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Long-Form Video Content: Should You Use it for Digital Marketing?

Marketing is all about demonstrating to prospective clients that you understand their concerns and solve their difficulties. Face-to-face engagement is the ideal method to create a relationship, but this is just not feasible for company growth. There is not enough time in the world to meet and gain the trust of every prospective consumer. Fortunately, you can express that feeling through video material. Even better, it is accessible throughout the day. Video marketing may benefit your small company by establishing long-term connections with customers before you ever meet them. Customers trust your brand when they see you, your team, or your product in videos. Every small company needs trust, and video marketing can help when you cannot.

When users search for a certain word or phrase, Google utilizes time on-site to decide if you are giving what they are searching for. When consumers spend time on your site viewing a video, Google perceives it as providing the valuable information that a visitor seeks. This might assist you in ascending the search engine results. Mobile is becoming the primary means of obtaining information online. Video is now suitable for mobile marketing thanks to improved technology and increasing bandwidth. On a mobile device, video material is often seen the full screen, so you can be certain that your audience is receiving the complete experience. 


Your audience is much too likely to scroll straight past your banner or sidebar ad, and these components tend to blend after a while. Videos, on the other hand, captivate us. Video advertising with the help of an SEO outsourcing company may fascinate your audience and help you get a lot done quickly, driving more people to your site and priming them for purchase. While video marketing has existed since the invention of television, internet video is now accessible for small companies to sell their products and level the playing field. Video content is still growing and shows no slowing down, so start making your first video now to gain more customers with SEO Manila, Philippines.

While short-form video content has its uses, long-form video offers a unique opportunity to expand your brand in unanticipated ways. You can build a brand around subject matter and interests of your audience. Create an online space where your business is both entertaining and educational, and inspire people with real-life stories. The possibilities are endless! As long as you can keep the content entertaining and educational, it’s a smart move to use long-form video in your digital marketing strategy.

Increases website traffic

The benefits of long-form video content for websites are plentiful. This type of content has been shown to increase website traffic by up to 250%, while also increasing search engine rankings. As more people turn to search engines for information, video content is increasingly important for SEO. It’s no secret that Google prioritizes search results with video. Companies like Lemonlight have seen increases in organic traffic of anywhere from 10 to 250%.

In addition to increasing website traffic, long-form video content has many benefits for businesses. Using videos is a great way to engage audiences and foster brand loyalty. It’s also highly effective for promoting a specific product or service. BMW’s famous “Driving Experience” videos have become an online sensation, with countless views. The brand’s videos follow actor Clive Owen as a car driver for hire through a variety of environments, and highlight the performance of their cars.

Increases SEO

Long-form video content can boost your SEO rankings by leaps and bounds. With more brands embracing the power of video to reach consumers, the effectiveness of this content is growing. Unlike static pages, long-form videos increase brand engagement with viewers, making them memorable and unique to consumers. Long-form video content also helps you generate a clear ROI by attracting targeted traffic. And because video can be highly engaging, you can increase your website’s traffic by promoting it on social media sites.

Long-form videos are also better for your search engine optimization (SEO). In-depth videos cover topics thoroughly, and they’re perfect for long-tail search terms. This increases the number of page views on your website, which search engines can use to determine whether your content is useful or relevant to users. And long-form video content will only continue to be popular as long as people crave storytelling. But how can you make it work for you?

Increases brand awareness

Brands can use long-form video to expand their brand awareness. The benefits are many. Brands can build a brand around a subject or interest. This is a great way to make your business a source of entertainment, learning, or inspiration for your audience. Brands can also use video to share their personal stories, such as their struggles with dull razor blades. This type of content can be shared on social media and on websites.

In addition to educating and entertaining viewers, videos can be an effective way to generate leads. A video that illustrates a buyer’s problem can increase conversion. It can also be an offer. In addition to educating and exhilarating viewers, it can also help convert website visitors into buyers. While most inbound marketing content is geared toward collecting contact information via a form, video has the potential to generate leads as well.

Increases sales

If your marketing budget allows for it, long-form video is a great way to boost sales. Depending on your video’s goal, you can measure its success by watching total video impressions or views. Similarly, if you’re aiming to get more people to see your video, you can share it on social media to broaden its reach. Aside from this, long-form video content is a great way to increase engagement and connect with your audience.

Videos have become more popular than ever, with 85% of businesses using them to promote their products and generate leads. And while the benefits are clear, one important benefit is that long-form content keeps audiences in their comfort zone and reduces their exposure to system-two thinking. With this, long-form content should reduce friction and critical thinking, and increase conversions. The average duration of long-form content is around five minutes.

To know if you should use long-form video content for digital marketing, below is an infographic from Digital Marketing Philippines.


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