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Top 5 Sights of Boston that Worth Seeing

The capital of Massachusetts, Boston, was founded by Puritan colonists in the 1600s, and then formed and developed throughout its nearly 400-year history. Boston is not in vain called the “cradle of freedom” – the spirit of American independence originated here at Sights of Boston.

That’s why Boston’s attractions, associated with its important role in U.S. history, attract numerous tourists from all over the world.

Anyone who comes to this city will find a lot of interesting things for themselves – numerous historical places, architectural monuments, museums, picturesque parks, stadiums, beautiful beaches on the islands, etc.

Before every traveler coming to the capital of Massachusetts by Boston Best Car Service, the question will definitely arise – what to see in Boston? We hope this list of the most popular city attractions will help you.

The Freedom Trail

The Freedom Trail is a historic footpath that runs through 16 of Boston’s most significant historic sites associated with the American Revolutionary War. This trail is impossible not to notice – on the gray paving slabs it lined with red brick, and on the red – fringed with light gray stripes.

The Freedom Trail

The Freedom Trail serves as an excellent reference point for those who come to Boston for the first time. The 4-kilometer historical route begins in the oldest park in America – Boston Common. Following the trail, you will see many interesting historical sights.

Among them, the Old Capitol and the site of the Boston Massacre, where British soldiers shot at a crowd of protesting citizens; as well as the house of Paul Revere and the North Church, on the old spire of which hung two lanterns – at one time they used to send a signal to the militia about the approach of British troops by sea.

At the end of the route, the trail comes to the embankment of the harbor, where the vessel “Constitution” moored – still afloat the oldest sailing ship in the world.

Quincy Market Complex

Quincy Market built between 1824 and 1826 by architect Alexander Parris. The building’s heavy materials, granite and red brick, create a stark contrast to its elegant Romanesque architecture. This market is almost the same age as Boston, so it considered one of the oldest city buildings.

Quincy Market Complex

It named after Joshua Quincy III, the first mayor of Boston. The market known not only for its impressive architecture. This is a real gastronomic paradise – a great alternative to expensive institutions.

Here you can inexpensively taste dishes of different national cuisines – Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Greek, etc., as well as buy the freshest products at competitive prices.

The current market complex consists of an old two-story building, which houses a large number of restaurants, cafes and fast food establishments – many residents of the city like to have breakfast and lunch here.

On the south side it is adjacent to a new 4-storey building, built in the mid-70s. It houses a traditional market where you can buy the freshest fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, pastries, etc. Address: Quincy Market, South Market Street, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Back Bay District

Back Bay District

The nineteenth-century historic quarter of Back Bay is adjacent to the Charles River. It got its name from the fact that it built on a site with numerous backwaters of standing water.

Back Bay District

Today it is a fashionable urban area with picturesque streets, along which Victorian houses lined up. Back Bay is widely known for its trendy restaurants and cafes, chic boutiques and shops of world brands. In addition, there are many city attractions in this area.

Among them, the Boston Community Garden is the oldest Sights of Boston and largest botanical garden in the United States. Be sure to visit the Old South Church in Copley Square, built in 1874.

The church building is a vivid example of neo-Gothic architecture. In 1905, the interior of the temple was redecorate by Louis Comfort Tiffany. – A famous American designer and artist. One of a representative of Art Nouveau

Central Park Boston Common

Boston Common is the oldest public park in the United States, founded by Puritan colonists in 1634. Initially, this place used as a public pasture.

Central Park Boston Common

Later, public executions of murderers, pirates and witches carried out here. – They were hung on a certain tree called the “Great Elm”. In the early years of the Revolutionary War, the British used the area as a military camp. In 1830, a public park laid here.

Since its opening, this picturesque park with fountains, sculptures and artificial ponds. Surrounded by shady trees, has become a favorite Sights of Boston vacation spot for locals and visitors to the city.

Fanail Hall Sights of Boston

The historic brick building of Faneuil Hal in downtown Boston is among the city’s. Important historic landmarks for the role it play during the American Revolution.

Fanail Hall

The building built in 1742 with the funds of Peter Fanale, earned by him on the slave trade. Initially, there was a market, and later the room on the second floor began to used as a conference room. Where prominent revolutionaries opposed the British government made speeches.

Among them was attorney James Otis, who called Fanail Hall the “Cradle of Freedom” and coined the famous slogan “No to taxes without representation.” Today’s Faneil Hall is a large shopping center with a wide range of goods, which is visited by a huge number of citizens and tourists.

On the first floor there are shopping arcades. And on the second floor there is the same historic conference hall, where political debates are now taking place


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