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The Luxury Guide to Dallas, Texas

Dallas is the Texan millionaire’s paradise – featuring plenty of high-end shops and a sophisticated culture scene and course luxurious 5-star luxury hotels, spas restaurants, and bars. Are you planning to visit The big D and want to pamper yourself? Here’s how to go about it.

The Thompson Dallas Hotel is a great place to stay. Thompson Dallas

The current hotels are, without doubt, the Thompson’s as well as the Dallas version is luxurious and infused with plenty of fun. It is located in The National The 51-story tower was designed by world-renowned designers. It has 219 rooms that include 52 suites, and two penthouse suites.

There are two dining establishments (rooftop Catbird and a rooftop restaurant Catbird and the daytime American/southern nine at The National which is a breakfast hotspot) and a spa that is extensive and a barbershop, hair salon as well as two acres of outdoor space on the ninth-floor deck. TIP: Be on the lookout for iconic pieces designed by Damien Hirst in Nine and sparkling Swarovksi-encrusted Matryoshka dolls made by Metis Atash in Catbird.

The penthouses aren’t the only thing we liked, but we were attracted by Thompson Dallas’ Mirror-clad Corner suite that is adorned with gorgeous walnut-coloured furniture with accent lighting, as well as contemporary technology, with an elegant 55″ flat-screen that is ideal for Hulu streaming.

The hotel also has an Illy coffee maker, an excellent alternative to the standard Nespresso machine in all hotels, as well as a gold bar display. In the bathroom, indulge in the scents of DS & Durga Bowmakers bath amenities in either a deep bathtub (with a handy rest table for champagne) or a rain shower and the bedroom is enveloped in the comfort that is Sferra bedding, custom duvets, and Frette Robes, complete with the soft slippers in black. Relax and enjoy the views…you’re deep in the views! The floor-to-ceiling windows give an observatory-like feel, like sitting at the top of the Reunion Tower in a robe. Complete with flawless service is Dallas the newest jewel.

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Eat-in the restaurant The Crescent Club

The Crescent Club at Hotel Crescent Court in Dallas is the most exclusive private dining venue, elegantly constructed with classic wooden decor with arched views of the skyline and marble columns. The Crescent Club is a great place to dine, have a lobster brunch and champagne toasts are all great occasions to dress to impress at this location – you don’t want the interiors to overshadow the exterior.

We suggest booking a dinner slot and experimenting with our stand-out pan-seared free-range Jidori chicken served with crispy fingerling potatoes local Fava beans, mushrooms, artichokes, and olive powder. Tagliatelle Pasta. Tagliatelle Pasta is a surprising top choice too. Then, finish with our Madagascan Vanilla Brulée and you’ll feel like a millionaire. Five stars from every angle.

Spa in Zappa

Zappa can be describe as Uptown’s spa resort, offering an array of therapies that are for all parts of the body including infrar saunas herbal remedies and skincare from Naturopathica, as well as BABOR products for skincare. Those who are from a different time zone may want to take advantage of the Swedish Bliss Massage as well as the “Mind, Body and Spirit Massage to fight jet fatigue.

There are a variety of amazing facials that you can indulge in before a night out on the town like the ‘Light, Collagen Action Facial’ that gives an energizing glow and a time-turn-back experience in one treatment (there’s an energy therapy that’s included in the treatment too). Combine it with other Obvi products and your face will turn to Jennifer Lopez. After a night out, there’s a reviving morning ‘Morning After the scrub and wrap’ that works wonders.

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Travel with Vonlane

Aka “the private jet” with wheels. If you’re travelling in or out of Dallas you should consider a Vonlane trip. The luxurious motorcoaches come with seats that are larger than an aircraft’s first-class cabin that is upholster in fine leather, a recline of 150 degrees, as well as a host of other amenities including food and beverages (including vegetarian choices) as well as noise-cancelling headphones and a closet to store your clothes All with the assistance of an attentive crew member.

For those who are in Dallas for business. There is free Wi-Fi and plenty of space for users to check their emails before heading off for a trip to. Houston as well as Austin. Or, you can relax and take a nap. There are blankets, pillows and masks on request.

Make Reunion Tower in the VIP way. Reunion Tower the VIP way

The most effective way to experience this Dallas symbol is obviously to be the VIP. Its Reunion Tower has a special ‘Love Is in the Air’ offer for. People looking to elevate their date night to a new level (470 feet, to be precise). The package comes with two tickets to the GeO-Deck General Admission. VIP Elevator Service and a photograph that is display in an exquisite silver frame.

While you’re flying over downtown with your love one will be treat to sparkling wines (and you could even keep the glasses that represent the brand to keep as a memento of your experience) and your coordinator is there to ensure everything runs smoothly behind the scene. Additional services are offer to make the occasion more memorable (rose flowers, food and drinks) as well as for those without any love interests you don’t have to stress. Bring along a girlfriend or family member and share the fun.

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Let Ellie know you’re a cheerleader!

Contemporary, artistic and welcoming – Ellie’s is the perfect place to be glam and social with. Your friends or unwind after visiting nearby museums. Reserve a table at Ellie’s Lounge to listen to performances. And live music at piano Steinway grand piano. And under the twinkling light fixtures. Or when the weather permits you, sit on the terrace for stunning views of the Dallas Arts District. The restaurant is recognize for its speciality drinks and amazing wines. Such as the Ellie’s Cabernet Sauvignon, from Hall Wines. You can also purchase from their website if you are looking to purchase a bottle of Ellie’s home wine.

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