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Outdoor cooling solutions with misting systems

With the advent of summer, outdoor cooling has become a headache for people. How to enjoy a pleasant and comfortable leisure time outdoors in such a hot summer? Heatstroke prevention has become a necessary thing in life. The fog misting system has been wholly oriented to human life and can effectively achieve the outdoor cooling effect.


The outdoor misting cooling system mainly uses an outdoor fog machine to turn water into fog, allowing water particles to be easily vaporized. Water mist absorbs a lot of heat from the surrounding environment during the vaporization process, rapidly reducing the ambient temperature, which is very effective for outdoor cooling and cooling.


Outdoor misting cooling is getting more and more attention. After all, outdoor fog machine solves the problem of outdoor life, and misting cooling is closely related to people’s daily life. So how does outdoor misting cooling create gospel for people?


Working principle of high-pressure cold fog equipment: the host machine is used to transfer the precision filtered water into the built-in water storage tank of the equipment, and then the high-pressure pump pumps water from the water storage tank, transmits it to the unique high-pressure pipe network for fog making through the high-pressure piston pump, and atomizes it to the high-pressure nozzle through the high-pressure pipeline. The nozzle is made of unique materials and manufactured with high precision, ejecting fine mist droplets, causing water from natural particles of about 3-12 microns, and atomizing the whole space.


The mist sprayed by the cooling system is like natural fog. They can not feel the drop of water but can feel its coolness. They absorb a lot of ambient heat and reduce the local environment during evaporation. Enjoying the incredible feeling of midsummer, drunk, mist, sea, and poetry, this is the gospel of outdoor misting cooling. The natural atmosphere creates a charming misting landscape and is placed in the fairy mist while feeling cool in summer. This is the charm of outdoor misting cooling.


The existence of misting cooling further improves the park, scenic and outdoor infrastructure, enhances the quality of parks, scenic areas, and outdoor areas, and creates a good environment. With the development of society, outdoor recreation and leisure areas have carried out park environment improvement and landscape renovation in an all-around way. At the same time, the artificial fog cooling system has been installed innovatively. For tourists visiting the park in summer, they bring a touch of coolness and coolness and become a particularly scenic spot for installing misting cooling parks.


The misting cooling system is a high-tech mechatronics integration equipment with high-pressure water. The system unit filters and purifies raw water and pressurizes it to pick up and atomize it into small particles and particles from fine mist under aerodynamic action. These misty and diffuse fog have a natural and beautiful effect. The fog droplets are meticulous and will not wet the clothes. Therefore, people can watch from a distance and stay in the vast fog sea and breathe its moist and fresh air. Misting can reduce environmental temperature, regulate air humidity, purify the air, remove dust, disinfect and eliminate static electricity in hot summer. It can greatly improve the park environment and bring comfort experience to people. Contribute to the city and improve the environment for human survival!


Effect of outdoor cooling fog system: In hot summer, the outdoor temperature can be reduced by 4-8 degrees Celsius, which plays a great role in alleviating the heat of tourists in summer. In addition, the spray system also has the functions of dust reduction, disinfection, and humidification. Due to the collision between the water mist, many negative oxygen ions can be generated, which can create a unique “forest oxygen bar” in the city. Negative oxygen ions make the air fresh, improve air quality, regulate human physiological function and enhance immunity.


Technology improves human life. Fog cooling improves people’s outdoor environment and the human living environment!

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