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What are the new editions of BullGuard Premium Protection 2022?

BullGuard has a Premium Protection version that is the most effective and powerful security available in the UK. Ideal for PC, Mac, and Android, it effectively stops all online threats and all malware from entering your device. With the BullGuard Premium Protection module, it provides perfect security against a bunch of malware. Such malware might attack your laptops, PCs, Android, and Mac devices. It will also keep you at a bay from Ransomware so that you won’t trap victim to cyber blackmail.

BullGuard Premium Protection has everything which you need for your PC to keep it secure on all occasions. It provides a number of resources for security. They can be designed to ensure comprehensive and latest security in opposition to all kinds of risks. Let’s move ahead with a new edition of BullGuard Premium Protection 2022 which secures you. This security is outstanding that might secure you against spam, threats, and malware.

New editions of BullGuard Premium Protection 2022

There are lots of new editions that will enhance the experience of the users. That is-

Social Media Protection- It keeps your kids safe and secure while having fun on Facebook or other social media site. BullGuard Premium Protection checks the profile of kids on Facebook and flags all threats for the kid’s safety. It also notifies you every time when there is inappropriate content and strangers there. This protection will identify keywords like profanities, violence, sex-related content, cyberbullying, drinking, and drugs.

When it finds inappropriate content, it will flag all of them. This feature will identify pictures and social media posts for unsafe website links and keywords. It ensures that you know the kids’ activity when they are receiving inappropriate messages which allow you to keep them secure.

PC TuneUp- Top PC performance is the responsibility of premium protection. PC TuneUp will remove unnecessary files and clear-up memory so that your PC runs faster. Boot Manager allows you to see if apps are running when the computer starts. It tells you what you should have and what you shouldn’t hence, you can disable them. When the PC starts it lightens up the entire PC.

Cleanup Helper- it allows you to free-up space easily on the disk so that PC functions get faster. It tells about the files if they are of no use and the storage space they have taken up. It also checks those files which have been available two times to your device so that you can remove them.

Mobile Device Protection

BullGuard Premium Protection 2022 allows you peace of mind for Bullguard Mobile Devices. Android-based devices are a common target for spyware and malware. The cloud-based antivirus engine will stop viruses to get through the wanted apps like adware. Due to cloud-based features, you will always get the most up-to-date security. The virus scans will not drain your battery.

This Mobile device protection comes with robust anti-theft for complete locking of the device. The simple backup and restore function, as well as call, manage to block unwanted calls. Also, the remote control is there to keep you in control of private information even if your device is lost or stolen.

Vulnerability Scanner- It checks for missing security updates, applications containing malware, or unsecured Wi-Fi networks. The main thing is that it will check if the device drivers are signed in digitally. They ate important files that allow you and OS to communicate with hardware connected to the system. When they are signed in digitally, the security will enhance.

These are a few features that come with BullGuard Premium Protection 2022 and will take care of your device. It is recommendable to install it and enjoy a safe and secure PC without worrying about any unwanted bugs.

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