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Rosacea Treatment – Procedure and Home Remedies

Rosacea affects millions of people, and if you have this condition, you may want to know if treatments are available for it and their level of effectiveness. Several treatments are available for rosacea, such as a rosacea facial, but they affect people differently because the causes of this condition are numerous, overlapped and poorly understood.

As you read on, you would know the available treatments for rosacea and how they work to help you decide which rosacea treatment best suits you.

Is rosacea curable?

Rosacea has no cure for now, even with several scientific research on the condition. This is due to the nature of rosacea and how it affects people differently. Scientists do not have a full understanding of the rosacea causes.

However, the causes of this condition vary, and most are unrelated, making it difficult to find a standard treatment for all types of rosacea.

Regardless, available rosacea treatments are effective in reducing the symptoms and clearing the skin.

Why should you treat rosacea?

Rosacea emotionally affects most people with the condition. Many people dealing with rosacea find maintaining healthy self-esteem difficult.  Therefore, treating rosacea can help you regain your self-esteem and confidence.

You can also regain your original skin texture and complexion after undergoing a suitable rosacea treatment which increases confidence in your appearance.

Treating rosacea is also important to prevent the condition from becoming worse. Even, mild rosacea can become more severe, like rhinophyma or ocular rosacea, if left untreated.

How to treat rosacea

Getting the right treatment for rosacea can clear your skin and restore its natural flow. Most people need a combination of different treatments to achieve a good result, and you may have to adjust your rosacea treatments occasionally to ensure they remain effective.

Thus, treatments for rosacea fall into four categories: medical, lifestyle, procedure-based, and home remedy rosacea treatment.

Lifestyle rosacea treatmen

The following lifestyle changes can improve your rosacea treatment.

  • Identify and avoid allergens and triggers

Triggers are the principal cause of rosacea outbreaks, so if you identify allergens and your triggers, then avoid them, you can treat rosacea.

  • Adjust your diet

Having a rosacea-friendly diet helps you avoid foods such as spicy foods that trigger rosacea outbreaks. A rosacea-friendly diet usually includes oily fish and avocado.

  • Sun protection

Protecting your skin from direct sunlight can treat rosacea, so ensure you apply sunscreen that has at least 30 SPF to protect your skin from UV rays.

  • Stress management

Stress is a known cause of rosacea breakouts. Managing your stress levels and living a balanced life can help stress-related rosacea breakouts.

  • Choose suitable cosmetic and skincare products

A suitable skincare routine for people with rosacea involves using mild and skin-friendly products. Ensure you consider this while getting your foundation, sunscreen, make-up, body cream and cleanser. If you notice more rosacea breakouts with certain products, switch to a better alternative.

  • Exercise

A mild exercise routine can improve your general health and make your skin healthier. Exercising also helps to aid hormonal balance in the body, which helps treat rosacea. However, avoid intense exercise because it may trigger rosacea symptoms.

  • Regular screening

Treatments for rosacea are often effective for early rosacea symptoms. If you think you are experiencing a breakout, ensure you visit your doctor for a check-up. Early diagnosis will make your treatment more effective.

  • Quit smoking

Research shows a connection between smoking and rosacea. If you quit smoking, your rosacea symptoms may ease off, and other treatments may become more effective.

  • Limit intake of alcohol

Certain types of alcohol like red wine can trigger rosacea outbreaks or make them worse. Limited alcohol intake can treat rosacea, reduce its frequency and severity.

Procedure-based rosacea treatment

  • Laser treatment

This treatment involves targeting the broken blood vessels with a pulse dye laser to disintegrate them. The procedure is usually effective after using other treatment options to reduce redness, pimples and bumps. Laser treatment can remove and flush visible blood vessels after about three sessions.

  • Electrosurgery

Treating rosacea with electrosurgery provides a more specific approach to remove visible blood vessels. The procedure involves using a small needle electrode to apply a spark or electric current to each blood vessel which disintegrates and dissolves them into the skin.

  • Dermabrasion

Dermabrasion may be a more suitable treatment if your rosacea is severe or advanced and occurs with a bulbous nose and skin thickening. This procedure restores the skin to its normal thickness, and during the healing period, the new skin will not have rosacea.

Home remedies

  • Essential oils

Essential oils such as geranium, chamomile, lavender and tea tree can soothe the skin and redness caused by rosacea.

  • Moisturiser

Dryness of the skin can make rosacea worse. Using a mild moisturiser regularly can enhance your skin elasticity and retain moisture. Products with hyaluronic, olive oil and vitamin C are usually suitable for people dealing with rosacea.

  • Aloe vera

You can take aloe vera orally or apply it to your skin. You can also take aloe vera water or gel as a cleanser. The topical application of aloe vera can provide a soothing effect. Rosacea cream containing aloe vera or the aloe vera plant is suitable for this.

  • Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a known anti-inflammatory agent. Applying it to the skin increases skin elasticity, aids moisture retention, and promotes skin regeneration. It also contains antioxidants that help in treating rosacea.

  • Green tea

Green tea also contains antioxidants that treat rosacea. Inflammation often occurs due to free radicals, so taking antioxidants can reverse the effects of unpaired electrons in your body. The topical application of green tea gives a better result.

  • Oatmeal

Oatmeal has been known to treat skin conditions, including rosacea. It aids moisture retention and keeps the skin hydrated. Oatmeal can also soothe rosacea symptoms and alleviate breakouts.

  • Turmeric

Turmeric has strong anti-inflammatory properties. You can mix it with essential oils and water then apply it to the skin. If you experience itching and the affected area is inflamed and painful, turmeric may soothe your symptoms.

  • Chamomile

Several skin care products contain chamomile. It soothes wrinkled skin, and you can apply it directly to the affected skin area.

How long does rosacea take to clear?

How fast rosacea can clear up depends on the type of treatment used. For example, medical treatment can give results within 1 – 2 weeks. However, home remedies and lifestyle changes may take a few months before you can see the results.

Is rosacea treatment effective for all ages?

Yes, it is. Rosacea treatment can work for you regardless of your age. However, different age groups have different effective treatment combinations. For instance, younger persons may find moisturising and sunscreen more effective, while medical treatments may be better for older persons.

Do treatments for acne work on rosacea?

If your rosacea seems like acne breakouts, acne medicines such as antibiotics, salicylic acid, retinoids, and azelaic acid may work. However, these medications will only relieve acne-like breakouts, and acne treatments are ineffective for treating underlying rosacea symptoms.

Do over-the-counter treatments for rosacea work?

OTC rosacea treatments may help relieve the symptoms, but it has to suit your skin type. Rosacea affects people differently, so one formulation may not work for everyone, and even if they work, it may take a longer time to see results.

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