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Reasons Why I Recommend AngularJS for Building Enterprise Applications

If your business is looking for custom web development services, AngularJS is the best option. Providing flexibility in terms of supporting the creation of single-page applications, therefore, achieving scalability, performing the task of testing, etc., becomes easy as well as seamless. Therefore, if you seek a framework that commands excellence, then channeling the services of the AngularJS frameworks is the best way forward.  

In the lines below, I discuss the reasons for the framework’s popularity. Next, I explain its advantages, discussing why businesses should channel AngularJS development services to their advantage. Finally, I will suggest the steps that would prove useful when you use the framework for building the app, along with tips to remember when using the framework to your advantage.  

Make sure to read this article. After you have completed reading it, I am of the strong belief that you will be successful in the quest to achieve the creation of an app that drives maximum value for your enterprise. You will also get the necessary support through the end solution to generate maximum revenue. So let’s begin.  

Transporting You to the World of AngularJS Development Services  

AngularJS is an open-source and dynamic framework with its roots in Google. Enabled with useful features, the AngularJS frameworks support creating robust, large-scale apps that promise magic for enterprises. Here are some reasons why I say that this framework promises magic for enterprises.  

  • Possesses all necessary tools for creating a robust enterprise app  
  • Reduces time for the developer  
  • It gives the team the right direction by creating a collaborative ecosystem  
  • Automates testing  
  • Eases scalability  

Let me explain each of these points below. 

Possesses All Necessary Tools for Creating a Robust Enterprise App 

AngularJS frameworks come with a diverse array of tools inherent within them. These support the creation of an enterprise app seamlessly and quickly. Additionally, it goes a long way in assisting developers in the development, debugging, making updates, and deploying it, to name a few. Especially through the possession of DevTools, libraries, etc., frontend development also becomes easier. Developers need to write a particular code without casting, and then it becomes easy to use them for third-party tools seamlessly.  

Reduces Time for the Developer  

Angular CLI present within AngularJS makes it easy to manage TypeScript files and workflows simultaneously. This allows configuring dependencies or tests seamlessly and functionalities, istanbul masöz to name a few. Additionally, it gives developers the flexibility to reuse the components smoothly throughout the enterprise app built by you. You can also get some mobile app ideas for the businesses

It Gives the Team the Right Direction by Creating a Collaborative Ecosystem  

AngularJS makes it mandatory for developers to adhere to steps, guidelines, and practices to reach the right path. Creating an overall self-explanatory collaborative ecosystem, thus, it becomes easy for developers to maintain a great level of consistency and, most importantly, eliminate the possibility of any potential failure due to any erratic practice.  

Automates Testing  

What is the first area you want to achieve before you give the nod to a tech stack? Let me guess, is it the way how will test the code? If this is yes, then Angular makes this task easy. The framework makes testing, on the whole, both accurate and accelerated simultaneously and at the same time. Additionally, through the possession of built-in testing tools such as Karma and Jasmine, checks become simplified. This is especially during the continuous integration processes, on the whole.  

Eases Scalability  

Architecture performed on the AngularJS frameworks makes scalability easy. Through the presence of built-in modules and components, scalability, on the whole, becomes easy to achieve. This includes writing more functionality into each respective component and the module. Finally, with changes taking effect more seamlessly due to the presence of DI, existing app features remain as it is, too.  

Through the lines above, it becomes clear that utilizing this framework’s services is the best way to go if you wish to achieve scalability through the end-solution you build. Due to the reusable nature of the components, apart from the loosely coupled nature, it becomes easy for businesses to save on time considerably. Additionally, they are successful in maintaining consistency for their large applications.  

It is, however, necessary to follow some steps when incorporating the framework for building your enterprise app. This will ensure that the app has diverse functionalities that support you in having the maximum number of customers and generating maximum revenues.  

Ask These Questions before Employing AngularJS Development Services  

Do You Know Your Project?  

This is a question that you need to ask yourself first before anything else. It will decipher the absence of vision gaps. Therefore, try to understand the services for which the enterprise app development occurs. Next, understand the integrations and the functional and non-functional requirements they are supposed to meet. All this will help to streamline the overall app development process.  

Are You Picking the Right Tool?  

The next recommended question is if you are picking the right tool. This is because, irrespective of the framework possessing a vast array of tools, not all of them may suit your project. Therefore, make sure you select the tool appropriately. This includes looking through the UI frameworks, the test runners, and most importantly, the DevTools, to name a few.  

Is Your Structure Well-Defined?  

It would help if you asked this question when building an enterprise app. It prevents any possible redundancy and accelerates the app development process as well. To perform this task, make sure to plan the services, components, and routes well in advance before you even start the project.  

Are The People Right for Me?  

Finally, you need to ask yourself if the people you are partnering with for the task are right for you or not. Therefore, contact a custom mobile app development company or hire AngularJS developers from a reputed outsourcing provider for this task.  

Getting in touch with them will ensure you do not end up spending much behind the task of enterprise development. Their expertise in cost-saving by utilizing the best business practices will ensure that the end-solution drives maximum value and helps you generate maximum revenue.  

Summing Up  

Known as the perfect choice for large-scale enterprise applications, AngularJS frameworks make it easy to create a solution that can be seamlessly deployed and scaled. However, it is important to note, doing this task in-house may prove to cause a lot of burden on your pockets. Therefore, consider outsourcing AngularJS development services by performing the task to hire AngularJS developers.  

Partnering with you through channeling the best development practices, they will support you to build an app that drives maximum value for your business and takes it to the next level. They will also give you the necessary assistance in helping you drive maximum ROI.  

Pratik Mistry

I am Pratik Mistry, a rare mix of technologist and vice president in sales at Radixweb. My passion lies is in helping companies to grow revenues by delivering top notch custom software development solutions and build value-based partnerships. When not driving high-impact go to market strategies, I love to try new cuisines and going to the movies.

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