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Microphone for Youtubers and Streamers

Youtubers microphone is one of the most frequently asked questions lately. One factor that determines and increases the quality of Youtube videos and every audio broadcast is undoubtedly to have a microphone. That is suitable for the purpose, sound quality and at least bottom sound.

So you started researching to increase the ideal sound quality and catch the image quality in Youtube videos. Then how should the Youtubers microphone be? What is a broadcast microphone? Twitch microphone recommendation, 2021 Best microphone types and prices you started asking questions. Maybe you didn’t find success with a poor-quality that didn’t fit the purpose.

What is a microphone, and what does it do?

The answer, of course, is related to the sound phenomenon. Microphones are sensitive devices that convert these sound vibrations into an electrical charge and make them recordable. All sounds, whether human voices or sounds in nature proceed in the form of vibrations after leaving their source. Through diaphragm wires, microphones create vibrations in response to these sound waves, converting sound into electrical signals. How well and how well a microphone will record sounds depends entirely on the type of microphone, the quality of the hardware inside, and its structure according to the sound recording feature. Shure products makes the best wireless microphones in the business. Available in earphones, wireless headphones, and wireless system.

The microphone types used for video in camera and D SLR cameras can be classified according to their structural and direction types. Wireless lavalier microphones, wired lavalier microphones, on-camera shotgun microphones, Handheld microphones, PC microphones, Boom microphones, studio microphones and mobile device microphones.

Which microphone types you should use is completely related to your design work. For example, if you are going to do street interviews, you need a handheld microphone that focuses and records only the speaker’s voice by dulling the outside sounds.

Or, if you are going to shoot a discussion video for 2-3 people in a studio environment, you should prefer a wireless lapel microphone that works as one receiver and two transmitters. If you are video conferencing, USB and PC Microphone systems are also available. Boom microphones will be the preferred microphone type for sound film works outdoors. Major microphone brands for whatever job you record audio photographs microphones with different features produced by Rode, Saramonic, Audio Technica, K&M, MXL, Axden, Sony, Sennheiser, IK Multimedia, PreSonus, Apogee, Audix, M-Audio, Behringer. You can find it at com. “Which microphone should I buy?” or “What should I consider when buying a microphone.

You tuber Wired and Wireless lavalier microphones for beginners

You are probably working with your mobile phone if you have just started shooting videos. Increasing the sound quality of Youtube, Vlog, or Tiktok videos you will shoot with your mobile phones will make you more enthusiastic about this field and increase your video quality daily. As you develop yourself in the field of video, you will choose an entry-level mirrorless camera and a suitable lens, or you will turn to entry-level Vlogger camera kits specially created by Sony, Canon and Nikon brands. We recommend you choose the microphone accordingly in this first entry. Then we start with the entry-level wireless and wired lavalier microphones that you will use as both a cell phone microphone and a DSLR Microphone without needing microphone replacement.

Saramonic Lavmicro

Saramonic is one of the microphone brands that has produced video audio equipment of all levels, from entry-level to professional audio solutions, in recent years. On the other hand, this model is an entry-level corded lavalier microphone that can be connected to both mobile phones and DSLR or mirrorless cameras but with satisfactory sound quality. Therefore, we can recommend Youtube and Vlog videos for beginners for a sufficient level of quality in the first place.

If you say, I can deal with the cable, let the microphone move for me, not the microphone; let’s invite you to the next level and take you to the Wireless microphones section.

Types of Wireless Lapel Microphones and Our Recommendations:

The working principle of wireless lapel microphones generally consists of a transmitter that transmits the sound to the person whose voice we will record with a clip and a receiver that is attached to the Camera, PC or mobile phone with TRS input. These transmitters can be increased according to the number of people to talk to. For this reason, Rode, Saramonic brand wireless lavalier microphones have ready-made packages as two transmitters, one receiver or three transmitters, one receiver.

Saramonic Blink 500 B2 Wireless Lavalier Microphone

The Saramonic Blink 500 series is the smallest of the wireless lavalier microphones. Wireless transmitters no longer need to be attached to the waist and carry weight. The transmitter can also be a lapel-mounted microphone itself.

Or you can attach the Lava microphones included in the package to this transmitter and attach them to the speaker’s collar. Of course, this advantage is that you can attach a wind-blocking feather to your microphone against the wind.

