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Quick Way to Convert OLM to CSV File

Summary: “In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to open an OLM file in Excel and how to convert OLM to CSV online. If you are searching for a free OLM to CSV converter then this post is for you. It fully discusses the DIY approach that will enable you to complete this task on your own budget-free.

Today, contacts are essential to daily life; in fact, the success of our enterprises depends on how well we build relationships with one another. Because of this, it takes hours to safeguard our contacts. Exporting it as a CSV file is the most effective way to achieve this. Prior to talking about how to convert OLM files to CSV files, we need to understand that Advik OLM to CSV Converter is an instant solution to easily export OLM emails to CSV format with so much ease.

OLM files: What Are They?

The initials OLM stand for Outlook for Mac. Outlook for Mac exports email information in OLM format. On Outlook for Mac, it’s used to store email correspondence, contacts, calendars, events, etc. The maximum size for OLM files is not stated, although it is advised to keep the size under 2GB to avoid corruption.

How do CSV files work?

Comma Separated Values, sometimes known as CSV, is a type of text file that represents data in a tabular format. In applications like Google Spreadsheet, Microsoft Excel, Open Office Calc, etc., CSV files are readily available. Many email applications are compatible with these CSV files.

We now clearly understand the distinctions between OLM and CSV files. But when we convert OLM to CSV, we must realize that only OLM contacts are being converted into CSV files. Before going over how to export OLM contacts to CSV, it’s important to understand why moving OLM contacts to Excel is necessary.

Why is OLM to CSV File Export Required?

The desire to convert Mac OLM files to CSV is increasing for a number of reasons. Let’s first discover why it is necessary to convert OLM files into CSV before addressing the question, “How do I convert OLM files to Excel?”

The following are the primary causes for the rise in demand for OLM to CSV file conversions:

  • The CSV file format enables users to keep an unlimited number of contacts and all of a person’s information in tabular form.
  • With any spreadsheet tool, such as Google Spreadsheet, Microsoft Excel, Open Office Calc, etc., you may quickly open the data contained in a CSV file.
  • Data was kept in CSV files in a tabular format with columns and rows.
  • Both technical and non-technical people can access the data with ease as a result.
  • Using MS Excel, a user can quickly view the data in a CSV file when offline. Calc for Open Office, etc.
  • Many email applications can open these CSV files, making it simple to move them between email clients.

We now know why it’s necessary to convert the OLM file to CSV. So let’s go on to the following question. This specific question, “How can I convert OLM to CSV on Mac?” was asked by a large number of individuals. Here, we offer two alternate approaches for converting OLM to Excel.

How Can I Convert OLM to CSV File?

Only two techniques exist for exporting OLM to CSV files. One way is by using the

One way to complete this operation is by using the manual method, and the other is by using a specialized software option.

Let’s first investigate the straightforward process for manually converting OLM files to CSV.

Manual Way to Convert OLM to CSV File

The free method we use to do the converting work is a manual technique. The following actions must be taken if you’re looking for a free OLM to CSV converter for Mac:

  1. The OLM file must first be imported into Mac Outlook using the Import/Export menu.
  2. Select the Import/Export Menu once more after importing the OLM file.
  3. Choose Export to a File from the menu now.
  4. Next, select “Comma Separated Value” and then click “OK.”
  5. Next, select Comma Separated Value and press Next.
  6. Choose the preferred location to save the CSV file here.
  7. Finally, press the Finish button.

By using the aforementioned techniques, you may quickly convert OLM to a CSV file on a Mac. However, there are always certain restrictions on free methods. Due to these restrictions, a professional solution in the form of an automated tool can be introduced.

Issues With Manual Technique

The following are some manual technique drawbacks that make using an automated tool more necessary:

  • OLM export to CSV files is a labor-intensive process that takes a long time.
  • The OLM files must be converted using technical knowledge using this procedure.
  • Outlook installation is necessary.
  • Outlook must be installed, and email data is exposed to online dangers.
  • We have a skilled technician to get beyond these restrictions, making the conversion process as wholly safe and efficient.

Professional OLM to CSV Conversion Method

Using an automated tool to convert Mac OLM files to CSV is the professional method. Regarding this, Advik OLM to CSV Converter Tool is a well-known and trustworthy program for exporting OLM to CSV file format. It offers a fantastic interactive user-friendly interface that makes it possible for a beginner to complete the task successfully.

The following are some of the major characteristics of this fantastic tool:

  • To save time and effort, it converts both single and numerous OLM files.
  • In addition to the structure, it upholds excellent data integrity.
  • Additionally, this program aids in the migration of OLM files into various email clients and file formats.
  • It has several incredibly clever features built right in, including the ability to date-filter emails and delete duplicate or replica emails from the output files.
  • All the information in the OLM file, such as contacts, emails, calendars, and events, is transferred.
  • These are a few of the OLM Converter’s salient characteristics. However, the user’s choice of when and how to employ such an automated program to convert OLM to CSV files is up to him.

Final Conclusion

We can now comprehend the distinction between OLM and CSV files after reading this post. We now understand the primary justifications for exporting OLM contacts to CSV files as well as the free manual method for opening OLM files in Excel.

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