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The Future of Desktop Software Development

In early times when people used desktop applications. But in recent technology and desktop software development firms have pushed them out; new development of the desktop application has taken place with more popularity; Trello, Azure, and Wrike are examples of web-based applications that have expanded into desktops. Some applications have more features, some are more resourceful, and some are equitably simple. The one common thing they have is that they are installed on the desktop of your PC or laptop and deliver functionality.

 In 2022, mobile applications and web applications are conquering the market. As a result, people are more likely to use their phones to access most of the applications rather than rely on desktop computers. Compared to web applications, desktop apps certainly have better performance. The same operations you operate on the phone are completed faster, and the variety of features is often wider. This is achieved by the resources of the computer itself.

Businesses and individuals all use their phones to access most things. However, for various reasons, there are still some people developing desktop applications. Software development firms are working to make it more manageable and popular among people. One most important factor is privacy which web applications are failed to deliver; almost everything you do is chased in some way, and desktop applications are more secure in that respect. This guide will help you to know how to develop your desktop application in 2022, especially if you are looking for a guide for the following reason.


To maintain your company’s legacy systems. 

To launch an app before smartphones become old-fashioned 

You’re trying something new without taking any risk.

You like programming and want payback.


Understanding the Desktop Application

Desktop applications are software programs that interrelate with the operating system instead of web-based or mobile apps. They run on a desktop and provide input and output to a user interface. They are commonly used in one place but sometimes might have a “system tray” icon that remains on the screen. They are called desktop applications because they run only on the desktop rather than accessible through a browser or other resources.   

Desktop applications like media players let you perform different tasks, whereas others applications are developed for entertainment, such as gaming apps. 


Some examples of desktop apps are:


Browsers like Chrome, IE, and Firefox




Microsoft Word, Excel


Desktop Application Development

Desktop application development is a procedure for building applications for desktop and laptop screens. These are typically built for Windows, macOS, Linux, or any other desktop operating systems. The software categories also include personal productivity software, media creation, and editing and entertainment. No internet connection is required to run desktop applications; you just have to download and install them on your PC or LAPTOP. 

Why you need to go for A Desktop App Instead Of Mobile Apps?

It may seem like an old-fashioned idea, but it is the future of the developing world! The demand for desktop apps has never been higher because currently, most people spend their time online on desktops. The reasons why you should develop a desktop app instead of mobile apps are because it increases your profitability in a competitive market, also higher engagement of customers, it gives greater visibility in search engines, and most importantly, much lower costs to build.


Top 5 Frameworks for Desktop Application Development

Just analyzing the features are not enough until or unless you know about the advantages and disadvantages of a specific framework. 


The Best Framework for Desktop Application Development are:

  • WPF

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is a framework mostly used to develop the graphics of a desktop application. It is used to build the user interface for software. WPF has flourished since it was first introduced to .NET in 2006. A vital component of WPF is its capability to unite different user interface components. These components contain vector graphics, adaptive documents, pre-rendered media objects, and rendering 2D and 3D.


  • Electron JS

This framework uses Node.js, and this is an exceptional selection for developers who are looking to build desktop applications that work on the macOS, Windows, and Linux operating systems. Many huge companies are using this framework to develop their apps, including Facebook Stack and Microsoft. The software can also build by using Electron because they do not need specific experiences from other particular platforms.


  • UWP

This is an electrifying framework that made the .NET platform renowned for desktop application development, and it permits developers to create cross-platform applications. Universal Windows Platform (UWP) will assist developers in building apps that can run on many platforms. This suggests that your software will be able to run on multiple devices. 

  • WinForms

This is a class library that has been existing in the .NET desktop framework since its very beginning. A desktop application created in .NET using WinForms is directed by events, 


  • Cocoa

Cocoa software is an inborn framework for inborn macOS development. An object-oriented framework for generating a user interface for macOS, iOS, and tvOS. It not just enhances the functionality of the user interface but also creates the interface more attractive. To develop apps with the Cocoa framework, it will be obligatory to use development tools delivered by Apple. There are variations of development frameworks accessible for desktop apps. It depends on the application you use. 



That’s the strong garb of desktop apps; once you install the application on your PC or laptop, you can use it whenever you need to without any internet connection. You can make it more attractive and engaging by working on the top best frameworks and  keeping eyes on the advantages and disadvantages of each framework. In upcoming times desktop applications will be the game changers; it is essential not to ignore such developments and keep yourself up to date as it is the best option to increase profit in a competitive market. Software development farms are trying to bring desktop applications popularity back in the market, and somehow, they have achieved their target.

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