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The best places to visit in Florida, USA

The United States is such a big country that you have to live two lives to go through. It completely and enjoy the attractions of each of its 50 states. The good news is that if you are interested in knowing some of its locations, with a reasonable budget, we recommend in this article the best places to visit in Florida.

When talking about the places to visit in Florida, by touristic and imposing coastal state of Florida, beaches, entertainment centers and, of course, theme parks come to mind. This is, without a doubt, one of the best states for visitors from all over the world to enjoy a few days of relaxation and, why not, a bit of adrenaline.

Whether you’re planning a family trip or a couple’s getaway, these top Florida city attractions will have you wanting to pack your bags today. Remember that it is important, at least, that you have a basic level of English for your visit to the Anglo-Saxon country, although for Latinos this is not so important. Since Florida is one of the territories with the largest number of Spanish-speakers in the country. Are you going to miss it?


Best places to visit in Florida

Keep in mind that Florida is not just beaches and luxury shopping malls. The state offers a variety of attractions such as the Ev e everglades National Park. The area has an estimated extension of 6,104 square kilometers. It encompasses a unique ecosystem in the world and that captures the attention of locals and strangers from all over the world.

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It is an ideal place for canoe tours, guided hikes and camping. Experts show visitors the wide variety of birds, reptiles such as the famous crocodiles and even wild cats in the area. Animal lovers will enjoy watching and children will be fascinated by the views and natural spaces. It is worth investing in knowing these scenarios of creation.

The Walt Disney Resort

It is simply impossible to travel to Florida and not go to the town of Orlando to visit Disney World. People of all ages and nationalities are amazed when they enter the impressive resort that offers theme parks, water parks, golf courses.

As well as themed hotels for all tastes and budgets. In addition, they offer hundreds of commercial premises, restaurants, spaces for camping and interesting swimming pools. As an addition, they even promote tours of the parks to learn in detail all aspects of the immense Disney tourist complex.

You have the possibility to visit the parks of Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. The little ones in the house will be able to see the endearing Disney characters, ride the attractions, dress up and eat all kinds of sweets.

For adults there are recreational activities such as sports, tours of the facilities, gyms and even a spa. It should be noted that according to the date of the year there are special events, festivals and fireworks at night. A whole set of entertainment that makes Disney an impossible destination to ignore in Florida.

universal studio

Universal Studios

In the order of theme parks, you have to take a look at the Universal Studios tourist complex. Here there are attractions that put the emotions of visitors to the limit. The lines, for the roller coasters and visits to areas like the Harry Potter ones, are always kilometers long, so you can look for special passes that are a little more expensive to enjoy all the benefits of the park without losing so much time.

At Universal, characters such as the beloved ogre Shrek, the Minions from “Despicable Me” and other characters from the famous film studio stand out. The hotels and other attractions within the complex are equally themed and impressive, so if you are a movie lover you will spend a few dream days.

Excursions and tours

Among the best places to visit in Florida, there are places worth exploring such as the Key West neighborhood, since its facades and buildings seem to remind us of the golden age of Cuba. You can appreciate the historical places and they have some beaches that excite more than one.

The agendas offer tours on small one-day cruises that allow you to appreciate all the splendor of the Florida coast. In addition, you can see them from the air with helicopter, plane and even hot air balloon rides.

Another mandatory point for lovers of good sea views is Ft. Lauder-dale, also known as the “Venice of the United States.” Here there are canals and beaches that you cannot stop photographing for your social networks.

South Beach

At night you have to take advantage of all that South Beach has to offer, that is, impressive restaurants, shops and nightclubs in the heart of Miami. Colored lights and parties are always the order of the day. You can spend delicious nights with your travel partner.

Do you need more reasons? With this summary of the best places to visit in Florida you don’t have to think much. You just have to call your travel agency and dedicate yourself to investing your money in experiences that will remain forever in your memory.

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