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Major Applications of Hi-Gloss Laminates

Selecting the surface of your housing apartment can be complicated, to say the least, as there is a wide range of options available in the market which you can choose from. However, the availability of diverse options can prove to be a limitation as it may create different complications. Thus, multiple factors must be taken into account while selecting a surface for your housing space.

It is important that you make the best decision for your home or business. The most popular types of surface materials purchased by homeowners as well as working professionals are laminates. This is primarily because laminates are made with an amalgamation of layers which provide protection as well as enhance the aesthetic appeal of your housing or commercial area.

The laminates offered by premium companies such as CenturyPly are of the best quality and come in diverse shades that meet the requirements of people all around the country.

There are various types of high-gloss laminate, including decorative and marker board laminates, that Interior Designers, as well as esteem Architects, generally prefer over other surfaces because they cost less or require very little application effort – making them perfect candidates for interiors where space is an issue.

There are multiple benefits to using high-gloss laminates that are used for decoration. One is that they are manufactured by incorporating the latest technology that makes them extremely durable. Another benefit is their gloss levels, which can be enhanced with the help of special processing methods.

Best Laminates in India

It is not very difficult to find good quality laminates in India, as you can now easily find them online. CenturyPly, one of the most reputable brands in India for interior and home decor solutions, has many options listed on their website for hi-gloss laminates where you can find the perfect laminate for your needs.

Laminates are a type of coating that provides a level of protection and beauty to surfaces. They come in different colours, shapes, and sizes, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

High gloss laminates have many features, such as moisture resistance and anti-bacterial properties, making them great choices for both cabinets and countertops. High-gloss laminates are a popular choice for the kitchen because they offer a sleek and bold look. They reflect light and have a smooth finish, making them ideal for larger spaces. Plus, they’re perfect for modern homes!

All these are available in CenturyLaminates Lucida Collection, and that is by far one of the best, if not the best, a contender in this space. There are 59 amazing options to choose from in CenturyPly’s LookBook, where you can browse through a plethora of beautiful decorative and functional laminates.

Why Lucida?

Lucida Laminates are a special type of synthetic lacquer that is designed to be used for kitchen cabinets.

  • They have a glossy, mirror-like finish and provide complete protection from stains and scuffs. Lucida Laminates are an excellent choice for keeping your surfaces clean and hygienic.
  • The Virokill technology eliminates issues related to infestation from bacteria and other viruses, making the surface 99.99% free from fungi.

Thus Lucida should be your first and primary consideration for building effective cabinets, laminates for tables, and various other surfaces.

The Lucida Laminates offer protection from overheating as they are heat resistant in nature. These sheets can withstand up to 180 degrees celsius of heat. This means that the kitchen laminate sheet will be able to withstand this extreme temperature, as Lucida Laminates are heat resistant. These glossy laminates for the kitchen are also resistant to scuff and experience limited wear and tear on your interiors during transit. This will ensure that your interior remains attractive and new, even after long periods of use.

Xenon arc light is a resistance to it, making these cabinets look brand new even after years of use. Lucida Laminates are considered to build the best kitchen cabinets that last a long time.

Summing Up: Choose The Best!

High-gloss laminate sheets are a popular choice for the kitchen because they offer a sleek and beautiful finish, as well as high performance. They can be used on multiple surfaces to give you the best of both worlds. Thanks to modern technology, these sheets are also more durable than ever- meaning they remain shiny for long periods of time.

High gloss laminates by CenturyPly are a worthy consideration for the kitchen due to their antibacterial properties, as well as their ability to resist moisture and bacterial growth. Most importantly, CenturyLaminates Lucida is affordable and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. Lucida brings you a range of high gloss laminate sheets in many different colours that will complement your existing kitchen décor.

The laminates offered by CenturyPly under Lucida are one the best in the market and can be availed at affordable pricing points. These laminates can be used for a wide range of purposes and are highly recommended by experienced architects and interior designers. Therefore, be sure to get in touch with the CenturyLaminates Lucida team today to avail more information about this unique product.

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