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Professional website designer Belfast face the same inconvenience

Most of the small business and startups tends to make their own websites -later complains of poor functionality and accessibility. Website designing become easier as branding, designing and digital promotion apps and support site like WordPress, Square space etc. make it easy to work on regulating small web pages however there are common error that hinder the website’s activity and business.

Disregard to that may be it sounds convenient to make your own website striking your goals and objective solely, designing logos and filming graphics of your own -you ought to be more likely harming your brand instead to enjoying a boom in organic traffic. So me time professional website designer Belfast face the same inconvenience due to slight mistakes in web development.

There are plenty of tasks in website designing other than theme setting and putting the right content it took huge effort to build any site small or any brand’s outlet and retail point. Here summed up 10 mistakes that each web site designer Belfast should avoid that are crucial.

Clear demonstration of the about us and contact information

In this biz-full world it is very awful for people to dig in for contact information for any website. The most common mistake reported in the past two years by the website designer Belfast is not too clearly demonstrate the contact information in the about us on the very first page. It is very important to engage the customer as the customer will get to know how of whether you land in their radar or not or also to get directions to your place or book an appointment.

Poor navigation system

It is very important for any website to be responsive and to be easily navigated. If your navigation does not work properly on your website, it’s a huge mistake as the organic traffic riders will get off the train as soon as they find it non responsive.


Ultra speed is needed for your website loading and unloading and between page shuffles. The people on the Internet world work on the speed of light if your websites load on the title speed and it take days to load then the traffic will be out of your website before you know it.


Sometimes the website designer Belfast worsen the visuals by expecting them to be different. Your visuals including your local designing and your website theme must be appealing instead of being different only. Major demonstration needed on the logo designing, color scheme, font that includes the size, texture, tone, and everything.

Non mobile friendly websites

There is rarely a pocket that is without mobile phone. The most annoying website design is a website being non mobile friendly, it is very obvious that if you open a website on your mobile phone it come in zooming it annoys you. There are plenty of ways that allow your website to be presentable and make your web content available on any device people using. The well responding websites present your pages to be available for read in any electronic device.

Playable content

Another irritating thing in a website design is when you open a website the music started to came out of your website. It feels really in pleasant to hear distortion while you’re surfing on the Internet in a quiet manner.

Missing H1 Tags on the landing pages

Your H1 tag is the key that search engine is searching to open the log to your website. Instead of missing your H1 tags put your H1 tags on homepage as it’s the first most landing page on your web mostly. H1 tag include the basic info regarding the site and pleases customers and google simultaneously.

Heavy files

Large images and heavy audio files may feel enchanting –but slows down website processing. Google play speed test run monitors the loading speed and also suggest alternatives –compress the large files and upload again to enhance the speed.


ads are an obvious source of money but popups always put the visitors off. Either build popups people love –that is inevitable, so adjust popups in a way it avoids the visitor’s annoying encounters.

Branding – Rebranding

Effective marking requires completely ideal visual consistency to solidify a brand’s status. To forestall this issue, reach each SEO service stage with an internet based presence. Look at your logos, visual and complex decisions, and, surprisingly, your duplicate and tone – and adjust them exactly. As you do, you might need to look at your NAP, on and off hours, and other pivotal data. Irregularities in such manner can harm your business. An oversight may term costly. In the event that you’ve invested the energy to address all else hitherto, this also ought to warrant close review.

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