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The Happy Skyscraper from New York went around the world

Happy Skyscraper was born in 2012. He was first photographed in Manhattan, New York. Soon he went into the world and became a symbol of the most cheerful organization in the world – the Party of Good Humor.

Happening in New York City

Since New York is still building taller and taller skyscrapers – it’s time for the smallest skyscraper in the world to be built here as well. This was the idea of the satirist Szczepan Sadurski, who in 2001 invented the Good Humor Party (PDH) in Poland. An opportunity just arose, because PDH was opening its next “embassy” – this time in New York.

A group of friends met for coffee, and then the Happy Skyscraper was photographed under the famous Chrysler Building. And then in a few more places near Central Park. Sadurski made a model of a skyscraper from a toothpaste box. It was covered with paper, he added a smiling logo and symbolic windows. On the same day, the model was lost forever. It fell out of his jacket pocket at Pennsylvania Station as Sadurski was hurrying to catch his train.

Good Humor Party symbol

Other people liked the idea. Why should only New York have its smallest skyscraper? A few weeks later, a model was created in Poland, which today can be downloaded from the Internet, printed, and then photographed anywhere in the world. And by doing so, earn membership in the Good Humor Party.

Happy Skyscraper has been photographed in almost 700 cities around the world, in over 60 countries. In front of famous buildings, castles, stadiums. Even people you would never suspect of such activities participate in the fun. Because a sense of humor, optimism and laughter are independent of gender, place of residence, profession and age.

The Happy Skyscraper, a symbol of a happy organization, still travels the world. Many of his photos can be found on the Internet. It makes many people smile. And that’s it! The idea of making the world happy will be alive long after the Party of Good Humor ceases to exist.

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