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Squid Game Costume – How To Get One for Yourself

Squid Game is a colossal hit project of Netflix that is famous for its unreal and unique storyline, engaging twists, and all of the Squid Game Costume characters wore in the series. Whether we talk about the squid game guard costume, the frontman costume, or the doll costume, each had significance. The main secret lies in the intelligent work of designers who provide in-game apparel design. 

So are you one of the individuals who are up for searching for a perfect squid game apparel? Well, do not worry, as we are here to help. Keep on reading, and the upcoming content will let you know how to get one of such apparel according to your personality. So, without any further due, let us start with the content. 

Significant Squid Game Costume ideas 

The forthcoming content will discuss some critical apparel from the series, out of which you can choose an option that goes well with your personality. But first, let us have a clear idea of the squid game series. 

The background

Launched on September 17, 2021, the series is an exceptionally unique script where hundreds of financially deprived people were put in a series of deadly games to compete with each other. In addition, the games forced contestants to compete with their relatives, family, and friends. In the end, only a single survivor: Player number 456, was able to beat the other individual, making it big like never before. 

The game was so successful that one of the biggest youtube: Mr. Beast, made an actual squid game series. Not all eliminated participants have killed officers, providing the apparel with a new direction. Here is the list of 3 most significant apparel you can consider

1. Squid Game Guard Costume 

The guards were members of the pink army, responsible for looking after the contestants and implementing all of the frontman’s guidance upon them. Here are all the features that their costumes had

  1. An overall shocking pink colored jumpsuit with a few black color touches. 
  2. A black colored waist belt that is tied upon to prevent the outer shell from getting opened from the front in any way. 
  3. There are two spacious and big-sized pockets available at both corners to enable you to keep all your precious stuff along with you.
  4. The black-colored mask, along with a white-colored shape drawn on the forehead. 
  5. A black zipper

2. Squid Game Front Man Costume

The frontman was the chief and caretaker of the game, who looked after all the participants. He wore a black colored three-piece suit with all of the following details

  1. A long black colored coat
  2. A pair of black pants
  3. A pair of black gloves

Please note that the coat had two spacious pockets, a metal zipper, and a stand-up collar for an enhanced look. 

3. Squid Game Doll Costume

The doll was a creepy character who wore a school uniform. Details are as under

  1. A yellow-colored inner
  2. An orange-colored sleeveless mid-length dress 
  3. A pair of white stocking

4. Squid Game Tracksuit

The best thing about these tracksuits is their best quality with soft and breathable material based on green color which grantees you cool vibes even in the thrilling, warmer conditions. Thus thanks to these feature your tracking period while wearing it gets full of thrill and adventures. Just as the Participants you watched in the Netflix Squid Game Season 1.

Moreover, these Squid Game Tracksuits also display the same numbers as you’ve seen with your favorite players throughout the series. Such as Seong Gi-Hun (#456), Cho Sang-Woo (#218), Kang Sae-Beyok (#067), Abdul Ali (#199). Thus, you can opt for any number that you like most.

Another thing that keeps it apart from other costumes is its spruce green-colored textured sweatshirt with white straps and sleeves on the forearm length and on the legs. While the player number is printed on the costume’s front and backside, letting you be strong and robust.

5. Squid Game Front Man Mask stl

as you must have known that the frontman was the cruelest yet the smartest and most powerful character of the whole series. He was the one who had the blood of hundreds of people on his hand as he was the main punisher. The frontman was seen wearing a black colored face hiding mask along with all the other clothing pieces. So grab your hands on this amazing Front Man Mask stl if you think you also obtain some hidden abilities.

From where to purchase

At this point, you know all of the squid game apparel to be worn at this Halloween party along with details; the time now is to answer the most frequently asked question: From where to purchase such apparel? Well, there are loads and loads of options available in the market. However, we suggest going with squid game apparel to rest assured of the following perks.

Perks you can enjoy with squid game apparel. 

  1. Size availability: size does not matter when you are at this e-commerce store. Whether you are a healthy person or an individual with a lean body, we have products available for you in every possible price range. Out sizes include XXS, XS, S, M, ML, L, XL, XXL, and 3XL. 
  2. The customization facility is available: As we mentioned earlier, size does not harm you in any way with the squid game. However, suppose you are still unsatisfied with our readily available size range. In that case, we offer a particular customizability facility, click over our specially designed Made To Measure system, input all crucial details, and we will make a customized product that will surely fit you like a glove. 
  3. Easy to place orders: We believe in “Keeping it as simple as possible at squid game apparel.” The same is why you can place an order within a few steps. Just log in to your account (Or sign up for a new one if you haven’t already) and browse for products you wish to buy. Add all your desired products to the cart until you are done. Lastly, provide your billing details and click on Place Order. And that is it; you are all done and ready to receive your products.
  4. Quick and easy delivery: No one on Earth would want to wait more than a few days to get their order. And we indeed agree with this idea. The same is why we ensure that all orders reach the doorstep of the order owners within 5 to 7 working days so that your excitement does not get killed. However, please note that the period may get extended to 9 or 10 days if the climatic condition of your country is not good. 
  5. Premium quality products within the most affordable price range: the raw material for manufacturing is imported from well-known and well-reputed countries. Hence the quality standards remain intact with every product you wish to get. Plus, these are available in the nominal and pocket friends range. But, wait, how do we manage to offer premium quality and low pricing at the same time? Well, we do not involve any third party in the distribution process. Hence, their commissions are excluded, and you get excellent quality within nominal pricing. 


You can consider various Squid Game Costume ideas to endorse this Halloween. However, we have mentioned some of the most significant of all. However, make sure to purchase these from our recommended store to assure excellent quality with some of the other perks mentioned above.

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