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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 review: fireworks

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is the most elite that the Korean producer brings to the table for this year. However, for a couple of little forfeits, the Galaxy Note 10 needs to be comparable in a more modest arrangement. Imagine a scenario in which it was to be inclined toward. Reply in our full test.

We have as of now made an examination of the contrasts between the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ and the Galaxy Note 10 . Presently, it’s an ideal opportunity to test the cell phone itself, to check whether its little forfeits are just significant.

We will not harp on the comparative components between the two cell phones, and we welcome you to peruse our full Galaxy Note 10+ audit for that. Most importantly, we will discuss the distinctions and their effect consistently.


The rectangular lines of the reach keep on being amazingly addressed on this Galaxy Note 10, yet its huge benefit over its older sibling is that it is… more modest. It appears to be extremely innocuous like that, however it is felt from the principal grasp. In our current reality where cell phones are dependably greater, the Galaxy Note 10 has an exceptionally wonderful arrangement that incredibly works with its grasp and makes its utilization significantly more regular .

Add to that a detail that has its effect: it is fundamentally lighter than its sibling, at 168 grams against 196 grams. What’s more here once more, it is felt: it is one of the lightest cell phones that I have been given to test this year and surely the lightest in the superior classification.


Assuming that the plan of the screens is comparable between the two cell phones, the Galaxy Note 10 actually has a more modest board: 6.3 inches corner to corner against 6.8 on the Note 10+ . This leads to its more modest size, yet it doesn’t need punch.

The Super AMOLED board has just one “shortcoming”: it upholds most extreme definition in Full HD +, against Quad HD +. Taking into account that the Note 10+ will run most of the time in Full HD + regardless, and that the distinction on such a screen inclining is honestly irrelevant, this is a long way from being an issue.

Likewise, the nature of the board is something very similar. Between its HDR10 + similarity, its most extreme brilliance of up to 700 cd/m² in our tests, and its grand shadings exceptionally near genuine (normal temperature at 6300 K as per our Calman tests), it is hard to track down anything to gripe about.


The product experience is totally like that of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, including the S Pen. We hence welcome you to peruse Omar’s complete test regarding this matter.

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Both Samsung Galaxy Note 10s benefit from the new Exynos 9825 . In any case, there is one outstanding distinction: the Note 10 is furnished with 8 GB of LPDDR4X RAM, contrasted with 12 GB on the Note 10+.

The benchmarks are consequently generously something very similar between the two cell phones, with results inside the normal reach. In any case, the Note 10+ will actually want to deal with more voracious uses simultaneously, as on PCMark for instance. Regardless of everything, the Note 10 isn’t to be felt sorry for by the same token.


The main contrast between the Galaxy Note 10+ and the Galaxy Note 10 in the field of photographs? The consideration of a TOF sensor on the bigger model, in order to more readily build up the distance of the subjects to make the bokeh impact. Furthermore in the field, this is additionally evident.

We will subsequently skirt the little increments like vivified emoticons, which you can find in the Note 10+ test, to zero in on the photograph quality itself.

The three sensors all together: exemplary, wide-point and fax x2.

In outright terms, the experience is by and large equivalent to on the Galaxy Note 10+ as far as quality. The photographs are wonderful, very much point by point, and the tones are genuinely all around regarded… albeit truly over-differentiated, Samsung doesn’t do half measures on post-handling . All things considered, by far most of clients like this delivering ” more delightful than genuine “, so it is hard to conflict with it.

Between challenges in tracking down the shine notwithstanding the great light conditions on this dear Emilie and the perilous, even absolutely inaccurate, cutting that we can notice all around the essence of the furry Damien or in the ears of the affable Yoann, Samsung’s calculation has a ton of hiccups that are difficult to clarify.

To be sure, these abnormalities were regularly seen toward the start of representation modes, yet are as of now not present as unequivocally today… Furthermore this is likewise recognizable on the Galaxy S10. In excess of a TOF sensor augmenting representation modes, everything feels like the Note 10 has been minimized to permit the Note 10+ to sparkle more splendid than it ought to.

Luckily, all of this should have the option to work on through future updates.

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The sound experience presented by the Galaxy Note 10 is by and large equivalent to the Note 10+. I will essentially add to the perceptions of companion Omar. That the rear of the telephone vibrates unequivocally with each tuning in. A shocking impact, yet not terrible for a penny.


No distinction in similarity between the Galaxy Note 10+ and the Galaxy Note 10. Then again, I should take note of that at the principal use, the GPS and the compass of my Galaxy Note 10 caused me a great deal of issues, losing me all the more once over a whole evening of utilization. Also accept me, I truly need my cell phone to track down my direction around Paris

In the wake of resetting and aligning the compass exceptionally lively (draw ∞ in the air with Google Maps open, arms totally open), the issue vanished.


This is one more large contrast with the Galaxy Note 10+. The Galaxy Note 10 is outfitted with a battery of just 3,500 mAh, against 4,300 mAh on its elder sibling. Yet, is it an incredible penance?

Truth be told… yes. The independence of the Galaxy Note 10 is a long way from agreeable, despite what might be expected. For all the great we think, doing an entire day with the cell phone appears to be extremely difficult. As its battery depletes rapidly. You will essentially need to make a few penances, for example. Eliminating the Always On for instance, to have the option to hang on… and the sky is the limit from there.

Our customized Viser test affirms this impression, taken telephone close by. Requiring just 8 hours and 58 minutes. It positions among the most exceedingly terrible cell phones we tried throughout the year.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is essentially viable with remote energizing to 10 W and wired energizing to 25 W. Its quick charging has permitted us to acquire 51% of battery shortly of charging, from 10 to 61%. For a full re-energize in 1h14. He will require it to prevail in the day: take your charger for a walk.

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