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The Top Animated Video Trends by 2D Animation Production Company

The Top Animated Video Trends by 2D Animation Production Company


Animation has evolved into an attractive form of displaying characters while narrating a story that keeps the watchers hooked. From 2d to motion graphics, animation has come a long way, enabling companies to reach a wider audience by creating animated marketing videos has become a great hit in the 1990s. Do you remember watching the movie ‘The Lion King?’ We bet you have watched it. It is the prime example of a 2d film developed by the best 2d animation production company in 1994. Many other movies like ‘Aladdin’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast’ are still known and watched by people after years. There are children still watching these movies. Hence, showing the creativity of 2d animation.

2d animation has not only impacted the movie industry but also cartoons, presentations, games, advertisements, etc. This has helped companies create interactive videos that deliver the story or brand message uniquely while keeping the users hooked to the storyline. It has impacted the customers in different ways. But for it to be a success, companies should hire a professional video production services agency to create innovative videos with advanced tools integrated with next-age technologies like AI. They even add music and voiceovers to make an ever-lasting impression.

What should organizations hire a 2d animation production company?

Before we dive into the details of hiring an animation company, it becomes essential to know about 2d animation. The word “2D” is a well-known word, especially in today’s world where people are more into technology and entertainment. It is the process of creating characters and objects in a two-dimensional environment where they only play around with their widths and heights. Further, it is similar to a traditional animation style introduced in the 1800s. The process starts by assembling or putting together one frame after another. Each frame or drawing differs from the previous one to create an illusion of movement by including 24 frames in every second.

The development and compilation of frames are challenging tasks requiring expertise to complete efficiently. Since it is a lengthy process, companies do not want to do it themselves. Thus, they hire a 2d animation production company to research, brainstorm, design, develop and market the end product. It is not only saves time but completes the project on time. Take the example of ‘The Little Mermaid.’ Do you think it would have been a success if a professional team didn’t create it? We don’t think so because a team of skilled animators can only give the detailing, effects, and quality. Though many companies have tried doing it themselves by using online video animation tools, they have failed horribly in reaching out to people.

5 Latest 2D Trends

  • Mascot Characters

Looking at the 2022 animation trends, custom brand mascots are being increasingly used by companies for marketing, advertising, and explainer videos. However, these are not complicated as the previous ones, but animators can experiment with different styles giving them an adorable or funny look. These are becoming popular in the mobile app development industry, making apps more engaging. Here companies are making use of 2d to animate the mascots. This requires professional video production services to imitate the user’s expressions and movements, animating the characters and objects in real-time.

  • Combine with 3D

The latest trend shows companies combining 2D and 3D animation to create stunning videos that capture the customer’s attention and keep them locked to the screen. Moreover, many motion graphic designers have started using them to add style to a video, changing how videos were watched before. Many integrate 2d overlays with movement to add the much0nededed effects to a video or image.

  • Grains

Another latest trend that has changed the concept of video quality by adding grain in their 2d videos or images to give them a more realistic look. Here it creates a texture that makes the illustrations come to life. Though it uses rough visuals compared to basic 2d videos, it elevates the look of the video into something more natural while keeping the surfaces or textures in mind. Since it is a unique approach, the 2d animation production company is set to gain a competitive edge while delivering immersive visuals. Hence, increasing the video quality with creativity.

  • Hyper-Realistic

Since creativity is the first step toward grabbing your audience’s attention, companies and animators experiment with different techniques to cater to the growing demand for animated videos. This specific trend has blurred the reality and animation gap by introducing the world to hyperrealism. It makes the video look more natural while using 2d animation. It also focuses on minute details to let the audience see the tiniest [pon the character’s skin.

  • Outline

A modern and fun way of 2d animation has to be the outlining technique where designers or animators use simple lines to define any animated character or object to capture the audience’s attention. Since animation lets the animator’s attention run wild, it enables them to create endless possibilities. They outline everything to create classy or subtle animation characters that lead to videos by professional video production services agencies. Moreover, various industries worldwide have adopted this style, providing a diverse range of styles. Therefore, it wouldn’t be incorrect to say we are about to see the rise of animation videos this year, especially in the mobile app industry.


2D animation was the start of the animation era; organizations started exploring and experimenting with new ways to deliver the message to the audience or provide entertainment in immersive ways. This kept the audience attached to the screens. From movies to video games to corporate presentations, animation has become an integral part of their development. Since it is a tricky task, animators divide the process into three broad stages: pre-production, production, and post-production. It helps the company efficiently complete each step before moving on to the next one. It often requires companies to hire a 2d animation production company to simplify the production process and create fun, informative, and high-quality videos.

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