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Onlive Server: A Reliable & Top-Notch Secured Netherlands VPS Server Provider with Windows Hosting

Onlive Servers offers a trustworthy & sincere hosting solution for Netherlands VPS Server. For every service, such as websites and applications of any kind, our professionals offer a cutting-edge choice. Our primary goal is to deliver a secure virtual private server for the applications’ application performance, data privacy, and dependability. By offering the highest caliber customer support services that are 100% dependable and timely, we have raised the bar.

About VPS Server

If you want to host your website or application on a dedicated server but lack the technical know-how to do so, a virtual private server is a great option. In addition to being more affordable than dedicated servers, VPS hosts also give you more flexibility and control over the host’s resources.

A variety of VPS hosting options are available from Onlive Server, and they may be tailored to meet your needs. Additionally, they provide premium dedicated server options with expanded features and optimum performance.

Benefits Of VPS Server

  1. Affordable Price: We provide various VPS Server types at competitive prices. All of our clients can afford our VPS Server very well, and it also has a greater uptime rate.
  2. Unrestricted Bandwidth: Utilizing our VPS Server also provides you with unlimited bandwidth, allowing you to run any kind of application on your website and have it operated quickly.
  3. High Performance: Since we think that performance important on all sorts of servers, including VPS Servers, we will provide you with the finest performance for your website on our dedicated servers!

Features Of VPS Server

We offer a top-notch, safe, and dependable server that offers its clients the greatest service with the new generation of VPS hosting. Our VPS hosting packages are created to satisfy your needs and specifications. To meet the needs of your company or website, we provide a range of options.

We are committed to giving our customers the highest quality customer service. Our customer service team is on hand around-the-clock to respond to your questions and issues.

Your website or application will always be available thanks to the extremely secure data center where our VPS servers are housed. If your website or application requires greater protection, you can also connect to our VPS servers.

Why Choose a VPS Server?

A virtual private server (VPS) is a sort of web hosting service in which a computer’s resources are divided into more manageable portions and assigned to specific users. Every user has a virtual machine of their own, which runs independently and apart from the other VMs in the VPS, giving them a lot more control over the system resources than they would have with a shared hosting account. On a VPS, something can run simultaneously and distribute many programmers over various VMs. With this configuration, you are able to enjoy the advantages of dedicated resources without having to shell out for their higher costs.

This sort of hosting is popular mostly because it is flexible. Your server is completely under your control, and switching between different operating systems and software programmers is simple. Additionally, you get complete access to all of your data and any software programmers that you install on your VPS. Because a VPS places you in a separate environment from other users, it gives you more protection than shared hosting accounts by making it more difficult for someone to access your system.

With most shared hosting plans, your account is subject to several restrictions, including monthly or annual bandwidth and storage space caps.


Onlive Server is a dependable VPS server on a powerful infrastructure with all the necessary capabilities, offering thorough and dependable technical help. Our knowledgeable technical staff is available to assist you with any account-related problem.

Data privacy

One of the most crucial elements of website hosting is data privacy. Rather We offer a safe environment for users to view your website from anywhere in the world. Many firewalls and other security measures that guarantee data privacy are used to serve our Best Netherlands VPS servers.

All of our servers have fast connections and sufficient RAM to run several apps at once. Rather In the event that you run into any difficulties while working on your server, you will also receive first-rate customer support services.

High Bandwidth

We offer the greatest, high-speed, limitless bandwidth. Our server offers consumers quick speed and high bandwidth. For your website, forum, email, and other services, we offer the finest speed. We have a large number of servers available in various places. Any site that meets your needs can choose. We offer the best services at competitive pricing.


We offer our clients technical support around-the-clock. Our technical staff offers all forms of technical support services with great expertise. We have a specialized team that can help you with any server-related problems.

Technical Support

For assistance with any problems that might occur on your VPS Server, our professionals are available around-the-clock. Additionally, we’ll help you set up your server and troubleshoot any problems that come up while doing so.

Even after business hours or on the weekends, we provide unlimited help, including phone and email support.


Onlive Server is the finest choice if you’re looking for a VPS hosting service. It offers everything you require to build a strong website with no downtime and fast performance. Rather, The server is ideal for small enterprises because it includes free domain name registration and web hosting tools.

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