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Top Masters Programs For Data Science In Canadian Universities

Studying Data Sciences in Canada

Data science is one of the most prominent fields gaining importance in the current age. The reason is simple: Data science solves business problems, and the data nowadays is abundant. The term data science is often misunderstood. What it simply means is using data to solve real-world problems of any scope and scale.

If you are interested in pursuing a foreign degree in Data Science, you have a plethora of opportunities all over the world. One of the best places to choose as your study abroad destination is Canada. Canadian universities are offering very comprehensive Masters Programs in the field of Data Science, which enables the students to grasp the modern-day data analysis and problem-solving needs.

This article aims to introduce you to four Masters Programs you can opt for if you want to study data sciences in Canada.

Four Masters Programs for studying Data Sciences in Canada

Data science has many applications in the business world.  Some of the benefits can be customer retention, improving product development processes, target marketing, customer sentiment analysis, or finance-related models. This is only a shortlist of most obvious benefits of data science, and if you want to study data sciences, you are probably going to be a very useful professional for the business world.

Canada is a beautiful country with a very high quality higher education system. If you want to get into a Canadian university, you will need to work hard for your admission. Work on your profile and application requirements after selecting the most suitable Master’s program for yourself.

Some of the Programs which might align with your research and study objectives are as follows:

1. Masters in Data Science (University of British Columbia)

This Masters’s program is unique as it provides practical and real-world experience to the students. It integrates into its courses, real-world dataset for solving problems facing the world community. This real-world applicability approach makes it stand out of the typical data science programs which focus on statistical and computational methods. The practical application of those skills is nowhere the point of focus.

Students that get their MS Data Science degree from the University of British Columbia will have developed skills to extract and analyze data and communicate the outcomes of their analyses to organizations. In 2019, 1011, students applied for the program, and admission was offered to 135 students.

2. MSc in computing and Data Analytics (Saint Mary’s University)

In Saint Mary’s University, MSc in computing and Data Analytics is a sixteen-month professional program. It takes into account the high demand for data-savvy professionals in today’s business market. The program enables the students to analyze, communicate, and innovate in a market with abounding data on everything.

The two main growth areas you will be in for are as follows:

  • Software development, design, management, and customization.
  • Business intelligence and analytics.

You will have to choose among industry-sponsored projects, internships, or research thesis for applied learning at the end of the degree. If you feel interested in this program, you can seek the help of professional education consultants in Islamabad to ensure your success in acquiring admission. You just need to have a background in a relevant field to be elgible for admission.

3. Data Analytics collaborative program (Carleton University)

In Carleton University, the school of computer science offers a Data science collaborative program. Multiple schools act as participating units with this program. You will enroll in your desired program, which consists of Data science as its component. If you enroll in a History major, you can have the option to get a Masters in History with Data Science. The same goes for biology, biomedical engineering, computer science, communication, or cognitive science.

For admission and enrollment in a collaborative Masters, you will have to fulfill the prerequisite conditions for both the main academic unit of your discipline and the school of computer science collaborating by offering the data science specialization.

4. MSC in Data science and analytics (Ryerson University)

Ryerson University offers a one-year full-time or a two-year part-time MSc in Data science and analytics. The program is capable of delivering graduates who are qualified data scientists to showcase their skill set in various careers. They may benefit industry, research, or government sector with their practical skills.

The key focus of this program is on skills related to Domain knowledge, Machine learning, operations research, statistics, programming, math. As a prospective student, you must have a working knowledge of data structures and algorithms, basic statistics, database management, and R programming.

Looking forward to studying Data sciences in Canada?

Well, you are not alone. Since this field is gaining more and more importance every passing moment, the competition is rising. This is not meant to discourage you, but you need to carry out thorough research so as to find the most suitable Master’s program for yourself.

Once you got that area covered, you will need the help of Education consultants in Islamabad to ensure success in the application and visa process. Data science is the field of the future and is potent in solving many problems facing the citizens of earth.

Just make sure you make appropriate choices and stick to your decisions. This the only way to ensure success!


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