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Sexy Asian Lingerie For Every Woman

Without a doubt, any woman wants to look as sexy and attractive as possible when wearing sexy Asian lingerie. In fact, sexy lingerie can make a big difference in your life. Well, you can pick one set that is suitable for a lingerie party with friends. On the other hand, sexy Asian lingerie is a perfect option when spending intimate moments with your husband. Or even, you can feel comfortable and sexy yourself wearing alone. No matter what your reason is, the core purpose is to be sexy and adorable.

Yet, do you know how to select the best sexy Asian lingerie for your body? Well, the first question should be do you even know what body type you have. Actually, there are many styles of lingerie that work well with different body types. Some styles are more flattering and will show off your best features better than others. This article from Risettelingerie talks about how to choose the proper sexy lingerie based on what body figure you have.

The perfect 36-24-36 hourglass-type

Well, the vital statistics for this body figure are just awesome. This means that your hips and shoulders are the same sizes as your waist. Hence, it’s obvious that you have a slim waistline. Wearing any type of sexy Asian lingerie will enhance your sexiness. What’s more, this body type can take anything and everything. So, the garter belt, corset models, and teddy will make it look great. Also, a thong and lace bra or high leg panties will be good. Women in this body type will look hot with some see-through type sexy lingerie on.

What sexy Asian lingerie is for a pear-shaped body?

Being pear-shaped means you have a smaller upper-body build. However, this does not indicate that you have a smaller bottom part. In fact, it just means you have a shorter top that tapers out. Baby dolls are the best sexy Asian lingerie for this kind of body shape. They have a tight top and a loose bottom. You can try a baby doll with padding that pushes your breasts up if you have small boobs.

When your body looks like a triangle

A triangle body is the opposite of a pear-shaped physique. So, the triangle will result in a bigger upper body. Also, your hips are smaller and your shoulders are wider. Because they are tighter around the hips than the bottom, chemises are a good choice for this body type. Teddies are also a good choice because they create a v shape that enhances the body’s natural curves. This body shape is best suited for the Cozy Sleepshirt.

Which sexy Asian lingerie to choose for tiny ladies?

In fact, this body type doesn’t require a lot of support. So, there are many styles to choose from, so you can experiment with them all. Your bra straps will fall down if you have small breasts. A racer-back bralette is a good choice. Panties and skirts that are brightly colored will draw attention to the butts. You can make a really sexy appearance by pairing any of these items with a corset, bustier, or maybe even both.

For busty-type women

A bigger bust does not make it a little difficult to select the right sexy Asian lingerie. For ladies with this body type, the upper part is ideal for filling out a cute bra. However, it can be difficult to shop by set if you have a smaller or narrower bottom. Thus, a thick waistband or high waist panty will help balance your smaller bust and a larger bottom.

Ruler-shaped or straight silhouette figure: which is best for me?

For women with straight figures, the right sexy lingerie can enhance your figure or make you look more attractive. For a creative combination, a thong and a bustier can be paired with sleeveless or long-line bras. Also, you can create the illusion of curves by wearing a bikini, or a brief with ruffles. These will add volume to your hips. And it will be great when you pair them either with a push-up bra or bralette. Because this set of sexy Asian lingerie will highlight your figure and hide your flaws.

The mommy type: is there any sexy Asian lingerie for pregnant women?

Well, absolutely, there are plenty of pieces of sexy lingerie for new mommies.

During pregnancy, your body experiences major changes. Some women feel sexy with a bulging stomach and slender curves. However, others may feel a little more frisky due to the extra pounds, stretch marks, and varicose blood vessels. In fact, with some sexy Asian lingerie, you can celebrate your mama’s body. Wearing a piece of sexy lingerie definitely is going to boost your confidence. That’s right. We’re talking about sexy lingerie with sexy maternity clothing. You can spice things up for you and your husband, even if you are pregnant or a new mommy.

sexy Asian lingerie for every woman

Nursing warrior lace plunge bra and briefs in black -sexy Asian lingerie

Comfort can match with stylish and sexy designs. The plunge bra provides support with no need for under-wiring. It also has contrasting lace which gives it a sweet and flirty look. You can also purchase matching, low-rise pants that will fit comfortably under your bump.

Sexy nursing nightgown

Best pregnancy sexy Asian lingerie allows for room for your bump. Thus, an elegant crimson chemise that features an empire waist, soft modal fabric, and convenient clip-down cups is perfect. Besides, the luxurious lace bodice is a must-have.

The sleep nigh dress for mommies

A petal-pink nightdress will make you radiant. A nightdress that has a silk trim that lends sophistication and a deep V-neckline that adds seductive appeal is what sexy Asian lingerie you need. You can wear this luxurious Asian lingerie throughout pregnancy.

Baby doll and G-string type sexy Asian lingerie

A see-through sexy Asian lingerie is the perfect way to get sexy and romantic. Soft, stretchy mesh is perfect for comfortable lingerie. Also, a matching G-string thong will add attractiveness to your beauty.

Maternity lingerie in pink

This elegant maternity lingerie will make you feel like a queen. Pink sleepwear with a romantic touch due to its lace bodice is a must-have sexy Asian lingerie. Try the kind of chemise that has an easy drop-down opening. Well, you need space that allows for pumping or nursing. As a result, you can wear it during pregnancy as well as after.


Every woman deserves a set of sexy Asian lingerie to feel sexy and beautiful. Also, pregnant women can find sexy lingerie to enjoy themselves.

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