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Real Estate

Simple steps of getting real estate file

If you have decided to buy property in Karachi read below to aware yourself regarding the documentation. There are 3 authorities issuing  NOCs in their respective areas. They are Karachi Development Authority (KDA), Lyari Development Authority (LDA), and Malir Development Authority (MDA). The NOCs are the assurance of the legality of the land ownership to the builder and ensure no trouble in the future regarding land acquisition. Developers who are unable to provide NOC are not doing legal work and investors or buyers are strongly advised to keep their distance from them.

District central to Gulshan-e maymar falls under the authority of KDA and they are responsible for providing NOC in this area. Scheme 45 and onwards on superhighway is the domain of MDA. LDA is responsible for areas on the Hawksbay side. For the projects being developed between Karachi and Hyderabad, the Sehwan Development Authority (SDA) is responsible for the issuance of NOC.

Next is the Sindh building control authority (SBCA) which covers the whole of Sindh. When dealing in Karachi, any project which is not able to provide 2 NOCs; first from either KDA, LDA, or MDA, and second from SBCA are not to be invested or property bought in unless NOC is provided.

NOC of electricity, gas line, water, and sewerage line are also provided by the authentic project at the time of dealing. Booking at the low monthly installments when there are no NOCs provided should also be avoided.

Buying property

The seller must have the original documents of the property in sequential order. There should be an allotment letter, payment slips and leased in the owner’s name. In the case of several times resold property, there should be a record of every owner of the property till the current owner.

It will be beneficial to read more and assess your position before buying property.

Construction of property

Permission of construction.

Approved map of the construction.

Construction as per the approved map.

Utility connection approvals.

In case of loan taken on the property; return of loan documents and NOC of clearance from the loan provider.

Land record/registry (fard)

Provision of fard is the responsibility of the seller. Only the owner of the property is authorized to get the land record document from patwar-khana. This document is required for the transfer of ownership to the new buyer. This registry is a simple paper on which location of the property is mentioned, signed, and stamped by the relevant department of land record. Since it is a simple paper, a fraudulent person can provide a bogus land record to the buyer. A lawyer should be hired to guarantee the authenticity of this document.

Advertise in newspaper

Advertisement in newspapers is also a way to make sure the property is not disputed and the seller is real. The ad declares the buyer (that is you) is going to buy the property from the seller (details of the seller), if there is a dispute, it should be resolved in a given time frame Click Here For Further.

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