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Secret Internet Hacks to Keep Your Browsing Game Strong

It’s interesting how the world of the internet is full of brilliant tricks and tips that most of us know nothing about. Every now and then, the tech experts come up with some extraordinary tech wonders that not only make our work easier but also make things more streamlined for us. From viewing hidden account passwords and turning your browser into a timer to muting your Gmail thread, the internet is loaded with tons of exciting hacks to enhance your work feasibility and productivity.

In this article, we have come up with our top five picks of internet hacks to keep you amused during work. Let’s get started!

Convert YouTube Videos into Animated GIFs

Undoubtedly, YouTube is one of the largest video sharing and streaming platforms today across the globe. Due to its high-end graphics, and user-friendly features, it has become a top-notch priority for internet users from all over the world for streaming and uploading videos of all genres like funny content, romance, real-life blogs, and sci-fi, etc.

However, apart from enjoying these wonderful streaming features, you can use YouTube for some other fun purposes as well, such as for converting any video of your choice to an animated gif image. Now you can simply embed any gif in your web page or into a Microsoft Word document with a few steps.

For example, gifs.com facilitates its users by instantly converting any type of YouTube video into a gif. All you gotta do is just insert the URL in the website, and add ‘gif’ before YouTube in the address bar.

That’s all! Once you insert the modified webpage link, you will automatically be directed to gifs.com and you will finally receive your required gif.

However, the only thing you need to ensure before accessing the website is to have a high-speed internet connection at home. After all, you would never want your web pages to take too long to load. Isn’t it?

For an ultimate browsing experience, you can always opt for speedy internet connections like CenturyLink internet which supports prompt downloading, browsing, and surfing round-the-clock.

What’s even more interesting is that CenturyLink also offers extremely affordable internet packages to all its users, starting from $50 per month only. How cool is that?

View Hidden Passwords

It is not uncommon for any of us to see those ‘dots’ and ‘stars’ appearing in the password bar while inserting our login credentials. Although the password is masked by the system due to obvious security reasons, still, the surprising part is that we can actually view those shielded passwords with a simple hack.

All you need to do is just change the credentials’ field from password to text, and you would be able to view the inserted password.

Besides this, there’s a high chance that most software or web developers can easily view your passwords, as they are well aware of all the tips and techniques to access various types of accounts. Therefore, we would recommend you keep your password quality very strong so that your accounts remain safe from falling into wrong hands.

Complete Phrases with Google

Not many people know that Google can fix incomplete phrases for you – it can help you to get hold of the complete line within no time. In your Google search bar, simply insert the correct wordings of your incomplete phrase, within quotation marks and type an asterisk (*) sign instead of the words that you have forgotten. Google will search for the best match of wordings for you to complete the phrase, and provide you with all the related results.

Besides this, there’s a dedicated website for searching missing music lyrics as well on Google. So, the next time you feel like enjoying your favorite lyrics, just type the incomplete lyrics in the Google search bar, and the browser will do the job for you.

Use Google as Your Timer

Have you ever thought about using Google as your timer? Probably not.

Interestingly, we have found a cool internet hack that allows you to use Google as your alarm, or a countdown clock whenever you want. Just follow the given procedure:

Insert any of the following choices in the Google search bar:

set timer for <time> OR timer for <time>

Here, the term ‘set’ is more like an optional command. If you wish to set specific hours, minutes, or seconds, simply alter the command accordingly. For example:

timer for 2 hours 14 minutes 10 seconds

Enjoy ‘Secret’ Browsing

Although every person has different reasons to indulge in secret browsing, still, one thing remains common for all of us – we don’t want to leave any footprints.

Thankfully, Google Chrome offers an exclusive, Incognito version to facilitate its users with trackless browsing. Now you can easily browse whatever type of content you want without the fear of getting caught! Similarly, just like Google Chrome, Firefox also offers a private browsing mode, called Private Window.

The Bottom-line

Although the internet is full of amazing hacks and tips that help to enhance your work productivity, here we have mentioned our best picks. However, a few more hacks include effortless Gmail muting, turning on no distraction mode on your web browsers, downloading MP3 songs without opening a website, turning your Google Chrome into a Notepad, etc. These hacks are not only fun but also very useful for everyday internet usage.

If you wish to know more about internet hacks, then feel free to reach out to your favorite tech websites, articles, or official blogs. It would help you to get a clearer understanding of the specifications, pros and cons, and features of each option.

Finally, before you begin your research, always ensure that you are connected to a high-speed, reliable, and secure internet connection like CenturyLink so that there’s no excessive lagging during browsing. To order a new internet connection for yourself, simply reach out to CenturyLink customer service helpline and send your query to their customer services representative. They will provide you will all relevant details about the internet packages, bundles, and deals available in your region/area.

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