One of the most curious subjects is whether wireless lapel microphones are more useful indoors or outdoors. Wireless lapel microphones are the most suitable for use in any environment, as they focus on the voice of the person you are recording.

You can use it in the studio, home environment, Youtube videos, and outside environment, such as interviews. With its structure that minimizes external sounds, Saramonic Blink 500 B2 wireless lavalier microphone offers an ideal audio solution as a live broadcast microphone for videos where two people are talking to each other.

It also provides convenience for distance education videos. Since it offers a working distance of 50 meters, it provides the opportunity to work in large spaces. When fully charged, it continues to record for a long time, such as 5 hours. With this ease of use and sound quality, we recommend you increase the sound quality of your Youtube, Vlog, and Tiktok videos. Suppose you want more freedom of movement with phone handheld gimbals. In that case, the receiver can be connected directly to Android or iPhone phones with a TYP-C connection without needing a cable, or the Saramonic Blink 500 B5 Wireless Lapel Microphone or two transmitters and one receiver. Therefore, we can say that the Saramonic Blink 500 B6 Wireless Lapel Microphone is more suitable for you.

But if you say you want to increase your sound quality even higher, the microphone is suitable for you:

Saramonic Blink 500 Pro B2 Wireless Lavalier Microphone

This model provides clearer and noise-free sound and has two ultra-small transmitters and receivers. Audio can be recorded externally for later editing by connecting to all video recording devices you can use, such as a professional video camera with a 3.5 jack input, Mirror less camera, DSLR camera, mobile phone, tablet, PC, and a professional audio recorder as preferred by professional filmmakers. The Saramonic Blink 500 Pro B2 offers a large 80-meter working area. It is also advantageous for long-lasting scenes and live broadcasts with its 8-hour battery life. In addition, they do not restrict any camera movement by connecting your camera to handheld gimbals and working in motion. Finally, if you are looking for a quality and cheap microphone, you will come across this brand.

What else is there in this level of wireless ultra-compact lavalier microphone?

Rode Wireless Go II

The best example of Rode’s Wireless lavalier microphones, which is one of the first brands that come to mind regarding sound and microphone, Wireless Go II is at the top of our preference list. In the set, there are two transmitters and one receiver with clips for video work for two people. And only 31 grams each. Since it provides flexibility and comfortable movement to the user, it allows the athlete to explain comfortably by attaching to his athlete in action scenes and sports videos. What’s more, it has a working area of ​​70 meters and can work for 7 hours at full charge. Also, if you have a RODE Lavalier GO Microphone, you can connect it to the transmitter with TRS and use it.

“Well, it doesn’t have to be that small, but I need more frequency range. I will use more speakers, I will also carry a hand microphone among the audience in the studio, or I should connect a hand microphone outside and do an interview once in a while, then what would you recommend? If you say

Saramonic UwMic9 (TX9 + TX9 + RX9) 1 Receiver + 2 Transmitter Wireless Lavalier Microphone:

Its automatic frequency scanning feature captures the strongest frequencies without having to search for you and realizes noise-free sound recording. Furthermore, by plugging your headphones into the headphone jack, you can instantly listen to your audio recording independently from the camera. Another feature that makes it ideal for two-person videos is the ability to use a transmitter as a handheld microphone.

By purchasing 1 Sara monic UwMic9 HU9 Wireless Handheld , you can use this kit as one lapel and one handheld microphone. A balanced video stream can be provided by answering the speaker from the lapel microphone.

This makes it a rare microphone type for live talk shows. If you are also shooting street interviews, you can get the convenience of the wireless HU9 handheld microphone.

This microphone kit is at the top of our top YouTuber microphone recommendations as it provides unmatched sound quality and freedom to configure it as you want in all Youtube and Vlog videos. Even if you call my job just an interview, Hu9 and other wireless and wired recommend that you review the handheld microphone options. We even have another suggestion that we’re sure you’ll like. We can make a special microphone sponge with your channel’s logo or name if you want. Microphone Sponge Logo product, you can show your logo in your videos the noise caused by external factors.

Let’s come to the microphones connected to the camera called Shotgun microphone, which is another very curious microphone type. So what is the Shotgun microphone? These microphones, which mean shotgun when translated from English to Turkish, have taken this name. It can be use by connect to the hot-shoe of all DSLR or mirror less camcorders. The light shoe of audio recorders or camera cages. They are commonly known as choir microphones because they are suitable for recording all sound in recordings and large spaces.

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