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Meet Your Organizational Goals with Animated Commercial Videos

Marketing is a core business strategy that takes your business from zero to ten in just a few months, making profits. As the world is rapidly advancing, enterprises are integrating advanced technologies in their models to reap the maximum benefits. Every firm here tries to improve itself significantly. Since every sector was improving, the marketing sector changed its way of handling advertisements and integrated technologies that gave rise to animated commercial videos. This was the start of the marketing era where videos became the center of attention.

The video production company emphasized developing engaging videos that would grab customers’ attention at once. It meant using high technologies that could simplify the development process of these advertisements. The advanced tools made it possible for animators to change how we look at the marketing industry. Since then, the industry has undergone many big and small changes worldwide, where animation has become a success factor. This trend has made huge profits and continues to do so as the demand for them increases. Developers are exploring new horizons in this field, trying to implement better and new methods that would promote a brand in the most entertaining way.

What are animated commercial videos?

When we refer to commercials, we are talking about the advertisements made to promote a brand with its products and services. Since childhood, we have seen these ads on our televisions. However, back then, they were quite long and boring, but still, few loved them as they provided information that gained women’s interest. The industry needed to mold itself to the new world as time passed. As the world entered the technological era, it was hard to continue with the old methods. Therefore, they moved towards animation.

Animated commercial ads gained immense popularity, where short videos became high in demand. Usually, these are 15 to 16 seconds long, promoting the products and services of your brand. It is more fun and engaging way of grabbing users’ attention globally. Animation is fun; it offers a cartoonish look to characters and objects, making them entertaining and creative simultaneously. So if you are a 2d or 3d cartoon fan, you might be the biggest fan of such videos. When we talk about commercials, we are referring to the entertainment industry. Whenever we associate with it, we move towards the videos’ creative and fun side.

Brands use such videos usually to promote campaigns on different mediums like social media and television, where each company might have a different reason to use it. All this depends on the goals and industry you are operating. Hence, it makes it essential for animators to realize the growing demand and offer enterprises new ways of marketing their brands. 3d is the most common type of animation in our hearts and tends to be the most demanded type of animation.

Why do companies use it?

Companies using this unique method might differ for each by the main motive is to promote the brand exclusively to gain a competitive edge. Here are a few reasons that might have caught the eye of businesses that made them invest heavily in animation. 

  1. Brand Awareness:

    The primary goal of every industry or company is to raise its brand awareness, which is a tough task in a world where there are already a lot of competitors, and each one is spending heavily on its campaigns. Therefore, to add some distinction, companies might opt for it to target a new audience or attract potential ones. There are different types, such as videos where an explainer aims to target the existing customers; animated commercials focus on attracting new ones while displaying the brand’s unique features.

  2. Conversions:

    Another reason might be increasing conversions. Every form works to generate leads and allure customers to buy its products. However, this is not always successful, so firms need to find ways to make it happen, and in this case, 3d animation videos are one of them. Thus, leading to increased business conversions in a digital space. It is always better to display your brand and its goods and services to an online audience, as most customers are found there. It increases the online demand on social media and websites.

  3. Sales:

    Once you have generated leads, it becomes essential to convert them into sales, and even if you have done that, it’s time to increase the sale margin. According to recent statistics, video content is on the rise and will continue to do so as people are more inclined to watch information rather than waste time reading it. Moreover, it leverages customers to leave reviews online, helping others to invest carefully. Thus, most businesses are seen promoting their services by designing commercial animation videos.

  4. Product launch:

If you are a new business trying to enter the market or even an existing one trying hard to launch a new product, you might want to use a unique and creative ad. In this case, animation has taken over the world with its amazing features and ability to make an image come to life just by adding illusions. Not only does it describes the products carefully, but it offers tremendous advantages.

What is the cost of animating commercials?

Advertisements are expensive, and creating them through animation is an entirely different or advanced story requiring huge investments. Since it is a new technology, not many have its idea. Therefore, enterprises need to hire animators or animation agencies with knowledge and experience in making such videos. Since the demand for them is high, they have become really expensive. However, it depends on the commercial type being created and how many minutes. There are other factors to like the industry it is being done for. All these come into account when deciding its cost.

Free online animation video makers are also available, which has helped many firms create their own short videos and market their services. These tend to be best for new startups or small businesses with a limited budget. But these are not professional videos like those created by experienced teams and might lack the ability to hook customers to their brand. Thus, it is always recommended to choose quality over money as the same expensive video will generate huge profits in a short time, recovering the competitive cost within a few days.


Animated commercial videos are high in demand where companies are focusing on marketing the brand, products, and services in a stunning. It uses 3d animation that gives the characters and objects an illusion of movement that grabs customers’ attention at once. It doesn’t matter what industry or company you are operating in animation is one of the best techniques to market the company.

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