits PHP offers to businesses-

Business Benefits of using PHP for web development

#1 Cost-effective- The foremost benefit of choosing PHP for web development is its cost-effectiveness. PHP is an open-source programming language which means, there are no restrictions. You are not required to pay any additional fee for its licensing or royalty. It comes with multiple integration options that make it completely free and accessible to all. This is the key reason behind its continuously rising popularity and large community.
#2 Faster and Large community- Another significant benefit that PHP offers is the on-time project deliveries. In comparison to other programming languages, PHP takes less time to deliver and deploy the projects. This means you will get enough time to market your website or application and tap your target audience to a great extent.
If you wish to develop an MVP of your product with PHP, it will benefit you in several ways. You will get your product before or on time, which means you can test it in real-time with your audience and make changes as per the suggestions compared to your competitors.
Moreover, PHP has a broad community of developers, which means you can easily find a team of PHP developers for your web development project.
#3 Custom development– PHP offers an opportunity to create the website of your dream; this server-side programming language is highly preferable for creating custom websites. It is because any limited custom options do not bound it; it is highly compatible with other tools, languages, and tech stacks. Hence whenever you wish to experiment upon the PHP website with any different programming language like JavaScript, you can perform it very well.
#4 Security- Usually, there are rumours that PHP is not secure to use, but in reality, it is a complete myth. Every single programming language is vulnerable; it entirely depends upon how it is being used. The security levels rely upon the expertise of the developers. Your website will always be secure if your PHP developer is well-versed in the factors that raise security concerns and solutions to avoid such mishaps.

Following practices will help to keep your PHP website secure from threats and cyber attacks-

  • Update the PHP version regularly
  • Beware of XSS attacks (Cross-site scripting)
  • Use prepared SQL statements
  • Don’t upload all framework files to your server
  • Verify your SSL configuration
  • Use URL encoding
  • Always validate user input
  • Limit directory access
  • Avoid remote file inclusion
  • Documentation matters

Is PHP suitable for developing websites in 2022?

Many businesses and developers say that new programming languages should be considered and chosen to build advanced websites and platforms. But it is not entirely true; PHP is one of the oldest programming languages in the web development market today. But this language still offers a complete package that is sufficient to create excellent and market-winning websites.
The latest versions of PHP, including PHP 7.2, 7.4, 8.0, brings lots of new features, functionalities, syntax additions and fixes that will help you create your dream website hassle-free.
So, if you are looking to create-
  • User-friendly
  • Less vulnerable
  • Highly performing
  • Scalable
  • Pocket-friendly website
PHP is the right option to go. This programming language might be the old one, but it will remain classy and bossy for future years. Moving on, let’s take a look at some of the prominent PHP Development companies in India.

PHP Development Company India

In this section, we have listed the top 10 PHP development companies in India
  1. Hidden Brains
  2. TechnoScore
  3. IndiaNIC InfoTech
  4. Clarion Technologies
  5. IntellectSoft
  6. Parangat Technologies
  7. Sparx IT solutions
  8. Net Solutions
  9. Sphinx Solutions
  10. A3 Logics

Final Words:

So here we have come to an end. We hope you find this article helpful in understanding why PHP is the best choice to date. Being an entrepreneur, we know how complicated it is to select a single or two programming languages among the pool of prominent ones.
So what are you waiting for? Do not worry; we can help you out with it. We are a leading PHP development company in India that has robust experience in creating out-of-the-box PHP applications. Our dedicated team of PHP developers will help you with the best solutions that make you stand ahead of the competition. Hire PHP developers from us, and start building your project without any delays.

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Nathan Smith is a Web & App Developer. He is currently engaged with TechnoScore- a leading CMS development company in India. He constantly brings updated information on the latest tech trends. His passion for transforming technologies encourages him to inform and educate people through his write-ups.

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