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What Are Some of the Use Cases of Omron Thermal Sensors?

We see thermal sensors everywhere; there are thermal sensors in electric kettles, cooktops, water heaters, microwaves, and many other common and typical household devices. 

In the aftermath of Covid-19, it is more prevalent than ever that handheld devices measure the human temperature when we enter a shopping mall or a shop. 

People use thermostats and heaters in their houses to keep the ambient temperature for comfortable living. There are still many applications left to mention to know the range of their applications and features.

What is the Role of Thermal Sensors?

Thermal sensors are used to monitor the temperature of objects at any given point. The use of electronics has increased in every household. 

The devices have become smaller and compact while their functioning capacity has increased and have also become automatic. Automation has contributed to making life easy and comfortable for people. 

There are several types of thermal sensors and the Omron thermal sensors are based on thermopile technology. Apart from this, there are thermocouples, Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) or thermistors, Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD), semiconductor-based thermal sensors, etc also available. 

The thermal sensors are unique due to their feature of being able to detect through Infrared waves. These sensors are contactless which means there is no need to be in contact with the object that is being detected. It can sense the presence based on the temperature remotely. 

The thermal sensors enable the prevention by measuring the amount of heat some system or object is emitting. This helps in determining when a certain high point is being hit and before it creates damage it can be resolved. 

How Do the Omron Thermal Sensors Work?

The MEMS thermal sensors from Omron are sensitive and come in a variety of ranges. The Omron thermal sensors used body heat to detect and these provide more accurate results than PIR sensors. 

Unlike the sensors that use motion to detect, which is not accurate all the time, the Omron thermal sensors use temperature and these can even detect stationary and still objects that are emitting body heat. 

The Omron thermal sensors work on the IR waves to determine the surface temperature of the object, it does not measure the temperature below the top surface but still, provides accurate readings of the surface level. The readings are provided as electrical signals that can be read by the system and generate legible information for processing.  

Use Cases of Omron Thermal Sensors

There are several industries and processes that use thermal sensors to provide the right data of the objects. We are going to look at some of the most common use cases of Omron thermal sensors and check how to make sure the right thermal sensors are for your application.

Home Appliances

Now people are opting to buy smart home appliances. What does it mean to have a smart appliance, let’s take an air conditioner for example. The smart AC unit comes in embedded thermal sensors to detect the human presence by sensing the temperature in a certain range. 

If the sensor detects the human presence in the room it will turn the AC on automatically, and as soon as that person leaves the room, it again senses and determines the absence of the human body and turns the AC off.

Here two things are happening, one that determines the presence and turning the AC on or off according to that. This is a very good feature to have when you have kids, pets, or elderly people at home. It gives them relief from manually turning it on or off and it also contributes to energy saving. 

Other home appliances have thermal sensors like refrigerators, cooking equipment, microwave ovens. Some cooking pots also come with thermal sensors that help in determining the right temperature of the pot for the best cooking experience. 

Security & Surveillance

Omron thermal sensors are being used in security cameras to provide unbreakable security at homes and other commercial areas. The thermal sensors provide better and more accurate results and eliminate the chances of raising false alarms, unlike the PIR sensing modules. 


The transportation of refrigerated vans and Lorries uses this to keep the food or the item inside the vehicle in the best condition. The transport by road takes time and this extended period can damage the quality of the items. 

The thermal sensors make sure that the temperature is always at a certain level and inform the driver as soon as it fluctuates before causing big damage.

Factory Automation

These sensors can also be used in automating the monitoring of factory machines. When the machines are monitored throughout the process it leaves no room for error. Continuous monitoring helps to eliminate the chances of breakdown and shutdown time.

The temperature monitoring of the factory machines predicts the possible breakdown time in advance. The management can ensure timely predictive maintenance to avoid such delay and idle time. 

By doing this, the manufacturing plants can ensure that the time of their staff and machine is not wasted. The machines can be used to the optimum level of their performance.

Food & Beverage Industry

Temperature monitoring and control is the most critical part of the food processing or beverage industry. Food and drinks are perishable items that need to be under a certain and preset temperature to retain their properties. 
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If the plants fail to monitor this the food can go bad and can be hazardous to the person consuming it. The same goes with the drinks. While sealing the bottles and food packets each item goes under rigorous check to keep the quality.


The Omron thermal sensors have several other features like being so compact that these can be embedded into micro temperature measuring devices. These are also very highly sensitive and external factors like noise do not interfere in producing accurate results.

The only thing needed to be considered is the right range for any application. Omron has introduced thermal sensors that come in a variety of range detection. These can monitor the object ranging from a few inches to a few meters.

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