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Save Money Shopping Online: 7 Online Shopping Hacks


If you’re a regular online shopper, you’ve probably figured out that it’s possible to save yourself some money by shopping around for deals and coupons. But did you know there are also a number of ways to get extra savings and rewards just by using the Internet? In this article, we’ll show you how to use your browser extensions, shopping apps and more tools to help cut down on costs as much as possible when shopping online.

Save Money Shopping Online

There are many ways to get your shopping done online without spending a fortune. You can use promo codes, cash back sites and price drop alerts to save money on the things you need.

You should also use a rewards site like Rakuten when shopping at Amazon or ebay. This way you can earn points for taking surveys online that can be used to shop at Amazon or ebay. If you’re looking for something specific, download browser extensions that will warn you when it’s on sale so that you don’t miss out on great deals!

If all of this isn’t enough – make sure to get cash back when you shop online! There are plenty of sites around which provide users with free coupons and discounts which allow them access to special deals and discounted prices available only through these websites themselves (instead of directly through the seller itself).

Clear your cookies

Cookies are small files that websites store in your browser to remember things about you. For example, cookies can be used to track whether or not you have visited a site before and what items you’ve added to your shopping cart. Some sites will also use cookies to serve targeted advertising—if a website knows you’re interested in gardening tools, it might show ads for gardening tools from other companies more often than it does for other types of products.

But clearing your cookies won’t just get rid of the ones associated with the sites you visit; it also deletes any saved passwords, such as those needed to log into Amazon or PayPal accounts (and if someone else has access to these accounts). If this bothers you, make sure that whoever has access has their own browser/device so they can log in without sharing their info with whoever else may be using it too!

Use promo code sites

Promo code sites are a great way to save money on your next purchase. Just search for “[store] coupon” and you’ll find sites like RetailMeNot, Coupon It Now, and Coupons.com that have coupons for almost every store, including Amazon.

Some of those coupons can be used in conjunction with others, so it doesn’t hurt to browse around a bit before making your final choice. You might even stumble across some codes for specific items—for example, if someone has written about their experience shopping at the store in question or left feedback on a product review site, there may be a discount code listed there!

Set up price drop alerts

  • How to set up price drop alerts? This is a very simple process, whether you’re using an app or going directly through the retailer’s website. Just download the app, sign up with an email address and password, and you’ll be able to set your notifications within seconds!
  • How using price drop alerts can save money? By setting up these alerts, you’ll receive emails when prices drop on items that interest you in any category at all—not just clothing or electronics but also tools and even food! And since most items go on sale regularly anyway (and especially around holidays), there’s no reason not to use these savings opportunities whenever they arise.
  • Setting up price drop alerts for different categories of items: A lot of people only focus on getting deals at big retailers like Amazon or Walmart because those sites offer some pretty good discounts off their original prices already; however if this isn’t always true (and it usually isn’t), then setting up price-drop notifications across all types of stores can help maximize savings without sacrificing convenience too much (even if there are fewer options).

If possible try this by category so that if something comes out later than expected then at least half way through December we will have more time before it gets sold out completely!”

Use a rewards site like Rakuten

If you’re a regular online shopper, signing up for a rewards site like Rakuten can be a great way to earn cash back on your purchases. Rakuten is one of the most popular e-commerce sites in Japan and has been expanding into other countries.

Rakuten offers shoppers points for every dollar they spend at its stores: you’ll earn 3% of every dollar spent at any one time (500 yen), as well as 1% of your total spending (50 yen). You can then use these points to buy things on the site or save them up until they are worth enough cash to redeem them straight away.

Download browser extensions

Download browser extensions that can save you money.

There are several browser extensions built to help you shop online and get the best deals. Here’s a list of our favorite ones:

  • Honey is an extension that automatically finds coupon codes for you when you’re shopping online, so if there’s anything cheaper than what you originally found, it will show up in the popup box at checkout. You can also use your history to see previous discounts or even enter in a specific item name and find its deal on Amazon. If there are no coupons available for what you want, Honey will direct you to the retailer’s site where there may be some savings still available—and then share that with other users on social media! (And if none of these options work out for whatever reason…)
  • InvisibleHand lets users find better prices by searching multiple retailers simultaneously (including Amazon). This tool is particularly helpful when looking into buying something expensive like electronics or furniture because sometimes one store will have better prices than another one–but not as much selection elsewhere on those same items!

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Get cash back when you shop online

  • Cash back is an additional 5% to 15% discount that you get when you shop online. There are many sites that offer cash back, such as Ebates and TopCashback.
  • When you shop at one of their partner stores, they will give you a certain amount of money back in return for your purchase. It’s a really simple way to save some extra dough on whatever it is that you’re buying – from clothes and shoes to electronics and kitchen gadgets!
  • You can use both sites or apps (like Ibotta) to save money on groceries too! Just download the app onto your phone then scan barcodes at checkout for instant savings on popular grocery items like milk, eggs & bread.

Earn points to spend at Amazon for taking surveys online

  • Online surveys are a great way to earn cash, gift cards and other rewards for your shopping.
  • It’s easy to find online surveys on sites like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie.
  • Once you sign up for an online survey site, you can start taking paid samples in exchange for points that you can redeem toward merchandise at Amazon.com.
  • Just make sure that the site offers a credit card reader so that it’s convenient when it comes time to redeem your points.

Saving Money Online Shopping: Conclusion

I hope these tips help you save some money when you shop online! If you’ve got other hacks that work for you, share them in the comments below.

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