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Some Myths about Wedding Planning that Needs to be Debunked

All of us would totally agree with the fact that the wedding planning is really overwhelming and above all there are so many myths, half-truths, and misconceptions that also surrounds it. While planning wedding you need to make so many important decisions while doing that there would be so many people offering unsolicited advice too. But as a whole, the planning process and the wedding industry is surrounded by myths which sometimes has a bad impact on your wedding planning. To save you from all that inconvenience here are some common myths you might encounter…

Myth 1: Wedding planning has to be stressful


We know there are so many tasks to do when it comes to wedding planning but it can’t be that stressful. You are planning the happiest day of your life therefore it shouldn’t be stressful. Moreover, it should be memorable and fun. You would be spending so many hours together therefore we would advise you to make the most of it. You should not strain your personal life or cause sleepless nights because of it. To make it easy you should hire professional help. We guarantee you that having a pro by your side will put your mind at ease and make the planning process enjoyable, not stressful. There is a banquet hall in Greater Noida that also offers overall planning services too, so you should go for such service providers too.

Myth 2: Wedding planners can get you so many discounts 

Being pros, wedding planners have so many connections with so many vendors and they do help you to save some bucks. But some of the people believe that they get special pricing from vendors or strong arm the partners.  They will help you save money as they know the industry well and which service will be worth spending money on. Their knowledge and experience will help you get accurate pricing for what you actually need on your wedding day. They will tell you honestly how and where to spend. They will try their best that no money is wasted. 

Myth 3:  Taking Second opinions will be help

The day you announce your engagement or wedding, there would be so many people who will be ready to give you advise on so many things. Sometimes people say things that lead to making you feel emotional or torn. You always need to keep in mind that it’s your wedding, not anyone else’s! The only opinions that should matter while planning your wedding are yours and your fiancé’s. 

Myth 4: You can negotiate with vendor’s prices

Usually, couples ask the vendors about their prices being negotiable and the most usual response is that they are not. All the professional wedding planners work with the vendors whose prices are fair and standard for the industry. Also, the wedding industry is huge and offers couples a wide range of choice. If one of the vendors is out of budget then you can always evaluate your needs. You should trust your vendor as they will surely help you get the best and that too in your budget. 

Myth 5: You can save money by doing it yourself or involving a friend or a family member

Again, one of the most common mistakes done by the couples and that too early on. Trust us, it is one of the biggest blunders you can’t afford to make with your wedding day. We know DIY weddings on Pinterest are tempting, and they seem to be easy on pocket. However, remember that your time is also a valuable too, and you can’t get it back. Trust us, you can’t afford to waste your time and energy while planning your wedding. DIY projects are great, but not for your wedding! 

One of the major mistakes, couple also commit is that they give a thought to taking a service from a friend or family member on your wedding day. Seriously, most of the time that individual doesn’t have the knowledge, experience, or ability to do so. You also need to give thought to the fact that how much of the pressure this will put on the other person, and what if something doesn’t go as planned and how it could strain your relationships. Your friendships or relationships can be suffer massive rifts after entrusting someone with a job that should be done by a professional. 

Myth 6: If you mention it’s your wedding then all prices will instantly increase

This is not at all true! Yes, weddings are really expensive than the other social events such as  birthday parties, banquet hall in greater Noida showers but there is good reason behind this. It is because weddings are much more complex and they involve a lot more time, planning, energy, supplies than any other events. That is why a wedding is more expensive because of all that goes into it. 

Also, couples are also confused about the comparison between a wedding planner fee are and event planners fees. Typically, wedding planners charge more than an event planner. It is all because wedding planning involves immense amount of time, resources and efforts… 

All the above-mentioned myths as well as negative opinions about weddings can make planning a wedding much more difficult than it has to be. Therefore, we would advise couples to really try and educate themselves and separate fact from fiction. Once you do all the research yourself you will find the wedding industry is all about putting their heart in to may your wedding day special! 

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