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Real Estate Innovation And its Features

Traditions and very specific standards have always been rooted in the real estate innovation sector. He was subject to upheavals throughout the years, which he was able to overcome by trying his best to adapt to them. These movements and permanent changes show that real estate is a living sector, which continues to evolve with the times and with its new constraints.


Today, one of the main human constraints is time. Indeed, more and more Man no longer has the time to do things, which is why we have observed for several years the rise of new lifestyles and new ways of approaching this problem. Take the example of shopping, today more and more individuals are turning to more practical and faster ways to do them, such as drives that allow us to order our products online and then receive them in record time.



The Real Estate Innovation sector is also subject to this constraint. The time spent looking for a property, visiting it, then fitting it out, can probably be considered as a brake on the purchase. But the real estate sector knows how to adapt and use innovation to counter it. One of the solutions to this problem are new technologies. They offer a new vision of real estate and considerable time savings for customers.


Everyone today has already heard of virtual reality, which makes it possible to simulate, through a modeled environment, very real spaces.

This technology has been adapted to the real estate sector. Indeed, it offers customers a virtual tour of potentially interesting properties for them. This also allows them to model future layouts and therefore to have a completely innovative and personalized experience.

Virtual reality also allows agencies

To expand their geographical area. For example, by suggesting virtual reality visits, an agency can show properties throughout France. This tool also makes it possible to sell properties under construction because spaces can be modeled and fitted out to highlight future living spaces.

Furthermore, virtual reality is currently only a “projection” tool. It eliminates the authentic aspect of a visit which helps the client to see for himself the extent of the possibilities that the property in question can offer. This practice is very expensive and is not considered a purchase lever. Indeed, few customers buy after only a virtual visit.


The real estate sector is also opening up to new tools that provide a new vision of property. The use of drones is a concrete example. Indeed, these drones are reserved for exceptional properties with large exteriors, this one offers an unprecedented visual experience in the sector, by producing very wide shot videos to discover the environment of a well and its accessibility.

This tool also saves significant time

For both professionals and customers. It gives answers to frequently asked questions about the description of the goods in question.

The videos produced by drones are a real lever to attract and convince clients to sign with the agency. This allows you to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

But in this sector, given the very strong competition, this tool highlights some limitations. Indeed, the fact of revealing the environment or the location of a property can lead other agencies to prospect the owners or the surrounding propertie


360° TOURS

The 360° tour is an absolutely useful support in the real estate sector and offers several important advantages.

The first advantage is the fact of being able to create a first contact between the property and the potential buyers this contact then makes it possible to project the client towards his future projects within this property. Linked to this first advantage the fact of being able to visualize the layout or even the layout of the house or apartment. This allows potential buyers to project themselves more easily. In addition, this method saves valuable time for customers. Indeed, they can make a first selection of properties potentially interesting for them only by having had this experience.

This considerably reduces the time they spend looking for a property that meets their criteria. It will allow them to expand their purchasing possibilities, and have access to a wide range of houses or apartments.
They are everywhere in the hyped articles, the new technologies, we promise you, will bury today’s real estate.

Starting with apps

Those that will “uberize” real estate, but there are also
3D plans edited via smartphone, 360 videos, drones, virtual tours… a realtor robot.

But in fact  we’ve been talking about virtual tours for more than ten years. About how soon people will be buying real estate like they’re buying shoes. And yet  we see nothing coming. Virtual tours  even if they improve from month to month struggle to convince buyers and remain one more tool to finalize a decision. New apps in the same way come up against the tradition of the visit the concern of both parties and the reality of a market that wants to be deeply human.

So yes  real estate will evolve for sure it has already done so twice recently. A first time by replacing paper ads with ads on the Web. A second time by removing the notion of agency to propose the job title of independent agent in real estate . This individual attached to a professional card, who can practice in any French town. Some will object that this is only an evolution without technological value, but I believe that we can say that this profession would not have been possible before the Internet and before mobile phones. In France at least…

Technological innovations

For the moment  and I insist on the notion of for the moment  are only good enough to attract curious people to you. Your land does not bring you back or more visitors OK so drone images will probably intrigue more than one. They will give better visibility to your ad perhaps they will allow it to reach a target of curious people surprised by the possibility of a territorial overview in video and who perhaps in a second time will turn into buyers or information relay via information sharing.

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