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The Most Common HVAC Problems And How To Fix Them

While some HVAC issues are simply cleaning coils and filters, the most common heating and cooling system problems will develop into more significant worries if not serviced early. Most of these can be ducked with regular air duct cleaning Denver. Having your system checked annually to prevent outages during extreme weather is wise. But not to worry, these issues can be solved by trusted hvac system services. Following are the most common problems of the hvac system:

Air Duct Cleaning Denver AC Blows Hot Or Warm Air

A few things are more convenient than an AC unit that only provide warm air. Before you do anything, double-check that the thermostat settings have not changed. If your thermostat setting is proper, the first step you can do is to change your air filter. Old congested air filters typically cause AC problems such as frozen coils. 

If the air filter is not the problem, you may be lacking in the refrigerant. Feel the biggest copper wire that leads to the system’s condenser to see if this is the case. Your levels are exceptional if it is wet and chilly to the touch. If it lacks either one of those facets, the refrigerant level is low. You should call professionals offering AC Repair and Maintenance Services Denver to repair the refrigerant reservoir.

Noisy Air Vents

Noisy air vents are the common signs of trouble. Loose ductwork connections often cause rattling and clamoring noises, covering those rattling ducts with metal tape before they drain your wallet. Bangs and loud pops are usually ductwork contraction and expansion due to temperature variances. Ensure your air ducts are well insulated.


A grinding noise perhaps means that two metal parts are grinding against each other. This is very risky because it can produce sparks that start a fire. If you get anything like this, shut off your HCAC and repair it as soon as possible.

High Internal Humidity 

High internal humidity is one of the most common HVAC and indoor air quality problems during the cooling months. The only way to control high humidity in your home is with a dehumidifier. It could be a portable unit or install a whole-home dehumidifier for optimal efficiency and comfort.

Frozen Evaporator

Ice collection on the evaporator coil brings home cooling to a pause- even though your AC may still run and run, dirt collection on the evaporator is a common problem for ice buildup. Remove the ice from the evaporator with a spray can of self-rinse coil cleaner. Perhaps hiring experts offering AC repair and air duct cleaning Denver is your best bet at such time.

Leaking Unit

HVAC units do leak some condensate and fluid. Excessive leakage indicates a variety of issues with many solutions. Typically, the condensate line has a clog. Unclogging is easy for a DIY repair. Make sure to use the manufacturer’s guidelines. If you have any uncertainties, reach out to one of the trained HVAC professionals. 

Dirty Air Filter

Air filters are among HVAC devices. Yet, a dirty filter can cause a long list of exclusive problems — including all of the previous four most common HVAC problems. Furthermore, running your HVAC system with a dirty filter drain your energy move. Change your filter as advised by the manufacturer.

Tripping Circuit Breakers

If the circuit breaker of your HVAC unit requires reset regularly, be sure to call for professional help right away. Sometimes, your circuit breaker requires often reset because the system is working too hard. This can be because of a dirty air filter or a more complex problem. Regular checkups and preservation can often clasp these difficulties before becoming a headache.

Blower motor running excessively

If your blower motor is running all the time, check your thermostat first. If you’ve turned the fan switch ON, the fan will continue to run. AUTO is the best setting to use most of the time. Sometimes, the furnace’s blower motor will run because of a faulty relay. Call your HVAC professional offering AC Repair and Maintenance Services Denver and set up an appointment for an evaluation.

Blown Fuses or Tripped Breakers

Is your blower overworking? That’s most likely the reason your furnace stumbled your circuit breaker. Your blower has to work stiffer to force air through the filter if something delays airflow to your system, such as dirt. When your blower works more rigidly, it raises energy consumption and sometimes trips the circuit breaker. Check your filter and change it if need be.

Ignition Problems

There are several causes for ignition problems – pilot lights, igniters, and specific electrical components that may need to be replaced. A gas supply problem or wear and tear of an ignition component could also cause. It’s best to handle pilot and ignition difficulties by calling professionals offering air duct cleaning Denver. This deals with risky elements like high voltage and natural gas.

Unusually High Bills

When your system’s running inadequately or a component fails, your HVAC works harder. This causes your bills to rise steeply. And your oil furnace starts burning up oil rapidly. There are many causes for this issue. So, it’s best to call for professional repairs if you notice it.

 Lack of Maintenance

Regular maintenance by expert heating and cooling professionals is essential for homeowners. When done by a qualified HVAC team, frequent and proper care can avoid the most common furnace issues. Don’t forget to perform regular maintenance, or you will likely run into expensive breakdowns, increased energy costs, frustration, and poor performance. Save some money and avoid costly repairs by calling technicians.

Protect your savings and gain peace of mind by calling a certified technician to inspect your HVAC system today. For more information on any of these most common problems or any other HVAC questions you may have, call Action Air Duct. Get assistance from their experts today, many a more comfortable and less-annoying tomorrow for you. They help you keep your system in top condition.  Please don’t put it off until it’s too late. If left unattended, a basic, reasonable repair may become a big, costly one.


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