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Top 5 VOD software to build a video on demand website

There has been tremendous change in video consumption, creating a radical change in the industry. Modern technologies have enabled high-quality and real-time video streaming over different networks. The real-time streaming of audio and video content combined with the entrance of video streaming players into countries all around the world has opened up opportunities for video-on-demand services to thrive.

Video on demand is bound to generate double revenue, and streaming businesses are able to yield lead generation that offers great value. With this kind of growth, there is no wonder that more entrepreneurs are investing in the industry and brainstorming about how to start a streaming service.

Here are some of the best VOD software in the market to help you build your own video-on-demand site.

  1. StreamView

StreamView from Streamhash is the best VOD software available in the market, facilitating you to build a professional video on demand website for a competitive price. Streamview is a readymade script that is well equipped with all features that are essential to launching a customized and highly scalable video streaming service. It is flexible to assist you in making customizations in front-end UI, deployment, and maintenance.

Being a white label VOD software, it doesn’t offer hosting services. As it is self-hosted, you have the flexibility to choose the hosting that suits your business needs. It features an Nginx server that helps convert the HTTP format to HLS and RTMP format for iOS, Android, and sites. It also supports various monetization strategies like pay-per-view, ads, subscriptions etc to cater to individual customer preferences. Streamview is the right choice if you are looking for robust functionalities that you can customize according to your requirements.


  • Powerful Nginx server
  • Great back end structure and built-in features
  • Quick setup and deployment


  • No hosting services

2. Vplayed

Vplayed is a customizable video on demand solution which supports all business models, including subscriptions. The software solution is not just flexible; it offers end-end features for various business verticals backed by secure technologies. It allows streaming audio and video content across multi-device channels and stream videos seamlessly on-demand via all device players.

Supported by AWS cloud, the software is well equipped to manage a large video library and is integrated with high-end transcoding to facilitate a buffer-free video streaming experience. Vplayed also features adaptive bitrate functionality, powerful video player, podcasting, IP camera streaming, DRM (Digital rights management system), social media integration, and more.


  • Compatible with AWS and Akamai server
  • Live streaming integration
  • Reliable video hosting


  • No free trial

3. Uscreen

Uscreen all-in-one SaaS video platform enables creators to distribute videos safely. It features simple yet efficient features helping small and large scale video services host videos for any market size and control monetization. Uscreen comes with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that doesn’t require core technical experience to work with it. The solution offers a pre-built template to display videos, and it can be customized according to your unique requirements using a visual editor. Uscreen also has live streaming features which enable users to stream in real-time through their video on demand website.


  • Comes with a powerful CDN for a smooth live streaming experience.
  • Live streaming solution with monetization capabilities.


  • The website themes are limited
  • It doesn’t support advertisements

4. Muvi

Muvi is an all-in VOD platform provider which supports both audio and video on demand services. The platform is cloud-based and helps creators to create and personalize the VOD service and live streaming channels. Being an end-end software, the solution is simple to use and offers technical support aspects of your VOD website.

The software comes with a simple visual editor with pre-built templates to build a customized VOD platform to represent your streaming business. The solution leverages AWS and Cloudflare CDN to stream videos with no buffering. Muvi is compatible with both mobile apps and TV to reach a broad audience through multiple devices. It is integrated with a comprehensive set of features, intuitive design, advanced content management, monetization support, analytics and marketing, and more.


  • Easy setup
  • Robust cloud host VOD solution
  • Offers support for live streaming and eCommerce
  • Different monetization methods to complement your service


  • Website templates are limited
  • Need for external marketing solution integration

5. Brightcove

Brightcove provides a comprehensive range of VOD services for content creators and businesses. The range of video solutions is designed for businesses to meet their video publishing and distribution needs. The solutions offered by BrightCove are classified into two- For brands and media. Brightcove’s services can be catered to content creators, broadcasters, publishers, and distributors looking to distribute and monetize the videos.


  • Strong back end framework for smooth video delivery
  • Simple and user-friendly UI
  • YouTube synchronization option


  • Flash-based video player
  • Feature enhancements available at extra cost

Tips to choose the right VOD software for your business


Now that you have the list of best VOD software handy let’s look into some of the tips to choose the right VOD solution provider for your business.

  • Customization

When you want to choose a VOD software to develop your brand-customized video on-demand platform, look for the customization the service provider offers. Look for personalization on design features, USPs, and other perks for better flexibility to build your VOD platform according to your business requirements and goals.

  • Security

The online streaming environment is vulnerable to security threats. It is essential to look for the best security features in your VOD software to protect your content with a robust streaming solution.

  • CDN

To offer the best-in-class streaming experience to your viewers and advanced global broadcasting support, you need top-grade content delivery networks (CDNs). Look for the best CDN integration from your streaming solution providers to ensure seamless streaming.

  • Monetization

Look for monetization integrations in the VOD software you choose to offer different types of services to your viewers like integrating advertisements, offering a one-time watch, subscription packages, etc. Allow your audience to enjoy an ecstatic video-on-demand experience through access to an unlimited video library.

  • Platform ownership

Look for VOD solutions that allow you to own your video-on-demand platform in your branding. With the right software choice, you can have the platform built at a one-time license cost and manage your VOD content effortlessly forever.


Now that you have the list of top 5 VOD software for businesses, all these solutions help to provide the best on-demand streaming experience, which is multi-device compatible. The best software that is suitable for your business is the one that aligns with your unique needs and helps you achieve your business goals.

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