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Network License: Their importance and the process to obtain them

Network License are business permits issued by the Department of Telecommunication. They are mandatory for operators who use networked devices to provide telecommunication services. As you can glean from this, getting this certificate is of extreme importance in India. However, not many are aware of its intricacies. Therefore, we have written this blog to assist you.

More goes on behind providing telecom services than a layman can imagine. From setting up

captive radio trunking to establishing a commercial VSAT, from consolidating an earn station to broadcasting on medium wave, every networked service can only be provided by those with the technical ability, and the license to provide them. Read More:

If we start to talk about technical abilities, we will end up drowning a lot of time. But, if we talk about the network license, we can keep the discussion short and yet, informative. Read More: Society Registration

What is a Network License?

In simple words, a network license is a business permit to provide certain telecommunication services. The nature of these services determines the type of network certificate you require. In view of that fact, here are some of the most important network licenses in India:

  1. Beacon License
  2. Captive Radio Paging License
  3. Commercial VSAT License
  4. Experimental License
  5. Earth Station for foreign mission License
  6. Public Mobile Radio Trunking Service License

There are over 35 different services, each with its own network license requirement. If you have heard about all of them, then you know about their importance.

But even if you know about them, it doesn’t mean that we can’t refresh our memories.

Importance of network license

Network licenses are telecom business permits with nuance, and the reason they are critical to India’s telecom growth are as follows:

  1. Ensuring regulations of the telecom services: The telecommunication sector has more critical points than any other industry in the world. Enforcing the network license enforces regulatory compliances of each of those components.
  2. Highlighting telecom service providers that can bring the change: There aren’t many telecom service providers that can bring forth change in the telecom domain. Standard Internet Service Providers are customer-centric. They can bring affordable internet connectivity to the people, but can’t bring innovation to the telecommunication sector. However, network licenses such as experimental licenses exist to highlight those that can truly contribute to the evolution of India’s telecommunication services.
  3. Ensuring growth for India’s telecommunication sector: The government tends to promote network licenses all the time. And their reasons are justified. These are the service providers that can take India’s telecom sector to next level. Why? Because they are closer to innovation.

The process to obtain Network License in India

While the licenses within the ‘Network License’ category are many, the process to obtain them is the same.

  1. Furnishing of the documents that conventionally include:
    1. Diagram of the network that the applicant wants to establish
    2. Specifications of the telecommunication equipment the applicant is using
    3. Certificate of incorporation
    4. Memorandum and Articles of Association
    5. And other documents as per the requirement of that particular type of network license.
  1. Application filing offline/online
  2. Assessment of the application
  3. Grant of the network license


Network licenses are important business registrations. They hold the power to alter the course of India’s telecommunication sector. Therefore, heed the words of this article with special care. Read More: Trademark Restoration

It will help you take the right steps whenever you decide to enter the telecom domain with an intent to bring the change.

Network licenses are specialized business permits with the telecommunication domain that hold the power to bring change within India’s telecom sector.

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