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Norway is a European country and is popular for its diverse landscape. It’s connected on one side with Sweden, and the Atlantic sea surrounds the other three sides. The glaciers, beaches with blue water, and greenery attract many tourists to Norway every year. Moreover, Norway is considered one of the safest countries for tourists. People come here to enjoy skiing, hiking, fishing, and other water sports as the temperature in winters is around 0 C to 2 C, which makes it a perfect place for ice sports. July and August are considered the best months for the tourists as it’s Summer there and the weather is very pleasant, but winters are also fine if you want to enjoy snow and ice sports.

Whether you are visiting Norway in the Summer or winter, you have to pack your language carefully. Let’s see what should be in your suitcase if you are traveling to Norway.

Traveling in Summer:

A lot of people visit Norway in Summer as the weather is very pleasant there and the average temperature remains from 18 C to 22 C. June, July, and August are considered as the summer months. But you have to be ready for the rain as well. So, if you are visiting Norway in Summer, pack shirts with long sleeves and Jeans, and a fleece hoodie. A rain jacket is also a must-have as there can be rain any time and you will need the jacket most. Moreover, you must have a Black leather jacket with you, because it can save you in multiple situations. You can wear it if the temperature gets cold due to rain or for a foggy evening. It will give you a great look in pictures, which you need to share on social media.

Additionally, a black leather jacket will protect you during travel. Add sneakers and hiking shoes to the list for a comfortable journey. Finally, don’t forget sleep masks and sunglasses as it’s very difficult to sleep when the midnight sun is peeping through windows.

Traveling in Winter:

If you are visiting Norway in Winter, you need to pack a different bag. January, February, and March are considered the winter months in this country. The average temperature can be from 0 C to -5C, so you must keep yourself warm. Areas that are away from the coast might have _ 20C. So a thermal suit is a must in this situation. You can add different layers according to the severity of the weather. Wear a thermal suit and a woolen shirt. It would help if you had some sweaters in your bag. Norwegian sweaters are also very warm; you can buy them from the local market. Mens leather jacket can also be a great choice. It can act as a trendy layer when it’s very cold, and you can wear it indoors for a gathering too. Mens leather jacket is the most versatile outfit in your suitcase, which you can use in multiple ways. Other than that, you must have gloves, warm hats, and warm boots in your bag. Anti-Slip shoes are also vital if you plan to participate in snow sports.  A warm scarf can save your face if it’s snow outside. Finally, don’t forget to pack some moisturizers and body oils to keep your skin protected.

Norway is a wonderful country to visit, and the Northern lights make it almost magical. However, if you want to enjoy the trip, you need to pack your bags properly. If you don’t, you will feel really cold and will not be able to enjoy it. Whether you are going in SummerSummer or winter, a black leather jacket can be your best companion in every season.


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